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Looking for parts to repair your iPhone? Do you have a broken or cracked screen? Is your battery dead? OutletPC carries high quality LCD & Digitizers, speaker & charger ports, wifi flex, home buttons, and more replacement parts for iPhone products. Thousands of technicians around the country already use our website to source parts iPhone repair. Since the iPhone 5C and 5S were released in September of 2013, we have repaired over 2000 5th generation iPhones. We also offer repair services for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation iPhones as well. Contact us at 702-262-7968 for more information and a quote. Trying to fix your iPhone 6 screen? Looking for replacement parts for your iPhone 5s or 5c? OutletPC stocks a wide variety of parts for Apple products including the lcd screens, battery, earpiece assembly, charging port flex, sim card tray, home flex cable, earspeaker, backlight, screw pack, volume and mute buttons, rear camera, and more!

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iPhone parts wholesale

We offer a huge array of cell parts in both OEM and replacement class configurations. We wholesale in large volume to many repair shops around the USA and are a premium grade supplier.

5 Steps to Fix an iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

What your phone thinks it should be doing instead of outputting audio through the speakers.

Are you unable to play music through your loud speaker but can make calls and hear voice memos? Follow these simple steps below to restore loud speaker functionality to your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or iPhone 6.

  1. Disable Bluetooth. You may be transmitting to a nearby speaker and not realize it.
  2. Use a Q-tip or other absorbent material to clean the port.
  3. Restart the phone with your headphones plugged in and while playing music. Remove the headphones once the phone is powered down. Audio should now be restored.
  4. Backup and restore your iOS software
  5. If the above steps have failed it may be time to replace the entire headphone jack / charging port flex cable.