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58" Targus TGT-BK58T Camera & Camcorder Tripod w/3-Way Fluid Pan Head & Dual Bubble Level Indicator

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  • Extended Height: 58" Folded Height: 23"
  • 3-Way Fluid Panhead
  • Quick-Release Plate
  • Quick-Release Leg Locks
  • Includes Carrying Case
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Extended Height: 58" Folded Height: 23"
  • 3-Way Fluid Panhead
  • Quick-Release Plate
  • Quick-Release Leg Locks
  • Includes Carrying Case
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Take gorgeous, professional-style photos with the Targus 58" panhead tripod, TGT-BK58T. Great for both novice and experienced photographers, this gadget offers a host of practical features that help you get a better outcome of your images. It extends up to 58", features a quick release plate, three-way fluid pan head, quick release leg locks, dual bubble level and a five-pound load capacity, and can be placed on any surface with its rubber grip feet. And with a strong and durable all die-cast construction, this tripod ensures worry-free performance for years to come.

  • Max Height: 58"


  • 58" Targus TGT-BK58T Camera & Camcorder Tripod w/3-Way Fluid Pan Head & Dual Bubble Level Indicator

Brand: Targus


UPC: 844702008533

Compatibility: Camera

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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28.57% (10)
By anonymous shopper
Plasticky junk
Not worth the cheap price. Broke at the swivel and super glue wouldn't fix it.
By Zara Lee
I don't like the head and it can hold a dslr but ...
I bought this in a pinch to finish filming. It's cheap and plastic. I don't like the head and it can hold a dslr but was afraid my dslr would fall off. This is best for a small handy cam. I use for my smaller cameras with it and it works great for that. I give it three stars because it is fragile in build. It's a good backup in a pinch on a budget. It's not my first choice.
By Diana Miles
Cheap price = cheap materials = cheap construction
It's a very basic tripod. Not the best, not the worst. It comes with some nice, high-end features like quick release legs, bubble levels, and a weight hook. It as well allows you to adjust the angle and position of the camera is all sorts of ways. My problem with it is the cheap construction. From the plastic parts used for the camera mount to the spindly legs. One of the leg bracings broke after a few months. Not the end of the world since i used duck-tape to fix it. The bubble levels are next to useless because the pieces used to adjust the head are made of plastic. So if you have a dslr, it will weigh down the head and tilt it. No amount of tightening will fix that. To get around this, i had to position the camera facing 90 degrees from normal. So instead of mounting the camera in such a way that the positioning handle is pointing straight back at the operator, it's actually pointing to the left (or right, depending on how you mounted the camera). This is the only way i can get a level shot. Angling the head to get the perfect shot is quite tricky. For the price, it works as a very basic tripod. If you need more precision, look elsewhere.
By Aurore Colin
Awesome tripod!!
This tripod is awesome. For more details please do to the youtube channel called no filter reviews.
By Felix Roy
This is not what i would expect of targus.
Not sure why targus put their name on this piece of imported pot metal junk. Head doesn't stay level so each picture is 5-8 degrees off level. Won't pan, too sticky. Height adjustment stripped out immediately. 1 star for being light and portable enough to make it to the dumpster from 10 feet away.
By Lydia Rousseau
Great little tripod for the money!
By Marilou Gauthier
Do not bother with this tripod!
Not for the budding photographer! I bought this from walmart a week ago, $10 more than outletpc, i should have known better... I brought it back and tried another same issues so it is not a one time mess up. The quick release that attaches to the camera does not sit securely in the seat. It wobbles. If you jerk the camera hard which it will come out! My problem was that the camera would flob slightly in any position due to it but being completely secured. It took much effort and tweaking to get out in the right spot. Since it was not secured the camera would wobble slightly when i pushed the shutter causing images to become blurred at slower speeds. I remedied this by saying the timer for each shot, but it was a further pain. As well the cranks that lifts the camera, it malfunctioned. Now i just manually lift it up and down and secure it with the clamp! It's lightweight which is great, but you must be careful since it will be top heavy.
By Jafar Van Olffen
Cheap, poorly made, and the opposite of durable.
I purchased one of these hoping it would be an adequate low-end tripod for a day & night study (i.E. A tripod that i could leave set up and unattended without a camera for a few hours between shots, and since it's fairly cheap, not a huge deal if the tripod was stolen or 'messed with' in the mean time). The neck-extension-ring (i.E. The platform-height-adjustment ring that's located near the carrying handle) was stripped and non-functional after a single day of light use. On the fourth day the entire head broke off, the metal sheared (attached photos), and the tripod useless. My camera is a sony dsc-hx300 (approx. 1.5 lbs) which may be a little heavier than some, but it's not like i was trying to mount a cinder-block on the tripod. All in all, i attached a camera & adjusted this tripod approx. 10 times before it broke.
By Olivier Jones
As you'd expect
Does what you'd expect, no surprises here.


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58" Targus TGT-BK58T Camera & Camcorder Tripod w/3-Way Fluid

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