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StarTech HDDSLEV35 3.5" Silicone Hard Drive Sleeve with Connector Cap

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  • The removable end cap leaves the rest of the drive protected while it is in use, and protects the connectors when the drive is not in use
  • Designed to be stackable, for ease of storage
  • Provides sturdy protection for shock and impact
  • Removable end cap for interface (connector) protection
  • Ventilation holes for greater heat dissipation
  • Stackable design
  • Fits most 3.5 in desktop hard drives
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • The removable end cap leaves the rest of the drive protected while it is in use, and protects the connectors when the drive is not in use
  • Designed to be stackable, for ease of storage
  • Provides sturdy protection for shock and impact
  • Removable end cap for interface (connector) protection
  • Ventilation holes for greater heat dissipation
  • Stackable design
  • Fits most 3.5 in desktop hard drives
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This two piece silicone hard drive protector sleeve provides a layer of sturdy protection against potential shock/impact damage for your 3.5in hard drives. When enclosed with larger top portion of sleeve, they provide added stability and protection for 3.5 in. This stackable versatile hard drive sleeve also offers the flexibility to fit most uninstalled IDE and SATA/SAS 3.5in HDDs, featuring a tip cover that's specifically designed to protect the hard drive interface ports during transportation or stacking, but can be removed for installation. The hard drive protector features a durable silicon design and a ventilation hole in the top portion for enhanced heat dissipation. The HDDSLEV35 is the perfect accessory to our SATA Hard Drive docks and "bare drive" (trayless) hard drive enclosures, and for keeping unused drives safe while not in use.

  • 3.5" hard drive case
  • Two-piece silicone hard drive protector sleeve


  • StarTech HDDSLEV35 Hard Drive Sleeve

Brand: StarTech


UPC: 065030835145

Compatibility: 3.5" HDD

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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By Isabella Christiansen
Just what was needed.
I back up my computer weekly to one of two hard drives i mount in a hard drive dock. I store the drive with the most recent backup in a safe deposit box at our bank, and retrieve the other drive to use for the next week. The problem was finding a way to better protect the hard drives in transit. These sleeves are perfect for the job. They are easy to put on and take off the drives, they are non-slip and easy to hold and provide some measure of impact protection. They as well provide anti-static protection. In short, they do exactly as i had hoped they would.
By Benjamin Roux
Perfect solution to our backup
These sleeves are just the ticket for our storage solution. The caps can easily slide off to be used with a dock and stack and store firmly on top of each other.
By Salustiano Gomes
Good if you are going to leave it on.
I bought this to safeguard some drives that i was working with outside a pc using a usb converter with power. It does protect the drive but it is a bit difficult to slip on and off a drive. If you need it for a drive you are going to leave it on then it is fine. (you still need to store the drive in something that is dust proof.) if you are going to use it on multiple drives expect to spend a little time getting it off and on.
By Francisco Aguilar
Only protects connectors
This item's job is to protect your hard drive. As a hardware professional i can say that it simply doesn't fully protect it. In the main picture you can't see the bottom of the sleeve which has holes spaced around it. I'm not sure why they decided to do this but it does not protect the board from damage or static. Because of this opening there is still a chance your hard drive could be damaged from static or contact. I was hoping this would be good enough to protect from dust and debris in storage since i use a hard drive for major backups every so often. I suppose this would be a bit useful if you were using the hard drive externally constantly but there are still better solutions.
By Austin Cox
Imperfect but meets the need
I use a hard drive dock, but have been wary of using bare drives without some way of protecting them when not in use. So when i saw this product, i bought it.If the idea is to keep the silicon sleeve on full time, then this doesn't quite succeed. The sleeve is split about 70/30; with this ratio, the drive cannot dock, so i have to wiggle the sleeve away from the drive (which is harder than putting the sleeve on). A 50/50 split wouldn't have this issue.For storing the drive when not in use, it's fine. One side has a large hole for ease of reading the drive label; the other has 15 smaller holes for ventilation. When the sleeve is on the drive, i don't notice any excess heat. The sleeve has three indents on the top and three tabs on the bottom, so you can stack drives securely with some breathing room between. If the top is as well attached, then all four sides are secured.It's not bad. My complaints stem from the ill fit when using with my hard drive dock. If that weren't the case, i would have given it five stars.
Worked well - basic product
For what it is, this item is very functional. I think it worked perfectly well for protecting hard drives on the go. It as well can be a makeshift vibration/noise reducer for many different applications.I initially used these for a few hard drives, for myself and a couple others taking data on hard drives back and forth (audio/video from production to editing and back). For this purpose they worked well.Eventually, the hard drives died - a couple of them - and decided to go with ssds - much more durable for moving between locations, even if more limited in size (for the money). That's when i found another use for these.We had gotten our son a fish for christmas, and were loaned an old used fish tank with a bubble blower (not real filter - just blows bubbles in tank - still works fine for a beta, not even required. Anyway, that little bubble blower made a lot of racket on our fiberboard entertainment center shelf. And it hit me: why not try using one of these that's just sitting collecting dust now. I placed the hard drive protector on the shelf behind the fish tank, and placed the external part of the bubble blower on top of the hard drive cover - no folding/prodding required (thankfully), i just set it on one of the closed corners of the hard drive cover. The noise went from quiet chainsaw to practically no sound in seconds. Of course, we can still hear the little bubble-blowing motor at times, but for the most part, we don't even notice it's there.Disclaimer:-->> no innocent beta fish were harmed in this testimg <<--
By Ernesto Garcia
Great insulator
Fits like a glove.I use them to cover my drives when i clone them and rest them on an open chassis.They won't short out with metal touching metal.
By Matias Makinen
This is not a box
I bought a number of excellent hard drive boxes (e.G., io crest, orico) with a hinged lid and i mistook this to be of a similar design from glancing at the primary illustration. I concede i did not carefully read the description or look at the detail photos. In fact it is a soft, silicon rubber, 2 piece "sleeve" just as the description states. This design, imo, is conducive to protecting a naked drive, but not a storage scenario where you might want to remove the drive from the case, especially frequently. It is not a box.
By Kathy Stanley
I love these things.
They work great for backup drives that plug into docks. When done backing up, i throw them in the safe. They stack nicely too.
By Kathleen Larson
Well made, but ventilation holes leave the drive circuit board exposed
As others have noted this is a "leave in place" sleeve. On the plus side this sleeve is well made, compact, and will allow the drive to be inserted into common stand up drive docks without having to remove the drive from the sleeve. However the sleeve does not fully enclose the drive. If you scroll through the pictures, you will see there are holes on the bottom of sleeve presumably for ventilation which will leave the circuit board of the drive exposed. If you have one of these drives with an exposed circuit board, you should take this into consideration.


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StarTech HDDSLEV35 3.5" Silicone Hard Drive Sleeve Connector

Price: $7.82
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