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A-Power AK-680 680 Watt ATX Power Supply with EPS12V, 8-Pin PCIe

MPN: AK680 | SKU: LD8174
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  • 680-watts total power
  • 120 mm Fan
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Sleeved cables
  • 115/230V switchable
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • 680-watts total power
  • 120 mm Fan
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Sleeved cables
  • 115/230V switchable
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A-Power AK 680W 20+4-pin ATX Power Supply w/SATA & PCIe (Black). Give your PC an optimum power of 680-watts with this A-Power AK-680 680 Watt ATX Power Supply. It features a 20+4-pin ATX power connector, four large Molex power connectors, one floppy connector, one 4/8-pin +12V power connector and four Serial ATA (SATA) connectors along with a 6/8-pin PCI Express connector to power your PCIe graphics card. This 680W supply also features a 120 mm fan for cooler and quieter operation, full sleeved cables for better airflow and less cable clutter, and dual +12V rails to prevent overheating. A Power AK 680W 204 pin ATX PSU w SATA & PCIe Black. This power supply delivers 680 watts of peak power - 80 watts greater than just a standard 600 watt - to give you that buffer you'll need in case you upgrade or your parts need extra juice. A great value for a PSU in this price range.

  • Model: LD8174
  • Brand: A-Power
  • Black metallic finish
  • 680-watts total power
  • 120 mm Fan
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Sleeved cables
  • One (1) 16-inch 20+4-pin ATX power connector
  • One (1) 16-inch 4/8-pin +12V power connector
  • Four (4) large Molex 4-pin power connectors
  • Four (4) SATA power connectors
  • One (1) small floppy power connector
  • One (1) 6/8-pin PCI Express power connector
  • Power Specifications:
    • 115/230V switchable
    • 115V ~ 8A (RMS)
    • 230V ~ 5A (RMS)
    • 50/60 Hz
    • +3.3V, 25A
    • +5V, 28A
    • +12V1, 24A
    • +12V2, 24A
    • -12V, 0.5A
    • +5Vsb, 3A
  • Dimensions:
    • 5.5 x 6 x 3.25-inches (L x W x D, approximate)
  • Regulatory Approvals:
    • FCC
    • CE
    • RoHS compliant
  • 680-watts total power
  • 120 mm Fan
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Sleeved cables


