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Logitech Z313 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer

MPN: 980-000382 | SKU: LK6666
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    Key Selling Points

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      Your computer isn't just a computer. It's also your music, movie and gaming center. But when you want the full sound experience, built-in computer speakers just don't cut it. That's where the Logitech Speaker System Z313 comes in. Twin satellite speakers and a compact subwoofer make it easy to bring your music and entertainment to life. You have plenty of power to fill your room with clean, rich sound—and a handy control pod to turn up the volume the moment the music moves you. From crisp high notes and warm mid-tones to deep, thumping bass, you'll never miss a beat, note or nuance. Just plug it in, kick back and enjoy big, balanced audio.

      • Wired Remote Control Pod makes it easy to control volume and headphone controls
      • Easy setup, just connect the speakers to the subwoofer, and plug them into your computer


      • Logitech Z313 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer
      • Power Cord
      • Control Pod

      Brand: Logitech

      MPN: 980-000382

      UPC: 097855062468

      Compatibility: 3.5mm Audio Devices; PC & Mac Compatible

      Packaging: OEM

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Speaker System
      Total Power
      25 W
      Frequency Response
      48 Hz - 20 KHz
      System Requirements
      Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
      PC sound card or 3.5 mm audio output jack

      Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
      Subwoofer: 9.00" x 8.60" x 5.90"
      Satellites: 5.75" x 3.20" x 3.50"

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      55.1% (27)
      18.37% (9)
      8.16% (4)
      2.04% (1)
      16.33% (8)
      By Jake Wood
      Had these for 10 years+
      I had these speakers for 10-12 years and they were so good i just bought another set. I recently moved houses and when i hooked up my pc they weren't working anymore. Not sure if it was just time or something happened in the move but the subwoofer died. I'm thinking it was just time though as the move was extremely smooth and didn't have any other issues with any other item. Either way you can't beat this price and they really are amazing speakers so i got them again. Showed up in 2 days.
      By Vitalina Mendes
      There is very little bass
      The sound quality is just okay. There is very little bass but there is quite a bit of treble. I was very dissapointed with these speakers. My built in tv speakers are better than these.
      By anonymous shopper
      I recommend this product.
      It sounds good enough for the price point.
      By Logan Andrews
      Much better sound volume and quality than built-in tv speakers
      These front-firing speakers improve the tv listening experience when several people are watching. There is no way to adjust or equalize the frequencies so the sound is a little heavy on the bass for my taste but overall they work well. They were relatively inexpensive so if we get a few years out of them it will have been a good purchase.
      By Gustavo Esteban
      Great speakers for the price.
      For 50$ speakers i paid 25$ for they work really well. They have very decent sound quality and bass, they are made out of somewhat cheap material however they should do just fine if you take care of youre electronic accessories. Overall very happy with the speakers and i got them for a great deal, takes 2minutes to unbox and set up, in other words a great product for the price and super simple setup.
      By Timian Nowak
      Horrible static
      Horrible idle static that is impossible to ignore unless you turn your volume above 50%pc user, previous outletpc basic speakers worked fine with very very little static, these speakers are useless for me as is.Merry chistmas to the trash.
      By Muzaffer Reinecke
      Does not work
      Just received sound system and it simply does not work. No sound no nothing!
      By anonymous shopper
      I own two of these units
      No complaints
      By anonymous shopper
      Great buy!!!!!
      My wife hates them!!!! These speakers are super loud, have great treble and bass, and are just amazing! They are crazy loud for the price (you'd think you had a full on surround sound!!) i definitely reccomend!! On a side note, my neighbors were having a party a few weeks ago and they were blasting music, i thought they had some tower speakers or something, so i politely knocked on their door, and it was the same speakers that i had!!! I was blown away! Needless to say i had a few beers with them and we are now great friends. Go figure! Lol
      By Delmiro Pereira
      Affordable and great sound
      Purchased these for my daughters computer and after trying it out for myself i can say i was impressed with the sound quality for the price of these speakers. The bas is pretty deep and the overall sound is great. I would purchase again if i had another desktop. Only had them for about 1month so i will update when i can after a few more months of use. The remote wire is pretty handy in plugging in headphones or turning volume down quickly. For 25$ you will be impressed as well. Get them.


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