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G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780R MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue

MPN: GK-KSR1C2-KM780RS10NA | SKU: NN8199
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  • CHERRY MX - Is the leading switch manufacture because of their high standards of quality, reliability, and durability
  • INCREASED TYPING SPEED - The Cherry MX Blue switches increase typing speed by providing both a tactile and clicky audible feedback
  • DEDICATED MEDIA KEYS - Control your media easily with dedicated keys and impress with the digital LED volume display
  • MACRO KEYS - Switch between 3 on-board profiles, use 6 additional dedicated macros keys, and record macros on the fly
  • Aluminum Construction – the use of aluminum plating and accenting has helped the KM780R MX to achieve the 2016 iF Design Award
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • CHERRY MX - Is the leading switch manufacture because of their high standards of quality, reliability, and durability
  • INCREASED TYPING SPEED - The Cherry MX Blue switches increase typing speed by providing both a tactile and clicky audible feedback
  • DEDICATED MEDIA KEYS - Control your media easily with dedicated keys and impress with the digital LED volume display
  • MACRO KEYS - Switch between 3 on-board profiles, use 6 additional dedicated macros keys, and record macros on the fly
  • Aluminum Construction – the use of aluminum plating and accenting has helped the KM780R MX to achieve the 2016 iF Design Award
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100% Cherry MX mechanical keyswitch in crimson red backlighting, per-key programmability, on-the-fly macro recording, six dedicated macro keys, full media control with LED volume display, and foldable mouse cable holder. The RIPJAWS KM780R MX mechanical keyboard is taking the world by storm with its revolutionary features, focused engineering, and avant-garde aesthetics. The KM780R MX has been thoroughly tested by eSports gamers from CS:GO (FPS), League of Legends (MOBA), and Starcraft II (RTS) to ensure the Cherry MX Blue switches can keep up with the APM of the fastest players. G.SKILL has created a work of art which is both appealing to the eye and functional.

  • Military-grade anodized brushed aluminum back-plate
  • Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyswitches
  • Fully programmable keys and per-key red backlighting
  • Full n-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting on USB
  • On-the-fly macro recording, 6 dedicated macro keys, and media control panel
  • USB 2.0 and stereo audio pass-through ports
  • Durable 2m braided USB cable


  • G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 MX Mechanical Keyboard
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Warranty Guide

Brand: Gskill


UPC: 848354018193

Compatibility: USB

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Keyboard Interface
Design Style
Palm Rest
Mechanical Keyboard
Key Switch Type
Cherry MX Blue
Keyboard Color
Keyboard: 1.89" x 20.39" x 6.77"
Keyboard with palm rest: 1.89" x 20.39" x 8.98"
Mouse Included
Operating System Supported
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
System Requirement
Available USB 2.0 port (for keyboard connection)
Internet connection (for driver software download)
Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switch

