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Syba CL-CRD20036 USB Internal 6-Port Card Reader for 3.5" Drive Bays

MPN: CL-CRD20036 | SKU: NO3366
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Key Selling Points

  • Note: Special Return Policy applies on this product. All rights reserved. All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed.
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3.5" USB 2.0 Card Reader, 6 Slots with 1-USB Port, 3-Color Exchangeable Front Panels (Black, Silver, and White). Grab this cheap internal 6-slot card reader and you'll have slots for every major brand, size, and format of memory card available. Sized to fit into any standard 3.5" drive bay this drive connects to your motherboard with a USB 9-pin header and includes black, silver, and beige front covers so it will match any computer. Fill your need for a card reader cheaply and effectivly with this CL-CRD20036 Card Reader from Syba. Connectland 3.5" Drive Bay Internal Card Reader, 3 Front Panels Includes (CL-CRD20036). SYBA CL-CRD20036 USB 2.0 3.

  • Fits into 3.5" drive bays
  • Includes Black, White, and Cream colored front panels
  • Connected to motherboard via USB internal 9-pin header
  • Powered by motherboard
  • Compatible with: CF I, CF II, MD, Mini SD with adapter, SD, SDHC, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS PRO, MS DUO, MS, PRO DUO, M2, Micro SD, T-Flash, X card
  • 1 extra USB v2.0 port, LED indicators, 6 slots
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Dimension: 7" x 4.5" x 2
  • Weight: 8oz
  • 3.5" floppy drive bay
  • 2 extra front panels included (silver, beige)
  • 1 extra USB v2.0 port
  • LED indicators
  • 6 memory card slots
  • Connected to USB internal 9-pin (or 10-pin) header on the motherboard


  • Internal 6-Slot Card Reader
  • Three swappable face plates

Brand: Syba

MPN: CL-CRD20036

UPC: 810154015528

Compatibility: 3.5" Drive Bays; USB

Packaging: RETAIL

Condition: New

Product Details

Installation Type
USB 2.0
CF I, CF II, MD, Mini SD with adapter, SD, SDHC, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS PRO, MS DUO, MS PRO DUO, M2, Micro SD, T-Flash, X card
Support - Compact Flash
7" x 4.5" x 2"
Fits into 3.5" drive bay
2 extra front panels included
Connected by motherboard USB internal 9-pin header
Powered by motherboard
Package Includes
3.5" internal card reader, screws, and 2x face panels

