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Rosewill Prism S500 ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Computer Case

MPN: R0901001-0118 | SKU: KQ1593
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    Key Selling Points

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      With our 5V* RGB fan hub, enable Aura Sync or Mystic Light to control all dual ring fan LEDs and effects. Emit light to your internal components and show off your sleek build with these stylish RGB case fans. Easy and clean tempered glass mounting points. This clear glass lets you embrace RGB for beautiful aesthetics. Enjoy even more RGB with built-in LED strips that add flare with a sharp finish. Rear side panel water cooling exhaust allows you to mount a 240mm radiator vertically to better position components within the gaming case. Tuck away the PSU, HDD and SSD cables while maintaining the rest of your case with clean cable management. Deliver cooler air to your CPU, graphics card, motherboards, memory and other PCI-E components. Includes removable dust filter for easy cleaning. Supports up to 6 fans; 4 pre-installed 120mm RGB fans, optional 240mm Liquid Cooling Radiator vertically mounted, optional 160mm tall CPU Cooler and optional 440mm XL Graphics/Video Cards. The PRISM S500 mid tower ATX case embodies both functionality and craftsmanship, superb airflow and a timeless exterior that showcases a vibrant RGB rig.

      *12V RGB headers are not supported

      • NOTE: Please make sure your motherboard is equipped with on-board USB 3.0 socket before purchasing
      • 5V RGB Header Support Only (Aura Sync, Mystic Light)
      • Bottom Intake Fans
      • Side Water Cooling Exhaust Fans
      • 6 x 120mm Fans: 3 x Bottom RGB (pre-installed), 1 x Rear RGB (pre-installed), 2 x Side
      • 360mm Water Cooler on Bottom
      • 240mm Liquid Cooling Radiator Vertically Mounted
      • Supports up to 160mm Tall CPU Cooler
      • Supports up to 440mm XL Graphics/Video Card
      • Top Mounted PSU & HDD/SSD Shroud
      • Organized Cable Management


      • Rosewill Prism S500 ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Computer Case
      • Accessory box

      Brand: Rosewill

      MPN: R0901001-0118

      UPC: 840951127353


      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      PRISM S500
      ATX Mid Tower
      Case Material
      Steel / Plastic / Tempered Glass
      With Power Supply
      Power Supply Mounted
      Motherboard Compatibility
      Micro ATX / ATX
      Side Panel Window
      Temper glass side panel
      External 5.25" Drive Bays
      Internal 3.5" Drive Bays
      3 (0)
      Internal 2.5" Drive Bays
      2 (5)
      Expansion Slots
      Front Ports
      2 x USB 3.0 / HD Audio In&Out / LED Light Control
      Fan Options
      Side: 2 x 120mm fan (optional)

      Bottom: 3 x 120mm fan (pre-installed)

      Rear: 1 x 120mm fan (pre-installed)
      Radiator Options
      Support 240mm Liquid Cooling Radiator vertically mounted
      Max GPU Length Allowance
      440 mm
      Max CPU Cooler Height Allowance
      160 mm
      Dimensions (H x W x D)
      18.70" x 8.27" x 18.50"
      17.60 lbs.