Military-Grade Aluminum Plate

Fully Programmable Keys and Per-Key Backlighting

Full n-Key Rollover (NKRO) and 100% Anti-Ghosting

On-Board Profile Storage

Per-key Crimson Red Backlight

Fully Programmable Keys

Dedicated Macro Control and Mode Selection Keys

Media Control Corner and LED Volume Display

Detachable Soft-Touch Wrist Rest and Five-Level Contoured Keycaps

Foldable Cable Holder

G.SKILL Unified Driver System Software for Full Personalization Control

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
50.0% (8)
25.0% (4)
12.5% (2)
6.25% (1)
6.25% (1)
By Gui Moraes
Durable keyboard. I've had issues of gaming keyboards failing only after a few months from heavy use.
By Konsta Korpela
Four stars
The keyboard is great but the shift button is destroyed when i unpacked it
By anonymous shopper
Five stars
Great keyboard typing is comfortable haven't had no issues after firmware update
By Oliver Johansen
Four stars
I like it
By Zachary Fletcher
Check all the switches within the return window.
Check all the switches within the return window.I ordered this and then got replacement on this keyboard (mx blue version) 2 additional times. And what would have been a 5 star keyboard gets 0 stars from me due to poor quality control on the switches.Every one of the 3 keyboards had at least 1 faulty cherry switch with sluggish reaction and no tactile click. The worse one had 4 faulty switches, and one dead led.Unfortunately as i use my keyboard a lot of typing (not just gaming), i need every switch to be properly responsive.
By Donna Lowe
I finally found the one!!!!!
I paid $79.80 around november 2017 for this g.Skill ripjaws km780r mx on-the-fly macro. My other membrane keyboard drown one day.. Thankfully! I never knew what i was missing now that i have this keyboard, specifically with the cherry mx blue mechanical switches. I am a true believer in the value of this keyboard. I read a load of reviews on all kinds of keyboards until i decided on this one.I was so worried that the keys were going to be loose or that the lights weren't going to work properly. Or that the keys were going to be unable to be seen at night, or that the keys were going to be unevenly lit. I'm here to say, this is a solid keyboard and great buy without any of the above issues. After searching for weeks through duds or apparent duds with mixed reviews, some saying "it's the best," other's saying "it's the worst" and then me wondering who was telling the truth, i found “the one.” this is my first mechanical keyboard. I love typing on this. Of course, i wanted the gold-plated blue switches, gold usb connector, gold mic connector, gold headphone connector, and the usb passthrough which makes my new "encrypted safe mouse" able to work perfectly be used with my computer (the mouse is only 3 ft, one inch long which would be too short normally without the passthrough usb).My hands have incurred damage throughout the years, so i was wondering if the blue switches would be too heavy; and, i'm happy to report they are not! If anything, the blue switches ensure that i don't type the wrong key. This is easier on my hands (without a lot of backspacing/deleting/rewriting words that were accidentally easily pressed). I don't know how i could live without this keyboard; i look forward to waking up to use it. Writer's block be gone, pshhhh!One question though about this keyboard: can you adjust the brightness of the monitor? So far, i can only dim the red keyboard's lights, and i can't figure out how to turn the lights completely off. I care less about turning them off now because i've gotten used to them and they do help, but i'd still like the option.I was wondering how my eyes would do with the red lights under each key. My eyes feel normal, so no worries if you have vision issues.I put a long gel wrist pad on top of this keyboard’s wrist rest and the gel wrist rest fits perfectly. Because of the clingy texture of the wrist rest, my new gel padded wrist rest sticks to it easily.The volume lighting indicator rocks, btw. There was a reviewer who said that the volume wheel isn't very responsive. Imo, it works pretty well. Well enough to warrant it there; in fact, that was the reason i went for this keyboard. I prefer the wheel to pressing a button because it’s easier on my hands, and easier to spot visually. The volume controls and media buttons are right there organized in the right upper corner which is perfect for me.I haven't used it for games, i bought it because it's lighted, has a solid frame, and the layout is one that i'm familiar typing on (i.E. The number signs are above the numbers, and the brackets are normally positioned for typing. I'm amazed at how long it took for me to find a lighted keyboard, with bells and whistles, with a standard us format. Even some brands said they were us layout weren’t; i spent loads of time as i looked deeper, zooming and cursing the shitty pics that were included with different products. The format that comes with this computer is perfect; staying with the normal typing format allowed me to use my already built up muscle memory, so that i could type and surf the internet easily.I was looking at the cougar red-lighted, $59 keyboard because it looked sturdy, but it didn't have the bells and whistles of this keyboard including replaceable key caps, and maaaaany people who'd reviewed that keyboard said that good customer service for that product was impossible and intensely frustrating with the run around game, including long waits on hold. I did contact this seller who sold me this product and he very briefly directed all of my concerns to the company (who i didn't try to contact). I feel that this seller should have and share some basic information about this product instead of sending me to purgatory to fix a simple thing. Know your product? As well, the sellers response to my email took some time.Problems (thankfully only minor):--i plugged this keyboard into a usb 3.0 port, but the lighting indicators for caps lock, number sign, and scroll lock doesn't get lit, but those key still work. All those lighting indicators light up properly, however, if i plug the keyboard's usb into a usb 2.0 .