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AMD A8-9600 Bristol Ridge Quad-Core 3.1 GHz Socket AM4 65W AD9600AGABBOX Desktop Processor Radeon R7

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      A-series APUs combine the performance of multicore processors and the unprecedented power of AMD Radeon™ graphics technology on a single chip for a whole new level of immersion and interactivity. Whether gaming, watching videos, or multitasking on your PC, we give you the performance you need to fit your modern life.

      The AD9600AGABBOX processor from AMD works on the AM4 platform. This 64-bit CPU has 4 cores operating at 3.1GHz with a Max Turbo Frequency of 3.4GHz. Advanced features of the 28 nm chip include 2 x 96KB Instruction L1 Cache, 2 x 1MB L2 cache, and None L3 cache with Radeon R7 (on-die) integrated/built-in graphics. This processor comes with a heatsink/cooler bundled with it, however, if you want to upgrade your cooling make sure what you use supports AM4 and a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 65 Watts.

      • Brand: AMD
      • Series: A8 7th Gen
      • Name: A8-9600
      • Model: AD9600AGABBOX
      • CPU Socket Type: Socket AM4
      • Core Name: Bristol Ridge
      • # of Cores: Quad-Core
      • # of Threads: 4
      • Operating Frequency: 3.1 GHz
      • Max Turbo Frequency: 3.4 GHz
      • L2 Cache: 2MB
      • Manufacturing Tech: 28nm
      • Memory Types: DDR4-2400
      • Memory Channel: 2
      • Integrated Graphics: AMD Radeon R7
      • Graphics Base Frequency: 900 MHz
      • PCI Express Revision: 3.0
      • Max Number of PCI Express Lanes: 8
      • Thermal Design Power: 65W
      • Cooling Device: Heatsink and fan included
      • 28nm Bristol Ridge
      • Socket AM4
      • 2MB L2 Cache
      • DDR4 Supported
      • Max Turbo Frequency 3.4 GHz
      • AMD Radeon R7


      • AMD A8-9600 Bristol Ridge Quad-Core 3.1 GHz Socket AM4 Processor
      • Heatsink and Fan

      Brand: AMD

      MPN: AD9600AGABBOX

      UPC: 730143308618

      Compatibility: AM4

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Processors Type
      A8 7th Gen
      CPU Socket Type
      Socket AM4
      Core Name
      Bristol Ridge
      # of Cores
      Operating Frequency
      3.1 GHz
      Max Turbo Frequency
      3.4 GHz
      L2 Cache
      Manufacturing Tech
      Memory Types
      Integrated Graphics
      AMD Radeon R7
      Graphics Base Frequency
      900 MHz
      PCI Express Revision
      Thermal Design Power
      Cooling Device
      Heatsink and fan included

      Package Includes

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      81.82% (9)
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      9.09% (1)
      By Carter Roy
      Excellent basic 'home' performance, but i can't vouch for gaming or oc.
      I'm not a gamer and i have no intention of overclocking. But i wanted a cpu that could be installed on a mb that was as well compatible with a ryzen cpu just in case i wanted to upgrade later on. As well, as a budget build, i wanted an apu with integrated graphics so that i didn't have to invest right away in a gpu. Thus, this apu fit the bill nicely. Not only is the speed adequate for my purposes, but the price was comfortable. Even running 1080p video, itunes, two web browsers, and a few other programs simultaneously, i have never seen the apu's temperature top 43c, which i'd say is pretty good in an old pc case with limited ventilation and only one extra case fan for exhaust in back. The smaller stock heatsink and cheaper fan seem to work adequately for heat dissipation, though it does take a while for the cpu to cool down once it heats up. If you're oc'ing or plan on doing heavy gaming, the stock cooler here may not be adequate, but for basic 'home' uses, the fan rarely needs to run at more than half-speed to keep things going at a cool and comfortable 30c-33c, so it stays pretty quiet.Overall, i'm satisfied, though i won't be surprised if i decide to take up gaming and discover that the stock cooler can't quite keep up.
      Young gamer build. Perfect for minecraft, overwatch and more.
      Budget build for a 12 year old gamer. Paired with a $100 msi motherboard. Just using the integrated graphics card, this processor does really well. I was able to slightly overclock it. He plays minecraft and overwatch with no issues at all. It can handle most games that are rated t. It as well streams 1080p youtube and netflix no problem. I would recommend it.
      By Antonio Jung
      Bought this for my gaming build on a medium to high buget build i didn't want ryzen because it wasn't far from specs on the 7th gen a serries it wasn't worth the extra $35 to me and i've always wanted an a serries machine and i just want to stay the apu graphics on this processor are impressive does decent i'm running stock settings no over clock at 3.1 ghz and it runs grand theft auto and grand theft auto online 1080p without any stutter eats it right up this processor is worth every penny
      By Iiris Toro
      Five stars
      Worked out of the box no issues.
      By Iina Wiita
      Good bang for buck
      Paired with cheaper asus laptop, these am4 a-series chips are great for customers new budget/office builds. If you really want to play moderate games, go ryzen
      By Phoebe Lee
      Good price.
      Works as it should! Good price.
      By Valdemar Poulsen
      APU drivers crash
      Integrated r7 graphics useless as system crashes when installing drivers. Amd support suggested swapping cpu with a known good system to see if it works... Like i have another system just laying around.
      By Justine Li
      Wouldn't recommend it for any hard-core gamers
      Works perfectly for my purposes. Wouldn't recommend it for any hard-core gamers.
      By Louis Harcourt
      Fast shipping
      Item as described, fast shipping
      By Siiri Wirtanen
      Five Stars
      Works as advertised. Reasonably fast.


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      AMD A8-9600 Bristol Ride 3.1GHz AM4

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