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AMD Socket AM1

AM1 Motherboards

What processors are compatible with AMD AM1 Motherboards?

The AM1 Socket, formerly known as the FS1b socket, supports AMD Athlon AMD Athlon 5350 and 5150, and Sempron 3850 and 2650 processors. These processors have the chipset and graphics processor integrated on the chip, allowing you to make a low power, low cost system. The AMD AM1 APUs are inexpensive processors with low TDP. These motherboards are less expensive as well, as the chipset on the AM1 processor provides features the motherboard would have otherwise.

Do AM1 Sockets provide DDR3 support?

AM1 Motheboards support DDR3 memory, but only single channel. Therefore, only one DIMM is needed for RAM.

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AMD Socket AM1 motherboards support the AMD Sempron and AMD Athlon APU AM1 CPU products. This platform will support quad-core and dual-core processors and couples AMD's Athlon and Sempron lineups with their new award winning graphics capabilities.