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Corsair CH-9000042-NA Raptor M30 USB Wired Gaming Mouse

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  • Game tuned 4000 DPI optical sensor - Highly linear tracking for accurate mouse control in games
  • Six button design - Set frequently used in game actions to mouse buttons for faster access
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment - Switch dpi with a single click for tight shots and fast getaways
  • Soft-touch surfaces and rubber grip - Outstanding comfort and control during extended gaming sessions
  • 1000Hz response rate - Faster polling rate for smoother response to your actual movements
  • Extra large PTFE glide pads - Low-friction glide pads ensure smooth and precise movements
  • 2 year warranty
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Game tuned 4000 DPI optical sensor - Highly linear tracking for accurate mouse control in games
  • Six button design - Set frequently used in game actions to mouse buttons for faster access
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment - Switch dpi with a single click for tight shots and fast getaways
  • Soft-touch surfaces and rubber grip - Outstanding comfort and control during extended gaming sessions
  • 1000Hz response rate - Faster polling rate for smoother response to your actual movements
  • Extra large PTFE glide pads - Low-friction glide pads ensure smooth and precise movements
  • 2 year warranty
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This Corsair Raptor M30 Gaming Mouse is designed with the FPS gamer in mind. The FPS-optimized 4000 DPI optical gaming sensor, low friction extra-large PTFE glide pads, and 1000Hz response time and six programmable buttons will give you all the advantage you need over your opponents by having complete control and accuracy.

  • FPS-Optimized Gaming with Avago ADNS-3090 4000 DPI optical sensor
  • 1000Hz response time
  • Extra-Large PTFE Glide Pads
  • Instant DPI switching with indicator LED
  • Comfortable for hours of gaming
Two years
Programmable Buttons
Report Rate
  • Game tuned 4000 DPI optical sensor
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment
  • Six button design
  • Soft-touch surfaces and rubber grip


  • Raptor M30 Gaming Mouse

Brand: Corsair

MPN: CH-9000042-NA

UPC: 843591038843


Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Raptor M30
Tracking Method
Maximum dpi
4000 dpi
Hand Orientation
Right Hand
Scrolling Capability
1 x Wheel
Operating System Supported
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
FPS-Optimized Gaming sensor
The Avago ADNS-3090 4000 DPI optical sensor delivers outstanding precision.

1000Hz response time
With the ability to respond to the slightest hand movement a thousand times a second, the M30 can keep up with the fastest players.

Extra-Large PTFE Glide Pads
Low friction with more contact surface area feels better and provides better control.

Instant DPI switching with indicator LED
Quickly adjust sensor resolution when you bounce between applications and games, and select the optimal sensitivity for each weapon.

Comfortable for hours of gaming
The right-handed design has a soft-touch finish, a rubber thumb grip, and a low-friction braided cable.

About Corsair Gaming Mice

Corsair gaming mice are precision tools, with key features like adjustable DPI, intelligent ergonomics, and configurable weight systems that let you play your best... whether you're gaming professionally, or just playing to win.

