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Cooler Master MGZ-NDSG-N15M-R1 MasterGel Maker Nano

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  • Ultra-high conductivity for chipset (11 W/m.k)
  • Nano Diamond particles maintains through a wide range of temperatures (-50 to 150℃)
  • Excellent viscosity makes it easy to spread or remove without cracking or drying out
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Ultra-high conductivity for chipset (11 W/m.k)
  • Nano Diamond particles maintains through a wide range of temperatures (-50 to 150℃)
  • Excellent viscosity makes it easy to spread or remove without cracking or drying out
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Ultra-high conductivity for chipset (11 W/m.k) Nano Diamond particles maintains through a wide range of temperatures (-50 to 150?) Excellent viscosity makes it easy to spread or remove without cracking or drying out

  • Brand: Cooler Master
  • Model: MGZ-NDSG-N15M-R1
  • Amount: 4g
  • Ultra-high CPU / GPU conductivity (up to 11 W/m.k)
  • NanoDiamond particles maintain through a wide range of temperatures
  • Excellent viscosity makes it easy to spread or remove without crack


  • Cooler Master MasterGel Maker Nano
  • Spatula
  • Grease cleaner

Brand: Cooler Master


UPC: 884102027390


Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Master Gel Maker Nano, Born for Makers and developed for users needing the best thermal conductivity for high performance CPUs, GPUs and chipsets. The non-curing and non-electrical conductive traits help avoid any short circuiting and provides protection and performance for long-term use.

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Five stars
Great product!
By Braxton Wood
Five stars
Great product.
By Rani Warmenhoven
Not the best in the market, it does the job but for this i will go for something cheaper
I'm giving 3 because, although it didn't work on me as i wanted. Coolermaster still makes good products and this is one of them. It might work better on a desktop, where you have a radiator perhaps and doesn't need to spend a lot of money on thermal paste. Based on what i experienced i could rate this thermal paste around the $7 - 8, i don't know $7.50?Let's go with the review-prosit cools your device. Let's say it's been 2 years without a good cleaning on your computer and you are getting overheating issues. This will work-consdon't trust the reviews out there. I test it out myself and this thermal paste is not as it seems. It's a regular thermal paste better like artic silver 5, but not the best. In fact, in the questions you will see some of my questions.-experiencei had a computer with 2 years using artic silver 5. My temperature was going from 56 to 80c regularly with the computer on idle. With this thermal paste it went a bit better, but still i was having issues with the overheating. The nano-high performance was giving me 52 to 70c sometimes 49 or 48c. So, it wasn't enough, the computer on idle was getting hot on the top and that's really annoying.Moving on to my solution. I tried the grizzly kryonaut thermal grizzly kryonaut thermal grease paste - 1.0 gram "the real winner" look at the picture i have attached. My computer went to the temperature i was looking on most of the times from 43!!! To 55c on idle. If i'm doing some heavy stuff it can gets near the 70c which makes sense, but on idle when i'm not running the computer it doesn't stays hot and the most important. The top is not hot which is the annoying part. This is the picture from maybe 30 minutes when i turned on the computer. The room temperature at that time was 72 fahrenheit and it stayed like that from like 30 minutes or so. But normally the computer runs with a temperature between the 43 to 55 as i said before.What can i say. Maybe i got a bad batch, maybe is not as good as the reviews say. But kryonaut for me is the win win :)
By Joshua Wirth
Far exceeds arctic silver and other common/leading brands!
Amazing product! I couldn't tell you how long i've been looking for a better alternative to arctic silver 5 (which is the most commonly used brand for pcs) this paste has diamonds instead of silver, and it provides much better cooling that the most common stuff. Whether you are a professional or just a tinkerer, this paste is well worth it!
By Quentin Charles
Five stars
A++++the product is perfect :)
By Caleb Evans
Worked well for my evo 212 cooler with intel 7700k
Works as expected my temperatures are much lower compared to a generic brand thermal paste.
By Emmy David
Good on paper
Very good in the beginning, better than ic diamond 24/7, then deterioriazed soon.
By Diamantino Freitas
Damaging and worse than original manufacturer pastes - do not buy!
I bought this thermal paste due to the very good reviews and performance shown by benchmarks from a store called micro center. I figured i would post a review on this website to let others who are as well interested in this product know my experience with this product.Problem #1: the product performed worse than antec's diamond formula thermal paste and most thermal paste provided on aftermarket water cooling systems (h110 and seidon 120v tested on). I applied the thermal paste three different times on each cooler. Both i7-4790k and i5-7600k idled at 50c on the respective liquid coolers. Worse than the stock thermal pastes which yielded 40c idle and antec's with 30-32c at idle.Problem #2: the product as well performed worse on my msi apache pro laptop. Idle temps with stock thermal grease idled 49-50c with only one of the two fans running. After putting the mastergel maker nano paste, temperatures ranged as high as 55c to 65c at idle, passing 90c while playing only minecraft.Problem #3: this product damaged my desktop's gpus (2x asus rog striker gtx760 4gb). The damage done to one gpu was bad (picture after cleaning 3 times with a 2-step arctic silver thermal grease cleaning kit and wiping down 2 times with 99% isopropyl alcohol). The damage done has not caused the gpu to be unsafe to use, but the temperature increase due to the damage is a 10-15c increase.Problem #4: a brand that i never considered purchasing (thermal grizzly kryonaut specifically) outperformed mastergel maker nano. I have not done tests on my desktop, but the temperature drops seen on my laptop was staggering. 35-40c idle with one fan, and 74c under heavy load with both fans active. While playing minecraft, the temperatures stay around 63-64c while before, the laptop would pass 90c.Tl;dr: coolermaster mastergel maker nano performs very poorly and i do not recommend this product under any circumstances. If you are going to purchase a thermal paste to lower your temperatures, get thermal grizzly kryonaut (smaller tube by far, but enough to paste 1 desktop cpu, 2 gpus, 1 laptop cpu, and 1 laptop gpu with a little leftover).
By Friedrich Witte
Easy to apply and amazing results
Easy to apply and amazing results, used it to repaste the i5 and 940m of a lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 that most of the time just started throttling afte a a minute of gaming because i live in a tropical country, but after using this paste it doesn't throttle at least for a few hours and even when it does it barely lowers the frequency of the gpu and cpu so i'm very happy with the results and definitely recommend it.
By Ellie Cooper
Five stars
Very good


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Cooler Master MGZ-NDSG-N15M-R1 MasterGel Maker Nano

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