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
44.44% (12)
14.81% (4)
14.81% (4)
3.7% (1)
22.22% (6)
By Friedo Plath
Obf we will never know
I ordered this because of the price. Installed it got a power light but it would not see sdhc card.
By Wouter-Jan Pouwels
The only modern reader with a beige faceplate (that i could find)
I have purchased around 10 of this very reader in the last 18 months and every one has worked and remained working, which is saying something since card readers don't seem to have a premium brand. The only con (albeit minor) is that some of them have an overly-bright red led that is always on and doesn't power off even when the pc is powered down - you have to split power from the power supply. I like the fact that it comes with all three main colors of faceplate and a microsd slot. The price for these at outletpc is the best i've seen and these make a great add-on if i am close to the $25 minimum and need something to put me over. I do a lot of computer upgrades and these offer a cheap option for front usb, in addition to convenient memory card access. I didn't like seeing only a single, one-star review on this item since every product these days has some doa items, so here is my 5-star review to bump up the average...
By Erich Schmitt
Well this item does what it claims. Fast, efficient, however some cards it refuses to read, and i don't blame the reader i blame the memory card manufacturers. However 99% of all cards read perfectly and i tested each input.
By Derrick Brewer
Worth every penny!
Works as described. And yes the red light is always on even when the pc is off. Luckily my antec p182 case has a front cover that i keep closed unless i need to access the dvd drive or this card reader. The fit was as well perfect and the cords were long enough. The black front cover matched my case perfectly. The manufacturer as well responds promptly. The microsd slot as well works. This slot was the reason i bought this over others. It takes a little fidgeting in the beginning though. All in all i have no real complaints and would buy this again.
By Isla Lewis
Does the job!
Making the plunge into digital photography from film, i needed easy access to the usb port and card readers for the memory cards in my new camera. This little box fit the bill nicely, nestling easily in an empty 3.5" bay in my computer. The one gripe with this reader is the red power on led. And i do mean red! It wouldn't be so bad if they simply used a red led, but this thing is bright... Like navigation beacon on a 747 bright! I am fortunate in that the design of my case has the face of the reader recessed so the light is shaded, but if it weren't, i'd probably be voiding my warranty on the card reader and clipping the lead to the power on led!Other than that, it is an easy install... Just make sure that you have a nine pin usb header on your main board or usb card to tap into.The additional beige and silver face plates are a nice touch! I stayed with the attached black.A nice card reader for the price!
By Rachel Hart
Not for me
The card reader i received was either defective or falsely advertized. It was supposed to work with windows 7 but only the usb port works. Windows gave it drive assignments but it would not read a card. I emailed the manufacturer's tech support looking for an respond and got a return that "it must be defective". No suggestions or offers to help. If they don't care much about their product; why should i?After searching the web for respond and/or drivers (none for win 7) and finding nothing but comments simular to this, i returned the reader to outletpc.
Cheap, works as advertised
I was looking for a card reader for a 3.5 inch drive bay. I decided on this model due to the price and because no additional power connectors are required. Just a single plug to the motherboard usb headers, some screws to secure to drive bay and done. Only needed the black bezel, but it's nice that you have a choice of common chassis colors. The card reader did great with usb flash drives and sd cards. Would buy again.
By Leo Brinkmann
Not that good
The item installed ok, windows 7 installed the drivers ok, and it worked fine for the first two tries. Now, however, the sd and micro sd slots do not work even after re-installing the drivers. The compact flash and usb slots still work so at least i have some functionality and the old diskette drive is filled in.
By Sadie Clarke
Works as advertized. Can't complain.
I got sick of having an external card-reader cluttering my desk (and occupying one front usb port) so i bought this internal unit. I've tested cf, sdhc (8gb), and pro duo slots (actually, i don't own a pro duo card, but it works with a microsd card in a pro duo adapter).The device works fine on my computer winning windows xp, and recognizes all 8gb of my sdhc card. Each slot has its own drive letter. Kinda clutters up the "my computer" window, but i guess it allows you to access more than one card at a time (as opposed to having only one drive letter for the whole unit.) the usb port shows up as a new drive letter only when something is plugged into it.I timed the transfer speed of the sd slot, and when using my transcend 8gb class 10 card, it copied roughly 500mb worth of picture to my 5400rpm sata caviar green hdd in about 10 seconds. 50mb/s is plenty fast for me. That means my full 8gb card should transfer in under 3 minutes.As others have mentioned, the cf slot is very shallow, as can be seen in the pics i uploaded. Who cares? How big of a klutz are you that you would bump into the front of your tower and break your cf card??? I guess i'll worry about this about as much as i worry about breaking off my dvd drive tray.
Great device
My last card reader had a misfortunate accident. So i had to get another one. This caught my eye and it works great. It didnt take too long to deliver as well. The only thing that bothers me about this item is its difficult to put the sd card in its slot but other than that its great!


Question & Answers
By OutletPC Shopper on 2013-05-11
it says it is 4.5 inches wide under the item description, is that a typo? is it supposed to be 3.5 or 5.25?

By Customer Service on 2013-05-13

This Syba CL-CRD20036 USB Internal 6-Port Card Reader will fit in any 3.5 inch drive bay, although the actual physical width is more than 3.5 inches.

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Syba CL-CRD20036 USB Internal 6-Port Card Reader 3.5" Drive

Price: $9.65
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