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Corsair M55 RGB PRO Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse, Black, Backlit RGB LED, 12400 dpi, Optical

MPN: CH-9308011-NA | SKU: NI9614
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    Key Selling Points

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      The Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming mouse offers game-winning versatility with an ambidextrous design that fits any grip or hand, and a highly precise 12, 400 DPI optical sensor. Its durable construction, complete with 50 million click-rated Omron switches and a premium braided cable, stands up to the rigors of intense gaming while minimizing fatigue with a remarkably light weight of just 86G. Start gaming immediately with simple plug-and-play setup out of the box. Take full control with powerful Corsair iCUE software, enabling you to swap between left and right-handed modes, assign macros and remaps to eight programmable buttons, customize RGB Backlighting, and manage three DPI settings that can be switched on the fly. No matter how you choose to play, stand up to any challenge with the M55 RGB PRO.

      • Versatile Ambidextrous Design
      • Precision to Win
      • Weighs Just 86g
      • Built to Last
      • Eight Fully Programmable Buttons
      • Simple Plug-and-Play Setup
      • Intelligent Control, Unlimited Possibilities
      • Dynamic RGB Backlighting
      • Switch DPI on the Fly


      • Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse
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      Brand: Corsair

      MPN: CH-9308011-NA

      UPC: 840006607779

      Compatibility: USB

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      M55 RGB PRO
      USB 2.0
      Tracking Method
      Maximum dpi
      12400 dpi
      Hand Orientation
      Both Hands
      Scrolling Capability
      1 x Wheel
      Operating System Supported
      Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
      System Requirement
      PC with USB 2.0 port
      An internet connection is required to download the iCUE software

