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Manhattan 400077 13-Piece Computer Tool Kit

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  • Ideal for all types of peripheral and component installation, routine computer maintenance and general repair
  • Heavy-duty, carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Ideal for all types of peripheral and component installation, routine computer maintenance and general repair
  • Heavy-duty, carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty
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Manhattan 400077 Computer Toolkit - This 13 piece computer repair toolkit from Manhattan gives you all the tools you need for desktop PC repair. Whether you're installing add-on components or performing routine maintenance, this desktop PC equips you for the job, complete with screwdrivers, chip extractors, and even an extra parts tube to safely store errant screws. Basic Computer Tool Kit.

Manhattan 400077

Parts Included
Anti-static chip inserter, anti-static chip extractor, anti-static three-prong parts and chip retriever/extractor, anti-static chip tweezers
1/4" nutdriver
3/16" nut driver
T-15 star-type screwdriver
#1 Phillips screwdriver, #0 Phillips screwdriver
3/16 slotted screwdriver, 1/8" slotted screwdriver
Extra parts tube
Vinyl zipper case
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Brand: Manhattan

MPN: 400077

UPC: 766623400077

Compatibility: Universal

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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Manhattan's computer tool kit
This is an excellent computer tool kit set. It's very complete, easy to carry on every where, that makes it so functional. I recommend it. It's very usefull to keep one of these.
By Jade Jones
Exactly what i needed
It is exactly what i needed everything in here is everything you will need to put together a computer. If your looking for a good tool kit this is it
By Allen Foster
Simple and effective.
I had one of these sets for almost 10 years, and then misplaced it at a job, so i'm gladly buying another without complaints. How can i complain with this price and getting 10 years out of it. There is something about the simplicity of this tool set that seems disappointing, even after all these years of working on computers. When i first started, i carried a large tool caddy, with every tool and gadget under the sun, but then one day i was in a hurry to make a house call, grabbed this tool kit, and the rest as they say, is history. Aside from a tube of thermal grease and a can of compressed air, this is the only thing i take on house call now. The handles can withstand a serious beating, and generally feel more sturdy than other injection molded screwdriver sets. Ratcheting screwdrivers are great and all, but the bits are generally magnetized (which is a big no-no with computers), and even when you are cramped for room, these always seem to be the right size. And the grabber is perfect for starting screws in tight places on the motherboard. I can't say that the case is "heavy-duty", as it is nothing more than a cheap pleather-bound case, but considering how many times i literally tossed the other case around, it will take the punishment like a champ. Without a doubt, i consider this set a necessity when working on computers.
By Naomi Green
Great basic set - nice roomy case
A nice little tool kit which has a great price on it. If you are taking apart computers, you will definitely need to buy additional torx screwdrivers (the ones with a head that looks like a star). The only one included is a 7, but it's very likely you will need a couple of smaller ones like a 5 or a 6, as well. Fortunately the case is roomy enough to hold these extra tools as you accumulate them. There is as well room for some other odds and ends like a sharpie and a tube of thermal compound (both bought separately) i threw in there to keep everything together. For the money this is a great basic set with a roomy case from which to build your personalized tool kit.
By Aaron Williams
Five stars
All the tools i need for computer repair.
By Nelli Nikula
It had everything I needed and not much that I didn't and was priced much better than the terrible set that my school bookstore
I bought this for my computer hardware class. It had everything i needed and not much that i didn't and was priced much better than the terrible set that my school bookstore sold.
By Hanna Otoole
Good Tool Kit
The tool kit is a great tool kit. I have had one for years. I bought this one for my son. I would buy it again if i ever need another one.
By Maja Hansen
Good basic computer tool kit
This is a decent basic toolkit for general computer repair. You can buy much more expansive ones with many more parts, but for my needs at my job, this was plenty. I only have two minor complaints about this set.One is that they are non-magnetic (i purchased a wiha 40010 magnetizer or demagnetizer to remedy this problem), and that can be a pain when dealing with the tiny screws in tablets. And the other complaint is calling the plastic "parts tube" in the kit one of the "13 pieces". That's a pretty pointless piece, and i don't carry it in the kit anymore. Oh, also, the zipper leaves a small gap even when closed, so anything not secured in here can potentially fall out.None of that, however, is reason enough to deduct a star. As someone who repairs laptops, tablets, and chromebooks for work, i can confidently recommend this tool kit.
By Eva Hubert
Five Stars
By Jim Nidiffer
Computer Tool Kit
A very quality item and excellent price. I have used it several times and it serves the type work I do on computers and is compact enough to travel with and serves the basic needs.


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Manhattan 400077 13-Piece Computer Tool Kit

Price: $16.30
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