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itemId=ix9124-koss-184515-ur10i-on-ear-headphones|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=1|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Koss 184515 ur10i On-Ear Headphones|~|brand=Koss|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=4|~|ratingCount=30|~|price=11.91|~|priceReg=14.77|~|priceSale=11.91|~|image=
30 Reviews
  • Comfortable Lightweight design
  • High Quality on ear Headphone
  • In Line Microphone for communication
  • Adjustable Headband allows for a custom fit
itemId=dw4363-koss-ke5-portable-earbuds|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=1|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Koss KE5K Black Stereo Portable Earbuds with 4 Foot Cord|~|brand=Koss|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=4.93|~|priceReg=9.78|~|priceSale=4.93|~|image=
  • Ultra-Lightweight Earbuds
  • Includes See-Through, Compact, Wind-Up Spool Carrying Case
  • Freq Resp: 70 Hz-20 Khz
  • Imp: 32_
  • Dynamic stereophone element provides an extended frequency response of 70-20,000Hz
  • Includes convenient wind-up spool carrying case for protective storage
  • L-plug for improved reliability and durability
itemId=gm3694-koss-ke5-white-earbud-headphones|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=1|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Koss KE5W 4 Foot White Stereo Earbuds|~|brand=Koss|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=5.57|~|priceReg=11.78|~|priceSale=5.57|~|image=
  • Everywear Series lightweight in the ear earbuds for music on the go
  • Dynamic element for extended frequency response
  • Frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Straight, dual entry 4 foot cord
itemId=ac9643-koss-kph7-on-ear-padded-stereo-headphones|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=6|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Koss KPH7 On-Ear Padded Stereo Headphones|~|brand=Koss|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=4.5|~|ratingCount=2|~|price=6.99|~|priceReg=11.96|~|priceSale=6.99|~|image=
2 Reviews
  • Adjustable headband for comfort and secure fit
  • 3.5mm plug and 4 ft. cord
  • Deep base response
  • Frequency response 80-18,000 hz, 91db SPL sensitivity
  • 32 Ohms

Koss audio products come in different sizes that fit all head shapes for total comfort. Whether it's for working-out, the office, or just enjoying your favorite music at home, we've got a wide array of Koss Stereo Headphones perfect for you. Enjoy headsets including Koss Wireless headphones and Koss in ear headphones compatible with any smartphones, tablets, or MP3 players.