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VisionTek Radeon 7750 SFF 2GB GDDR5 4M (4x miniDP) 900798

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    Key Selling Points

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      The 7750 eye 4 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express Graphics Card is a high-performance Short Form Factor (SFF) single slot card with four mini DisplayPort interfaces for digital signage applications.

      Only a company with over two decades of cutting edge development in graphics cards can bring you the power to drive up to four displays in independent, clone, or extended mode via a single PC. The VisionTek 7750 eye 4 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express Graphics Card is the hassle-free, high-performance digital signage solution for retail, hospitality, commercial, healthcare, and more.

      Whether you want to power a convenience store display, a multi-monitor display wall in a public venue, feed four individual monitors to separate rooms in your business office environment, the 7750 eye 4 is ready to present your desired message or content from a single PC.

      No Additional Power Supply Needed
      Thanks to an energy efficient design, the 7750 eye 4 requires only 70 watts of power so it can be run off the system power bus. With most systems featuring a factory-installed 350 watt or higher power supply, you don't have to purchase and install a larger power supply.

      High Speed Memory for High Performance
      While consumer grade cards use common DDR3 memory, the 7750 eye 4 uses 2GB of higher bandwidth GDDR5 memory to deliver lag-free content with the highest resolution possible.

      Secure Cable Connections
      The 7750 eye 4 features a unique bracket that utilizes the included mini DP to DVI screw attaching cables and mini DP to DP adapters to prevent accidental cable disconnection.

      Small Form Factor - Low Profile Design
      Short Form Factor (SFF) design fits in today's Low Profile desktops and workstations via the short bracket mounted on card. The card is convertible to standard ATX design with the included tall bracket for standard chassis as well.

      Four Independent Surround Sound Audio Channels
      By incorporating Discrete Digital Multi-Point Audio technology into its chipset, the 7750 eye 4 is able to deliver HD 7.1 surround sound independently to four displays via the four interfaces on the card. Gone is the need for multiple PCs and cards to provide audio to multiple displays. And, you don't need a 3.5mm mini-DIN cable to connect to the motherboard. This attention to detail to support business application use via the mini Displayport interface is unmatched by any other graphics card manufacturer.

      • 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5
      • Core Clock 800 MHz
      • 4 x Mini DisplayPort
      • PCI Express 3.0 x16


      • VisionTek Radeon 7750 SFF 2GB GDDR5 4M (4x miniDP) 900798

      Brand: Visiontek

      MPN: 900798

      UPC: 784090033659


      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

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      By Felix Sanchez
      Highly disappointed
      Wow -i loved it until 3 weeks out of warranty it died, bought 2 - 1 died
      By Aino Nurmi
      Works greats but hard to get drivers
      I had to spend about 3-4 hours just trying to get the drivers installed. It's a visiontek product but amd supplies the drivers, i'm not sure why this is. Amd didn't list the driver for this model, but the auto-detect software can find it. Unfortunately, i had to go through hours of troubleshooting steps with windows just to get the drivers installed. Once i finally had them installed, i was able to setup my 4 monitor display, no problems. Others already mentioned it, but just in case - if you're using any windows os, make sure you have at least two active display outputs. Displayport is already active, but if you're using vga, dvi-i, dvi-d or hdmi you're going to have to get at least two "active" adapters.
      By Andrew Garnier
      Works as expected
      Works as expected
      By Theo Johnson
      Works great besides some minor details
      Product is what i was looking for. I am able to have 3 monitor and a tv connected to my computer. You have to install the software before you install the graphics card, no plug and play. Make sure all drivers are up to date because it does not install with latest updates. Other then that, it works great.
      By Marilou Roger
      Five stars
      4 screens no waiting
      By Emma Burke
      It works, but know this before you buy!
      First, this does indeed support four monitors. However, you will need to buy "active" adapters if you want good 4k video quality. The included adapters are passive. You will as well need to buy these if you want to support more than one 4k monitor. The manufacturer says it supports two 4k monitors with the included passive adapters, but that is wrong - it only supports one monitor at 4k resolution with the passive adapters (all other output will go out at 1080p). You must buy four active adapters if you want all your 4k monitors to have good quality with no lines split across your screen. I tried using one passive adapter with three active adapters and the 4k screen on the passive adapter had very poor quality with lines split across the middle. When i use four active adapters, the card works flawlessly. The image quality is beautiful.
      By Malo Henry
      Works great, but runs loud
      So far so good, does what i need it to do, although out of the box it runs loud. Maybe i can change some configuration but right now a little worried it’s going to burn up quickly with that fan spinning so fast...
      By Braxton Walker
      Works great!
      I’m going to write a detailed technical review here in the hopes that i can save somebody some time. My own mistakes cost me about two days. For personal reasons i recently consolidated three offices into one. Two of the offices had double monitors, one high-definition and one vga. With the consolidation i ended up with many monitors and more computers that i have hands to operate. I decided to dispose of the computers and take the monitors and build myself a machine that had three high-definition monitors attached to it. I bought this card. First the basics. Digital standards for monitor video are hdmi, displayport, and dvi. All these digital standards will run high-definition monitors well. The analog standard for video is vga. I wasn’t happy with the quality of vga with a large high definition widescreen monitor so i bought this card to get digital outputs for all the monitors. Now here’s where it gets tricky. Displayport is inherently an “active” standard, hdmi and dvi are inherently “passive.” only two passive devices are allowed by microsoft windows. Since i do not own displayport monitors, only hdmi and dvi, i had to purchase an “active” mini-displayport to dvi adapter to make my third monitor work. The first two monitors worked with mini-displayport to hdmi adapters that were passive. The mini-displayport to dvi adapters that are included with this card are passive. I still don’t understand the difference between active and passive adapters except the active adapters are about twice as expensive. But if you are like me you will need to add an active adapter to replace the passive dvi adapter found in the box. By the way i figured this out by calling this company’s tech support and they respond my question about 60 seconds. They gave me a part number i put it in outletpc and ordered the part before i even hung up the phone. This company’s technical support is wonderful, and a time when that is getting harder to find. It’s great that a company can respond the phone with a real person who fixes your problem right away. Other things about this card is it does come with a full size back panel adapter. You can change that out in about one minute. It was very easy to install, windows found everything right away and it worked and now i have a browser in one display, word processor in the second, and email in the third. The fan noise is minimal. Nerdvana!
      By Luukas Latvala
      Works well; easy to install
      Working well; no installation problems.
      By Pat Montgomery
      Fast card for the money!
      Fast card for the money! Now this is not a gaming graphics card, but to support 4 - 4k monitors is astounding. I love mine. I have a dell 34" curved monitor and a regular 24" hd monitor. My last gaming card did not even work with my 3k dell. This one has no problem. I have had this for 5 months and had zero problems. And you get all the cables you will ever need included, since each of those cables sells for at least ten bucks each stand alone. Overall a great daughter card for video!


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      VisionTek Radeon 7750 SFF 2GB GDDR5 4M (4x miniDP) 900798

      Price: $204.65
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