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AeroCool CoolTouch-R Black 4-Fan Controller with USB & Card Reader

MPN: CoolTouch-R Black | SKU: KP1218
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  • Controls 4 sets of fan speed individually and monitor System Temperature
  • USB3.0 port and 1 card reader port supporting SD type, MMC Types, and T-Flash type memory card.
  • 7 LED backlight colors selection or turn off backlight completely
  • Innovative "Touch" LCD technology
  • Power on/off for each individual channel
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Controls 4 sets of fan speed individually and monitor System Temperature
  • USB3.0 port and 1 card reader port supporting SD type, MMC Types, and T-Flash type memory card.
  • 7 LED backlight colors selection or turn off backlight completely
  • Innovative "Touch" LCD technology
  • Power on/off for each individual channel
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AeroCool CoolTouch-R Fan Controller - You've built the perfect gaming PC. You've carefully configured your fans. But it's not enough - you need more control. Total control, over your fans, and also over a superspeed USB port. Your thirst for power can only be quenched by this 4-port fan controller from AeroCool, guaranteed to meet the needs of even the most ambitious and diabolical of air cooling enthusiasts. Not only can you monitor and control your fans, but you can also read data from your memory cards with the onboard flash memory reader. You'll never need to make another purchase ever again! AeroCool CoolTouch-R Black Touch control 4 fan speed controller with System Temperature monitoring. AeroCool Touch-E Fan and Temperature Controller with Card Reader (CoolTouch-R)

  • 5.25" Dirve Bay Mounted Fan Controller
  • Control 4 Cooling Fans
  • LED Display with 7 Color Options
  • Features USB 3.0 and Memory Card Reader

AeroCool CoolTouch-R

148.6(W) x 42.5(H) x 65(D) mm
Net Weight
LCD viewable area
100 (W) x 25 (H) mm
For Power Supply - 4-pin Molex connector x 1
For 3-pin fans/PWM fans - mini 4-pin connector x 4
For 4-pin fans - 4-pin Molex connecrtor x 4
ABS Plastic
Speed Range
Max wattage per fan channel
I/O Port
1 x USB3.0 & Card Reader :SD type / MMC type and T-Flash type
  • Plastic


  • AeroCool CoolTouch-R Fan Controller
  • Mounting Screws
  • Sensor Stickers

Brand: AeroCool

MPN: CoolTouch-R Black

UPC: 841269026345

Compatibility: 5.25" Drive Bay

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

CoolTouch-R Black
Touch Screen Fan Controller
5.85" x 1.67" x 2.56" (W x H x D)
Innovative "Touch" LCD technology

Controls 4 sets of fan speed individually

3 Speed setting - Low/Mid/High

7 LED backlight colors selection or turn off backlight completely

Support up to 20W per channel

Can turn off speed completely

Celsius/Fahrenheit switch for system temp. display

USB3.0 port

Card reader supports most common card-SD/MMC/TF
Package Includes
CoolTouch-R Black
USB3.0 port and a card reader for SD, MMC, and T-Flash type card. Support up to 20 W per channel. 7 changeable backlight colors LCD display

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
33.33% (3)
11.11% (1)
11.11% (1)
33.33% (3)
11.11% (1)
By Adele Neumeister
No no no no no
It said nothing about the connection layout. The wiring on the back of this thing is a mess. It has molex and fan connectors together and the ends, and it makes for an incredible mess
By Marine Marchand
Touch screen is nice, fans will blow 100%
Works as advertised. Touch screen is nice, fans will blow 100%, 24/7, only logical. However, is a good 'wow factor' for guests.Fitment 75 out of 100. Cheap plastic that is very flexible and leaves slight space in-between bays.
By Sam Castillo
Five stars
Thank you
By Alma Fowler
This device is extremely low quality, buggy, and could damage your system.
I have a high end system. The quality of this device is extremely low. Many of the internal connections use simple hot glue as insulation. It is just slightly a little bit too wide to fit in a stand 5 1/4 sized drive bay without bulging out the front. The screen is not a true touch screen, but has a few locations that are touch sensitive for simple switching functions. It is as well impossible to read from any kind of angle. I ended up not trusting it for the fan operation which i had originally intended to use it for due to the generally poor quality, however i decided to go ahead and use it as a memory card reader.The first issue i had is that the card reader would not initialize properly unless the usb ports were un-powered in the s5 state (shut down), meaning while it would work after first installing it, after turning off or restarting the computer it would not initialize. I believed this was due to the device's firmware (such as it is) needing to initialize after the bios. I modified my settings in the bios to shut down usb power when the system was shut down so that this device could properly initialize on startup, after which it functioned properly. A few months of extremely light usage later i started to experience intermittent freezing and locking up as well as some serious voltage issues on my entire bus. After some troubleshooting i realized that this device, after running for a few months, was somehow malfunctioning. After disconnecting the device from the bus the freezing and voltage irregularities stopped.Cons -low quality craftsmanship -dodgy measurements -poor materials -no documentation -not consistent with similar devices in the same price range -can't read the screen from any angle from which you might be viewing it while sitting at your computerpros -learned a lot about the serial bus -got to practice troubleshooting -i did use it to read a couple memory cards -a lesson in being more discerning in how i spend my money
By Akseli Haataja
Two stars
The screen arrived broken
By Otto Chevalier
Two stars
The media card reader doesn't work
By Pilar Diaz
Perfect device.
Perfect controller with card reader and usb slot.
By Brianna Robertson
Great purchase!
This is a must have item in your build. Will allow you to control up to four fans simultaneously and reads multiple sized media cards. The 3.0 usb charging port is a plus and stays live while computer is off. Can program display to display up to seven different colors for each individual fan. Comes with a little disk to install drivers, and the program doesn't interfere with any others. The touch screen is ultra responsive and this thing looks absolutely sexy installed on one of the lower drive bays. Same size as a dvd/disk drive. I've had this thing for over 9 months and not a single problem. The colors screen looks very uniform and ultra vibrant color. Looks very high end and made from very exceptional materials. I feel very confident in recommending this product and so have given it a 5 star rating.
By anonymous shopper
A most awesome fan controller and media reader but have a problem...
Amazing device that not only controls power (and noise) for up to 4 fans but as well has a card reader while making it look very nice with the choice of all the colors. Card reader recognizes media instantly which some do not do all the times. Usb 3.0 port recognizes drives attached instantly as well.I am glad i bought with all the bad reviews i saw on here.Now to buy some fan extension cables and do some better cable management.The only bad thing i didnt like was that my tool-less antec case did not like the short frame of the unit on the inside and would not lock into place. I rigged it though and got it looking nice.Edit: i bought another one for the wife and in windows 7 the usb connect/disconnect is constantly sounding as if the card reader disconnects then reconnects. So annoying and its happening frequently like every 20-30 seconds or so. I just mute her speakers it bugs me so much.I lowered to two stars because of this. I will update the motherboard bios and see if that matters.Does anyone have any advice?


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CoolTouch-R Black

AeroCool CoolTouch-R Black 4-Fan Controller with USB & Card

Price: $36.11
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