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itemId=qc9352-replace-power-420w-microps3-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power RP-MPS3-420 420W MicroPS3 ATX Power Supply|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=27.98|~|priceReg=37.78|~|priceSale=27.98|~|image=
itemId=gh5547-bestec-atx-250-12z-c7r-replacement-250w-psu|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-250-12Z C7R 250W Power Supply Replacement for HP 5188-2623|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=26.77|~|priceReg=37.87|~|priceSale=26.77|~|image=
  • 1 x 20 Pin Molex
  • 1 x 4 Pin 12V
  • 4 x 4 Pin IDE
  • 2 x Floppy
itemId=zr1621-cde-0235p5wa-235w-dell-233n-replacement-psu|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec CDE-0235P5WA Power Supply 235W D233N M618F Optiplex 360 380|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=24.98|~|priceReg=37.87|~|priceSale=24.98|~|image=
  • Brand: Dell B235PD-00 Power Supply
  • Maximum Power 235 Watts
  • Compatible Systems: Opitiplex 360, 380, 755, 330
  • Compatible Models: B235PD-00, H235PD-01, HP-D2353P0, D235PD-00, DPS-235DB A
  • Dell Part Number: D233N, M618F
itemId=ar4940|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 480W ATX Power Supply 204pin w/ SATA Support RP-ATX-480W|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=27.98|~|priceReg=39.45|~|priceSale=27.98|~|image=
itemId=bn8726-bestec-255w-replacement-dell-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec CDE-255P5WA Power Supply 255W Dell X472M Optiplex 360 380 780|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=26.98|~|priceReg=40.87|~|priceSale=26.98|~|image=
  • Genuine Dell 255W Power Supply PSU For Dell Optiplex 360, 390, 580, 760, 780, 960 MT Mini Tower Systems
  • Replaces Model Numbers: NPS-305KB A, N305P-01, NPS-305HB A, N305P-05, AC305AM-00, NPS-305FB D, N305N-00, H305P-02, PS-6311-5DF-LF, L305P-01, L305-03, HP-P3077F3, H305N-00, N305P-06, L305P-03, PS-6311-6DF-LF, F30FP-00, VP-0900050-00
  • Replaces Dell Part Numbers: XK215 NH493 HK595 C248C CY827 F305P HP201 JH994 M360M MH495 MK9GY PH333 PW114 WU133 XK376 PF3TR P192M
  • 255W Output
  • Dell Part Numbers: N805F PW115 FR607 N804F D326T F233T T3JNM X472M Model Part Numbers: PS-6261-9DA, L255EM-01, F255E-00, B255PD-00, H255PD-00, H255E-00
itemId=jt5944-bestec-atx25012z-h5r-250w-psu|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-250-12Z H5R 250w 20-Pin ATX Power Supply|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=29.98|~|priceReg=44.92|~|priceSale=29.98|~|image=
  • Single ball bearing fan design
  • Built-in voltage overload protection
  • Voltage switch for 115/230V AC input
  • Input: 100-127V 6A, 200-240V 3A, 50/60Hz
  • Ouput: +12V 14A, -12V 0.8A, +5V 25A, +5VSB 2A Peak 2.5A, +3.3V 18A, (+5V & 3.3V 165W MAX. +5V & +12V 218W MAX.)
itemId=vo9224-coolmax-cm-300-300w-matx-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Coolmax CM-300 300W Micro ATX Power Supply with 20+4pin Connector|~|brand=Coolmax|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=35.89|~|priceReg=47.35|~|priceSale=35.89|~|image=
  • Serial ATA Ready
  • 80mm silent fan design, long life, noiseless and fastest cooling time
  • All kinds of protection circuits (OVP/OPP/SCP)
  • Fully supports all Intel & AMD system demands
  • 20-24pin / 4-8pin adaptors available for both 20pin and 24pin
itemId=c8011-dell-8400-power-suppkly|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power Dell Dimension 8400 Power Supply Replacement|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=29.89|~|priceReg=47.78|~|priceSale=29.89|~|image=
itemId=dg7835-bestec-atx-250-12z-rev-c3-250w-power-supply-atx|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev. C3 ATX 250 Watt Power Supply (P/N 41N3122)|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=39.98|~|priceReg=47.78|~|priceSale=39.98|~|image=
itemId=ms2126-bestec-250w-power-supply-410507-003|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-250-12Z-D4R 250W Power Supply (410507-003)|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=26.89|~|priceReg=47.78|~|priceSale=26.89|~|image=
itemId=tc6561|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Ark Technology ARK500/8 500W ATX Power Supply with 2xSATA Power|~|brand=Ark Technology|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=28.98|~|priceReg=47.78|~|priceSale=28.98|~|image=
  • Retail
  • Replacement Part
  • Ark Technology ARK500/8
  • ARK ARK500/8 ATX 12V 500W Computer Power Supply
itemId=bm2847|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Optiplex SFF 240W H240AS-00 709MT 2TXYM N9MWK 1GC38 Power Supply CV7D3 3WN11|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=35.98|~|priceReg=49.98|~|priceSale=35.98|~|image=
itemId=kr8283|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Optiplex 3010 7010 9010 275W Desktop POWER SUPPLY AC275AM-00 R8JX0|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=34.98|~|priceReg=49.98|~|priceSale=34.98|~|image=
itemId=ap7619-bestec-300w-hp-replacement-atx-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-330F5WB E 300W Power Supply Replacement for HP 480299-003|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=39.18|~|priceReg=50.87|~|priceSale=39.18|~|image=
  • Replacement Part Numbers HP-D3057F3R ATX-300F5WB E HP 480299-003 Spare 480724-001
  • Cooling Fan:80mm internal fan
  • AC Input (47-63Hz):100-127V/8A / 200-240V/4A switch selectable
  • Maximum Power Supply:300W
itemId=lk8574|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-250-12z Rev H5R 250W 20-Pin Power Supply (HP 5188-2624)|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=33.98|~|priceReg=51.89|~|priceSale=33.98|~|image=
  • Bestec 250W Power Supply
  • HP/N: 5186-1098
  • Model: ATX-250-12Z
  • Rev: D2
  • Connectors: 1 x 20 Pin 4 x 4 Pin for HDD/CD 1 x 12V 4 Pin 1 x Floppy 1 x SATA for HDD
itemId=ze1777-dell-k43jv-300w-replacement-atx-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec Dell K43JV Pavilion 660 300W Replacement Power Supply|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=41.56|~|priceReg=53.11|~|priceSale=41.56|~|image=
  • Part Number: K43JV
  • Brand: Dell
  • Model Number: Inspiron 660
  • Laptop/Desktop replacement Parts
  • Note: Picture may slightly vary from actual product. Please check the description before Buying!