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Customer Reviews

Review Summary
15.22% (7)
10.87% (5)
6.52% (3)
21.74% (10)
45.65% (21)
By Sofia Gallardo
Decent mouse but not perfect
Good: very comfortable mouse. Fits my hand perfectly.Bad: the left-click button does not remain level depending on where you click on it with your finger. Sometimes when clicking on the far left side of the button it will not return tactile feedback which can feel a little weird. Folding up a small piece of paper and jamming it under the left corner of the button fixes this. As well, sometimes when first booting up windows 7 the mouse cursor will not move (although the buttons still work) until you reboot the computer again.I tried submitting a support ticket on corsair's website about the mouse not working at windows 7 startup but the part number is not in the list that they force you to pick from and you cannot proceed any further without it. Come on corsair... Really?I can overlook all of these issues as long as the mouse does not develop the dreaded "double-click syndrome" (single clicking produces two clicks extremely close together) so many other mice get after a few months. We'll see.
Great bargain, solid gaming mouse
I just ordered the raptor m30, it arrived today from ups. I can assuredly tell you, it is not garbage -- actually far from it. Sure, it's not a deathadder, but honestly, it gets the job done, looks cool, and more importantly, plays fps games like a charm. Ignore the overly paranoid cliche of individuals who think the whole raptor line up is ****. It's a very great deal for the price, and the build quality is quite good actually. Not astounding, mind you, but there's some very capable hardware that most hc gamers demand. I wanted a deathadder, but for $50, i'd rather have this and believe me, i don't regret my purchase. It's very similar to the da from my comparisons.The shape is very traditional, seems to be optimized for people with average sized hands (and i have smaller hands -- this doesn't hamper anything). Dpi maxes out to 4000, which is more than enough; additionally, you can "quick" shift sensitivities to low, medium, high, and extra high with the press of a button located behind the scrolling wheel.As a battlefield 3 player, i knew i had to try it out on multiplayer. The dpi switching comes in handy when per say, you decide to switch from an engineer kit to recon, and then back to engineer, and so on. Of course, there are limits to this, but it is a very convenient little feature. As well, you can program the two side buttons to perform any key stroke, even a macro if you're in to that. The clicking is very satisfying; not too easy, but then again, not ultra-firm it's the sweet spot for me.I think corsair is a rather underrated peripherals maker, and this review speaks nothing but the truth. I am content with my purchase, and recommend this mouse for anyone, especially fps-heavy gamers who don't have a lot of cash to shell out. It really is perfect for my uses.Additionally, the individual below me claiming there was a "clicking" issue is entirely wrong. My raptor m30 has experienced none of this, therefore, the issue is solely on his/her indivudual unit -- suggesting a manufacturing defect. It is wrong to claim this issue exists on all m30's. Rather, a very small percentage of them.
By Gustav Giraud
Comfortable mouse
I've had the m30 for 3 days now and put in roughly 20 hours on it over the weekend. I have absolutely loved how comfortably it fits my hand. The side buttons are easy to reach which is definitely not the case with a number of other mice i've owned.The dpi is adjustable up to 4000 but you only have preset settings to choose from by clicking a button on the mouse itself.This is definitely a gaming mouse, it is very precise.Personally i love the red color scheme, the light up scroll wheel and corsair logo are the exact same red as the backlighting of my k70.The cable is fabric sheathed for added durability.It comes with replacement glide pads in the box and the scroll wheel is extra wide and very easy to use.
By Nuria Slotman
One of the best mouse i ever had.
Everything about this mouse is really amazing. From design to motion its one of the best mouse i ever had. It fits my hand perfectly (maybe a lttle big for other people). Love the rubber on the left side of the mouse where the thumb rest is. Make you hold on to the mouse even with long hours of gaming. Played cs-go for couple of hours and my aim has never been better. It just follows every motion of my hand which is really good for gaming. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and other gamers out there. You won't regret buying this mouse.
Corsair raptor m30
Pros: welcome to my review of the corsair raptor m30! So i really like this mouse, although it's not the most intense gaming mouse you could find out there, it absolutely gets the job done and with some flair. So let's get into it!The raptor m30 by corsair comes with up to 4000 dpi at 1000hz response rate, essentially it knows what it's doing, deal with it. The avago adns-3090 optical sensor gives extreme precision for any fps gamer. Being an fps gamer, as many are these days i believe, i know the necessity of precision in the heat of the moment. The great part about this equipment though is the instant dpi switching. Right behind the mouse wheel is a small button, very easy to hit quickly, that will adjust the sensor resolution (800/1600/3200/4000 respectively). Try being at 4000 and using a scope at far distance on a sprinting target... Yea...No. The quick reaction of this mouse when i need to lower the dpi really is a blessing to gain that extra accuracy when you really need it. The speed of the transition is what i love the most about this mouse. As an added treat, when you raise the dpi, the red led intensity within the mouse wheel and the corsair logo at the bottom of the mouse grow with intensity as well. An added bonus especially for me since my rig is set for a red scheme. :)next, i want to talk about the grip on this mouse. The raptor m30 has extra large ptfe glide pads. This mouse really glides well. Now, i personally use the large corsair gaming mat, but combining that with this low friction contact makes for the perfect gaming experience.The raptor m30 comes with 6 total buttons for your gaming experience. The left and right (obviously), the mouse wheel depress button, your dpi switch, and two buttons right above where your thumb will rest. This provides great mobility for gaming as you can set the frequently used actions to these buttons for a greater gaming experience. It's all about making gaming easier for you because come on, gaming is hard sometimes. Again, deal with it. Thankfully corsair helps with that.Finally, i just want to mention how comfortable this mouse is. It is a right-handed design (sorry lefties) with a soft-touch finish. This finish is wonderful for long term gaming in a session. I can't stress enough how comfortable this mouse is. The place for your thumb is as well a rubber thumb grip (just because corsair can pull out all the stops).As a final note, just because this was new to me, the cable on this mouse is a low-friction braided cable. I had never seen one of these until this mouse, and i have to say, i'm a fan. It doesn't restrict the movement of the mouse as some in the past have for me by catching on items or rubbing against other cables that will catch it (extremely frustrating by the way). So, another nice touch by corsair.Overall, i love it. Get it.Cons: none honestly. If i find something, i'll let you guys knowother thoughts: great tech. Really worth it for the price it's at
By Jacob Jensen
Great mouse
Pros: this is a heavy, solid mouse with great tracking. The side rubber grips are amazing.Cons: the scroll wheel skips so when you scroll up sometimes it scrolls down. This is really annoying.
By Channa El Amrani
Got this for my boyfriend because he was jealous of mine!
We both like these mice for gaming, they have the functionality of extra buttons and setting without a lot of extra stuff to get in the way. They feel good to the touch, it's easy to adjust sensitivity for different games and the side buttons are conveniently located. We're both pretty picky when it comes to mice but we like the simplicity, functionality and durability of this one.
By Liesel Herz
Reliability problems
I've had two of these mice and both died with about 6 weeks. Both had the same issue with what appears to be the cabling failing. The mouse would start disconnecting intermittently until it could no longer be detected by the system.Its unfortunate, when it worked, it was a very nice mouse. I liked being able to change sensitivity on the fly with a push of a button.
By Yolande Van Der Slik
Do not buy
This mouse is known to have major scroll wheel issues. It worked perfectly for about the first week, and i loved it. After a week, every time i try to scroll down a webpage, it jumps right back to where i started. I searched google and this is a very common problem with this mouse.I do not recommend this mouse to anyone.
By Johan Simon
Usb on the fritz
When i received this mouse, i was excited. Lots of dpi's to go with my internets on my wifis. I plugged it in and the corsair symbol lit up nice and bright, then went dark. No cursor on screen. I unplugged it from that usb port, which had been home to my logitech 2142 battlefield gaming mouse for years, and migrated the poor little mouse to a usb port integrated to my tower. Still no dice, or mice. I unplugged my external hard drive to occupy that space like a crimea serial bus and third time was the charm! The software installed right, automatically, and the bright orange corsair sails were flying.I moved the cursor around a bit, played with the dpi settings, then returned to my original usb port to continue some 1337 g4m1ng. It worked for about two minutes in the og (pronounced original) gaming port then went dark again. I unplugged it, plugged my old mouse back in (to the same port) and loaded outletpc. For this review.


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Corsair CH-9000042-NA Raptor M30 USB Wired Gaming Mouse

Price: $59.89
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