--when i have my computer closed, sometimes my otherwise-seeming "off" keyboard lights up for a while. That's a bit creepy, so i make sure to unplug and replug when it's not in use; that arrangement works for me. There’s no power off/on button for the keyboard (that i know of). All in all, i think this keyboard will be with me for a long long time.About the size of this keyboard:personally, my hands don't feel squeezed together uncomfortably while i type, but if you have large hands, i don't know. Most keyboards i've seen are manufactured narrowish like this or short. This entire keyboard is long keyboard, but it’s not heavy. With a measuring tape, you can compare the keyboard to your own current keyboard to see if your hands would be to large for it. Here’s the entire keyboard’s exact measurements: 20 inches long from side to side, and almost exactly 8.5 inches from top to bottom. The middle section for typing (not including the g-keys or arrow keys) is 11 inches side-to-side and 3.5 inches from top-to-bottom (not including the f-keys). I searched for ever trying to find "the one" keyboard that had more pros than cons. I’ve searched ergonomic ones, reinvented ones, split ones, and i'm not unhappy with my choice. That being said, in a perfect world, g. Skill and other keyboard makers would make a keyboard that can extend longer to give a wider distance between my hands; bar perhaps that could be built into the frame that would extend the sides to lengthen the keyboard to fit larger people’s hand size. The distance does work well for me, especially since the keys are not too close together. The distance between the keys allow me more typing precision than if the keys were squeezed together to “save space.”the box was packed very well without being frustrating to open. Upon inspection there were no scratches on this keyboard, thankfully. The last membrane keyboard i bought came with scratches on the wrist rest and small scratches on the bottom. I want to be the one to scratch up my new product. The clear plastic top that comes packed with this device can prevent dust/hair from screwing up this keyboard.The back plate on this keyboard (which is right under the keys) looks sharp and expensive.I'd recommend this device for someone looking for a sturdy device they don't have to worry about breaking, one that is a sharp looking keyboard, and one with some bells and whistles which ensure durability; and a keyboard you can grow with seeing as it has all those macros, recording features, and memory right on the board. This keyboard is the one for me, i hope you all find the perfect one for you without you spending hundreds of dollars. After reading what seemed like endless reviews for different products, it seems like a quality keyboard doesn’t mean that i have to pay more for it. Like most things, everything is great in the beginning, but this keyboard has to pass the test of time. I’ll let you all know if this keyboard takes a turn for the worse, and how the warranty and customer service performs. If anyone has dealt with g. Skill’s customer service, please help us all by including that info in a review. .
By anonymous shopper
Five stars
This keyboard has met my keyboard needs.
By Christian Fields
The perfect mechanical keyboard!
I was shopping for a new keyboard and came across this one. From doing some research, this seemed like the best bang for my buck so i ordered it. Short term, i am using it to play final fantasy xiv on ps4 while my long term goal is to use it on my first gaming rig i plan to build soon. Things you might want to know, when i first used it, i made a macro without actually checking instructions, so when i used it on my ps4, when i would push the right arrow, it would click down then right; so if you get it and use it and it seems like something is wrong, check to make sure you didn't program the buttons that way first. Second, i am amazed at the customizations you can do, not only on macros, but for the lights on the keyboard as well. You can set it up for all the keys to stay lit, breathing effect, and so on. Third, you can set it to play as a gaming keyboard or standard keyboard. There are different features for each, i'm still learning the ins and outs of everything so i can't comment on everything the keyboard does, but for use with the ps4 so far, this keyboard does far more than i expected! One last thing, the price is killer on outletpc! The msrp is actually listed at $120 on the website, so you are definitely getting the best bang for your buck with this keyboard. Highly recommended!!!
By Joshua Renaud
Oddly too small of a keyboard- too many extraneous keys using real estate.
Frankly, as strange as it may seem the keyboard is too small. The macro keys take up valuable space that i'm used to using on my old keyboard. I constantly hit the caps lock instead of the a key. I suppose i'll get used to it but i am somewhat disappointed. The keys are nice but the angle of attack could be more adjustable without a separate stand.
By Cristiaan Schonewille
Great gaming keyboard
Great gaming keyboard. Make sure that your computer can handle the power that is pulled. Not too bad, but older computers may have an issue. One of two complaints is the mouse cord holder is too small. Anyone with a gaming mouse will have issues. That being said, having a wireless mouse, that can plug in if needed, its nice to have the cord connected to the keyboard. The last complaint is that the sound control works but it is based on the current setting of the speakers. So if your speakers are at 50% then the sound control on the keyboard will only go to about 75%. If your speakers are at 100% then the control has better control, but then you lose low level fine control. (this is an issue, because i have small children, and when they are home, the sound needs to be in the low range, but when they are gone, well...You know^_^). Still if you want a great gaming keyboard, this is a really solid buy.


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G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780R MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry

Price: $69.89
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