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      46.67% (7)
      40.0% (6)
      6.67% (1)
      0.0% (0)
      6.67% (1)
      By Karishma Steenbrink
      I'm going back to a basic microsoft mouse
      I've bought microsoft mice (mouses?) for years, but they don't last forever so i thought i'd try something different this time. This corsair mouse looked interesting and it had good reviews so i went ahead and bought it even though it was about double the cost of a basic mouse. I didn't realize at the time that most of the reviews were by people who had received the mouse for free. Right off of the bat i found the "sailboat" led with its color-shifting to be distracting when trying to work. Fortunately, corsair provides icue software that allows you to make a personal profile and customize the behavior or your mouse. After spending a reasonable amount of time trying out all of the different settings, i had the mouse configured the way i wanted – with a solid color led – and saved my profile. It turns out that the profile settings aren't saved in the mouse. In order for the profile to keep functioning, the icue service has to be running constantly. If you shut down the service, the mouse will go back to its default settings. The next morning, when i turned on my pc, the mouse led was back to its original, distracting, color-shifting ways. Back into the icue software to try to fix the problem. After spending more time deleting and recreating my profile, things were working again. It as well wanted to install a device driver which i had already installed the day before, but i went ahead and let it do the installation anyway. Day three started out the same as day two. This time i did some web searches to see if there was some way to fix this problem. I found that many people were experiencing the same problem and that it had been going on for more than 5 years without any resolution from corsair. Needless to say, this went on every day. I was finally able to work out a ridiculous solution where i would run the icue program, install the hardware driver again and then everything would be fine for the rest of the day. Since it ran quickly and only took a few moments i put up with the inconvenience and went through this silly procedure each morning when i first turned on my computer. But that wasn't the only problem that i had from the start. I have dual monitors. When i would try to drag a window from one monitor to the other, it would stop when trying to cross the boundary between the two monitors. To move the window to another monitor, you would have to jerk the mouse to the left or right. This is actually a windows "feature" to allow you to dock the window to the inner monitor edge, but it is directly related to the dpi resolution of the mouse. I've never had this problem with any other mouse that i've used. I was always able to smoothly move windows from one monitor to another. The straw that broke the camel's back came two days ago when the right-click, context menus stopped working. Left clicking and menu bars worked just fine – just no context menus. It's pretty much impossible to work without context menus. So i shut down everything that i was working on and rebooted the computer. After running icue and reinstalling the hardware driver everything was working fine again. But then it happened again yesterday. No context menus. Having to reboot in the middle of the day is very disruptive. I had already done it once, but was not about to have to keep doing it every day. Instead, i pulled out the old microsoft mouse that i had stuck away in a drawer, unplugged the corsair mouse and plugged in the microsoft mouse. The context menus were once again working fine, so i tried switching back to the corsair mouse to see what would happen. Again, no context menus. That was enough for me; i went back to the microsoft mouse and returned the corsair mouse – thank you, outletpc. But wait, there's more . . . I had recently noticed small, regularly spaced spiked in the process explorer, cpu graph, system tray icon (if you use process explorer, you know what i'm talking about). Upon investigation, i found that it was the icue service software that has to be running constantly for the mouse to retain a custom profile. This is another indication of a problem with the icue program, because there's no way that mouse software should be using a noticeable amount of cpu on a computer.
      By Scott Palmer
      Change dpi rapidly
      I like the ability to change the dpi rapidly and switch it based on what i am doing.
      By Alison Richards
      Great mouse for the money
      I'm left handed so any mouse i buy needs to either be ambidextrous or shaped for a left hand. First the price on this mouse was really low and so i figured it was worth the risk. Its comfortable, responsive and while i haven't configured any of the side buttons yet, i'm very happy with the purchase. My son is a big fan of corsair and i trusted him on this one and don't regret it.
      By Julie Cooper
      Works well for not just gaming
      My kids love to game, so i let them use this on their computer and they said it works just like their other mouse. It fits well in your hand and works on all of our computer brands. No issues with the computer finding it, it does seem a bit pricey for what you get, but if you'd like a nice mouse that works well with gaming and regular everyday work on a computer this one is a good one to try out.
      By Willow Wood
      Great little mouse
      A bit small for avg to large man hands... But, its very high rez... Dont use it much for gaming, but rather for precision cad, sometimes, hitting the right area on a high rez screen where everything is so small, makes the precision of this mouse nice i really like the feel, clicks and its soft glide... Another reviewer gave a solid review for gaming... I am not a good enough gamer to know the difference between the different higher end mouses vs this low to mid priced mouse... So if u want it for gaming, check on other reviews before buying...
      By Ashley Miller
      Boys are crazy about corsair mouses
      I was worried that they wouldn't like the wired corsair mouses but this is the second one they have totally approved of. The thing they both mention is how they are able to set the sensitive settings for playing different games. The ambidextrous is the best one since the wii controllers. Lol. We have a lot of lefties.
      By Troy Brewer
      Perfect fit for me
      I have small hand. This mice works perfectly for me. Corsair it's fantastic!
      By Aaron Perez
      Super light
      It is symmetric so good for both right and left handed people. I like the braided cable as well.
      By Haroen Van Den Oetelaar
      I prefer the m55 over m65
      I own both the m55 and m65. I prefer the feel of the m55 for gaming. For sniper-heavy gaming, i could argue for the m65 which has a sniper button that you can set a lower dpi on for higher precision, but if i were playing fortnite, i prefer the m55 because button 4 and 5 are easier to use, and building with them is easier. This was a vine review of a free product in exchange for an unbiased review. If you found this review helpful, please click the “helpful” button and let me know!
      By Stacy George
      Easy to convert to left or right hand
      I tried it in both my right and left hand. I prefer to use the mouse in my left hand and it felt fine. The switch-over between the two is pretty intuitive. I am not a gamer, but we have a great team at the school where i work. I am sending this home with one of our team members for a more detailed review. Since school starts in 3 weeks, i may revise my initial report after i hear from the team. It is at least a b+.


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      Corsair M55 RGB PRO Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Mouse Black

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