  • One (1) A-Power AK-680 680 Watt ATX Power Supply

Brand: A-Power

MPN: AK680

UPC: 843636002860

Compatibility: Available power outlet, ATX case, ATX motherboard

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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By Niklas Aartsen
Pay for what you get i guess.
I bought this at the local computer parts shop. Was told it is a good power supply, boy was i taken. I bought 1 then it sparked out on me 2 days after i bought it. I took it back and replaced it with a different 1. I was told (we've sold 100s and it has never happened before) well i've never experienced it before myself either. So i got a new one and well 2 weeks later what does it do. Spark out. I took it back and got my money back. Well they were snobby and i showed them the pieces that fell out of the it. It may seem like a bargain but its more of a waste of money. Replaced it with a azza dynamo 650w and haven't had any problems since!! :)
By Elsa Halko
Not worth it
A definite mistake buying this a second time. After my first one went out i thought maybe because it was something i was doing wrong. Wasn't true, my second one fizzled out in a couple months and it was the same part inside. I highly recommend staying away from this one and get something that won't burn out so quickly.
By Julia Klette
A-power ak 680w
First trash the power chord. I would not feel safe running a 150 watt light bulb on it. The conducting wires are so thin the ir drop over them is the most probable cause for the high failure rate of the psu. The 650 watt rating is unrealistic. Maybe for a very short surge, but i would not use on a system drawing more than 3.5 amps (420w). If you keep the dust cleaned out so it doesn't over heat and make sure the fan is working when in use, it should work well until the cheap capacitors start to dry out (18 months to 2 years, a life time for a computer).
By Juan Wagner
Not a reliable power supply
This is a very bad power supply. Mine quit working after only 3 months. The computer started randomly shutting off. Finally it quit altogether. When i opened up the power supply to find out why, i found the ntc capacitor was completely melted. I know it didn't overheat due to my computer, because i have an antec 900 case with 5 120mm scythe fans moving over 200cfm and 1 200mm top exhaust fan. I as well have hyper n520 cpu cooler with dual 90mm fans. My whole computer stays around 32c.The fact the ntc completely melted could have cost me much more. I would never buy another one of these power supplies. I purchased a cooler master psu and its still running strong.
No problems in over a year.
I have owned this item and have been using it in my custom build for over a year and i have not had any problems with this psu. It runs everything i need it to run for my system. Maybe people who are having problems may be having a issue of buying a psu that is to high in watts for their system, try something around 400w? This has been a solid psu for me. I am happy with it.
Do not buy
Bought this thing thinking i was getting a good deal it died after 3 days rma'd second one lasted 3 weeks total trash
Fool me twice...
Mine came with the case i bought 7 yrs ago. Within minutes of turning on the computer one morning it farted--loud pop, stink (like semiconductor burning), and completely dead. Never a problem until now. A substitute 500w rated supply verified no mb faults and booted up fine. Inspection of the dead supply innards did not reveal a single destroyed semiconductor, swelled/blown capacitor, or overheated area of the pcb. The fuse checked ok. This supply uses the uc3842 controller and ti's lp7510 supervisory device with 3 optocouplers to pass secondary control signals back to the high voltage side. Inspection as well curiously revealed the mylar tape on the main xfmr (modified pot core) labeled "lp-8867 400w". I've been involved with switching supplies throughout my 35 yrs of ee design. There is no way that core is capable of handling 680w of continuous operation. To do so requires operation at such high frequency the mfr could not sell it for the cost of the semiconductors required, and the volume of heat generated. My first impression of the xfmr power capacity was 350w, running 40-50khz. There are ferrite materials capable of higher power density & lower loss, but not at these prices.Like virtually all chinese power designs, not only are they inflated, but the thermal part engineering is always at the design limit using forced air to get there. No safety margin whatsoever. Like most things hi-tech, you have to pay for honest performance. In my career i've observed split corners by chinese mfrs every chance they can. If you know what your actual pc power needs are, get a supply from a mfr with a product history of "truth in design". Otherwise derate the common pc power supply to 1/3 its stated rating. Having said that, there is still the problem of reliable components. The chinese desire to produce their own parts, and their presence in consumer products has repeatedly demonstrated poor reliability in most cases in my experience. The only reliable products i have encountered has been thru the oversight and control of proven foreign technical expertise.
By Sabine Cavalcanti
I've had this power supply for before for 2 yrs. The only reason it messed up is the place i was living had small black outs constantly. I have replaced it with the same kind of psu.
By Mats Helvik
I'm sorry i do not recommend this because i install it and it worked for ...
I'm sorry i do not recommend this because i install it and it worked for 3 hours and stop working.Not worth it.


Question & Answers
By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-02-02
will this power supply work in NZXT Phantom 410 CA-PH410-B1 Red Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

By Customer Service on 2012-02-04

Yes, it will fit in that case.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-06-14
will this power a GeForce GTX 480 and not fry my mobo

By Customer Service on 2012-06-15

The GTX 480 requires both a 6-pin & an 8-pin connection. This A-Power AK-680 only provides one 6/8-pin connection, so it won't work for your card. The cheapest power supply we carry that will meet your needs is the Coolmax CL-700B

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-08-05
Would this be a good upgrade for an ASUS Cm 6850? I need to upgrade the 350w power supply to run my EVGA Geforce GTX 560 SE.

By Customer Service on 2012-08-06

This power supply would fit the chassis of your PC. This power supply has one 6/8 pin PCI-Express power connector, some high end video cards require two PCI-E power connectors so you would want to confirm how many power connections your video card has. You may want to consider a higher wattage power supply as this particular PSU is at the low end of the scale for your hardware configuration. Perhaps a 750w power supply would give the needed extra power when the system is under load. this card will also work and has higher wattage:

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-01-31
Will this PSU fit this computer? BP102AM

By Customer Service on 2012-02-02

This unit will fit. However, AV4762 would be a much better choice in terms of quality as that is a higher-end combo.

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A-Power AK-680 680 Watt ATX Power Supply EPS12V 8-Pin PCIe

Price: $32.79
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