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      53.85% (7)
      15.38% (2)
      15.38% (2)
      7.69% (1)
      7.69% (1)
      By Dolores Jimenez
      It runs beautifully, i played gmod on the highest graphic settings and played two matches of quake champions to see how it fared, and it didn't drop in framerate once, plus things load and install ten times faster than my previous pc. Last thing to mention is you can hear the fans, but it is very soothing.
      By Ethan Palmer
      Great for gaming set up
      Great mid tower. Perfect for a gaming set up and very versatile for whatever set up you may want. Fans can be removed for liquid cooling or left as is. Tons of room for as many ssd’s and hard drives as you could need. Lights hook up via sata cable making it unanimously compatible with any power supply. 20/10 would recommend.
      By Leo Manni
      Wonderful budget rgb case with a surprisingly high build quality
      Needed an rgb case for a quick case / mobo / aio swap, and my fiancé fell in love with the look of this case. Normally i’d have walked away, given past experiences with the rosewill brand, but i said we’d give it a shot. I’m very glad we did. The 4 included fans are nice double ring rgb fans, and were neatly wired to the included hub, as were the rgb strips on the side of the case. The included dust filter on the bottom is a nice touch, as it actually is retained well. The side mount for the radiator was a real treat and gave a neat profile to the rig. Oh, and the side panels are amazing... The peg-to-hinge design should be more common in cases, as it’s idiot proof and allows for super easy access. Even the little touches, like the extra zip ties and velcro ties and even a cloth to clean the glass off... Nothing you really don’t already have , but was all used during the install. They didn’t put their name on the case, but included a case badge that we will be putting on tonight :) i won’t hesitate to give them a chance in the future. I’m really happy with how it came out for her.
      By Margaux Richard
      Prism s500 - beautiful but flawed
      This case is gorgeous and don't let the bottom mounted fans deter you; just don't put it directly on carpet and you're golden. I have had zero cooling issues in my system even with the exhaust only being provided by the rear fan and psu. In that regard, this case serves its purpose with excellent style. My main issue with this case lies in the fact that the fans run exclusively at 100%. A case released in 2018 that has a msrp of $200 should probably have some better electronics built into it. There is no way to connect the fan control board/hub to the motherboard resulting in a case that is a noisier than i'd like at idle but fine under load. You definitely won't forget that the tower is there though. The fans themselves utilize a proprietary connector that will only work with rosewill hubs so you should be aware of that. (note: per their customer service, these hubs are not available for stand alone purchase.) the same fans are available in a kit with three fans and an improved control board that allows for speed control via the the included remote only. My recommendation would be to get a cheaper case and install the fan kit into that if you're dead set on the rosewill fans. Overall, i probably wouldn't recommend this case nor would i buy it again. I'm not necessarily disappointed but i feel that the price is perhaps higher than it should be. If you can get it for closer to $100 than the $130 i paid, do so and spend the extra cash on some other fans. At the $200-range though you can most definitely do far better.
      By Mathilde Pedersen
      No fan speed control!
      You cannot control the speeds of the fans in this case. Yes, you read that right, that in 2019, they had a foresight in a gaming case, to not allow you to control the fans. They even have their own plugs attached to the fans so that you cannot simply hook them up to the motherboard - you would have to split theirs and assemble your own. And to top it off, the fans sound like they are taking off from an airbase they are so loud. It's incredible. Please don't buy this case if you 1) want to control your fans in any capacity 2) want a quiet computer tower.
      By Eeli Tanner
      Get it now
      This case is so awesome looks good and airflow is so good easy to setup fans are quiet as well definitely got my money worth.
      By Nathalia Dorresteijn
      Arrived broken
      Broken item. I split my self with glass.
      By Cory Barnett
      Does not work with msi z730 pc pro
      Assembly was flawless up until i realized that the 5v connector that controls the hue of the rgb fan led's doesn't work with my motherboard. Definitely a case of buyer not being beware, but the rest of the case is excellent from an assembly, cable management, and airflow perspective.
      By Esther Perez
      Beautiful rgb case for aio
      After doing a lot of rgb research, i decided to pull the trigger on this case. My god am i glad i did. If rgb attracts you, this is the case for you. I paired this with a thermaltake aio rgb cooler and rgb ram, and this pc makes my christmas tree look like a pansy. Excellent illumination. Cable management was a breeze, and asus aura software sync'd everything up. With an aio cooler side mounted, looks like a gpu with a max length of 11.75" will just fit. Anything more and you're colliding with the aio. Was able to mount a 2.5 and 3.5 hdd up in the psu shroud easily (90 degree sata cables will be your best friend here). View my added picture, should explain enough. Best rgb case i've ever owned. Quality of the case structure is incredible. Even the side panel thumb screws are embedded into the panels, so they cant be dropped. Brilliant.
      By Florence Dufour
      I want to start off saying that that this is a very nice case and i have no problems with it. However i do want to tell you guys that pc building takes practice and research, this is my first custom pc and i have spent countless hours researching how to put this together before the item even arrived. Please note this is only a case. However the manual is very helpful, and easy to understand. The case is beautiful, and it weighs around 17 and a half pounds, it is all steel with a tempered glass panel.


      Question & Answers
      By OutletPC Shopper on 2019-07-26
      How many RGB fans does it come with?

      By Customer Service on 2019-07-31

      This case will come with 4 pre-installed RGB fans.

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