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Laptop Battery for Pavilion TX2000

Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion TX2100 TX2000 TX2500 TX2600 5200mAh

Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion TX2100 TX2000 TX2500 TX2600 5200mAh
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General Features:

  • Battery for HP Pavilion laptops
  • Capacity: 5200 mAH


Replaces P/N:
Pavilion tx2000es, tx2002au, tx2007au, tx2010au, tx2010es, tx2013au, tx2016au, tx2019au, tx2021au, tx2024au, tx2026au, tx2029au, tx2030en, tx2032la, tx2050ea, tx2050ep, tx2070ee, tx2000ep, tx2001au, tx2004au, tx2006au, tx2009au, tx2010er, tx2012au, tx2015au, tx2018au, tx2020eo, tx2023au, tx2025el, tx2028au, tx2030ee, tx2032au, tx2040et, tx2050eg, tx2052xx, tx2075br, tx2000ed, tx2003au, tx2005au, tx2008au, tx2010eo, tx2011au, tx2014au, tx2017au, tx2020au, tx2022au, tx2025au, tx2027au, tx2030au, tx2031au, tx2033au, tx2050ef, tx2051xx, tx2070en, tx2000z, tx2005/CT, tx2000, tx2100er, tx2103au, tx2105au, tx2108au, tx2110ca, tx2113cl, tx2117cl, tx2130ea, tx2130et, tx2150ef, tx2100ep, tx2102au, tx2104ca, tx2107au, tx2109au, tx2110us, tx2115nr, tx2120us, tx2130es, tx2150ee, tx2170ee, tx2100ed, tx2101au, tx2104au, tx2106au, tx2108ca, tx2110es, tx2114ca, tx2120es, tx2130el, tx2140eg, tx2150ei, tx2100, tx2501au, tx2504au, tx2506el, tx2508ca, tx2510ca, tx2510us, tx2513au, tx2514ca, tx2517au, tx2518au, tx2520ea, tx2520er, tx2522au, tx2524ca, tx2526au, tx2529au, tx2530ee, tx2531au, tx2533au, tx2540br, tx2550ea, tx2550eg, tx2550er, tx2550tr, tx2570ep, tx2503au, tx2506au, tx2508au, tx2510au, tx2510el, tx2512au, tx2514au, tx2516au, tx2517cl, tx2520au, tx2520ej, tx2521au, tx2524au, tx2525nr, tx2528au, tx2530ea, tx2530es, tx2532la, tx2536au, tx2540es, tx2550ee, tx2550ep, tx2550ew, tx2570br, tx2590eo, tx2500ea, tx2502au, tx2505au, tx2507au, tx2509au, tx2510ea, tx2511au, tx2513cl, tx2515au, tx2517ca, tx2519au, tx2520ef, tx2520es, tx2523au, tx2525au, tx2527au, tx2530au, tx2530ei, tx2532au, tx2534au, tx2540ea, tx2550ed, tx2550ei, tx2550es, tx2551xx, tx2570es, tx2500z, tx2500, tx2603au, tx2605au, tx2608au, tx2610au, tx2613au, tx2620es, tx2625es, tx2630es, tx2635es, tx2640es, tx2650ed, tx2650er, tx2670eo, tx2602au, tx2604ca, tx2607au, tx2609au, tx2612au, tx2620ej, tx2623ca, tx2630ea, tx2635ea, tx2640er, tx2645ei, tx2650ep, tx2670ef, tx2690eo, tx2601au, tx2604au, tx2606au, tx2608ca, tx2611au, tx2617ca, tx2622nr, tx2627cl, tx2630et, tx2635us, tx2645ee, tx2650eg, tx2650ew, tx2675ee, tx2600

Models/PN Supported:

431132-002, 431325-321, 431325-361, 431325-541, 437403-321, 437403-361, 437403-541, 441131-001 441132-001, HSTNN-OB37, HSTNN-OB38, HSTNN-OB41, HSTNN-UB37, HSTNN-UB41 HSTNN-XB37, HSTNN-Q22C, RQ203AA, RQ204AA


Package Includes

  • 5200mAh Replacement Battery for HP Pavilion

Item#: LC5496
Brand: Generic
MPN: 441131-003
Compatibility: See Compatibility
Packaging: Brown Box
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

Are you looking for a battery for your HP Pavilion TX2000, TX2100, TX2500 or TX2600 series laptop? This hi-capacity 5200mAh battery will give you extra power to be able to run all your applications and programs while you're at home or on the go.

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