itemId=pg6621-bestec-de-xd301mgj-300w|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec DE-XD301MGJ 300w Power Supply N7MPN APXD301MGJ0002R0A|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=38.98|~|priceReg=54.78|~|priceSale=38.98|~|image=
  • Bestec Model: DE-XD301MGJ
  • CN-0N7MPN-69702
  • DELL Model: B300PM-02
  • Dimensions: 5.9 W X 3.4 H X 5.5 D - Inches
itemId=ay1876|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 71, 72 89Y8586 180W Power Supply PS-5181-02 89Y1665|~|brand=Lenovo|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=48.98|~|priceReg=55.99|~|priceSale=48.98|~|image=
itemId=ug3805|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell 305W Power Supply - NPS-305KB, 0C248C, N309P-06|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=43.77|~|priceReg=56.99|~|priceSale=43.77|~|image=
itemId=tc9985-bestec-fd-xd27fmgf-1-300w-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec FD-XD27FMGF-1 Dell Optiplex 7010 MT 275W Power Supply VGDDM|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=33.98|~|priceReg=57.78|~|priceSale=33.98|~|image=
itemId=ni4906|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Lenovo PS-4241-01, 54Y8897, 54Y8849 240W Power Supply for Lenovo M92P/M75e Desktop|~|brand=Lenovo|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=49.98|~|priceReg=58.78|~|priceSale=49.98|~|image=
itemId=df5002|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 550W ATX power Supply 20+4 pin with SATA Support, Black RP-ATX-550W|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=44.98|~|priceReg=59.97|~|priceSale=44.98|~|image=
itemId=ke7563|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell GH5P9 Vostro 230 300W 24-Pin Desktop Power Supply|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=46.98|~|priceReg=59.98|~|priceSale=46.98|~|image=
itemId=lf8126|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-250-12Z D7R 20pin 250W Power Supply (HP 5188-2622)|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=39.98|~|priceReg=60.78|~|priceSale=39.98|~|image=
  • Genuine ATX-250-12Z Rev. D7R Power Supply
itemId=gt5102|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Genuine H750E-00 750w PFC Power Supply HP-W7518F3 KK617|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=49.98|~|priceReg=65.45|~|priceSale=49.98|~|image=
itemId=ct5880|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Optiplex 760 780 960 580 CY826 T164M FR597 N249M (DT) 255W F255E-01 Power Supply|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=49.98|~|priceReg=65.63|~|priceSale=49.98|~|image=
itemId=em7111|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP Power Supply 503376-001 240W Pro 6000 6005 6200 Elite 8000 8100 8200 SFF|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=51.98|~|priceReg=67.78|~|priceSale=51.98|~|image=
itemId=ks5261-bestec-611482-001-613763-001|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec 611482-001 613763-001 HP CFH-240AWWA 240W Power Supply|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59.98|~|priceReg=67.78|~|priceSale=59.98|~|image=
itemId=ij6364|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Lenovo 280W 14-Pin ATX Power Supply 54Y8900, 54Y8902 for Lenovo ThinkCentre M73, M83, M93|~|brand=Lenovo|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=55.98|~|priceReg=67.99|~|priceSale=55.98|~|image=
itemId=ro7543|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell T1500 Vostro 430 350W Power Supply - PS-6351-2, G738T, 0G738T|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=50.8|~|priceReg=69.49|~|priceSale=50.8|~|image=
itemId=uy9685|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Alienware Z01G Graphics Amplifier 460W Power Supply D460AM-02 W2M26|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59.98|~|priceReg=69.49|~|priceSale=59.98|~|image=
itemId=bz4787-evga-400w-atx12v-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Evga 100-n1-0400-l1 400w Atx12v & Eps12v Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59.89|~|priceReg=69.65|~|priceSale=59.89|~|image=
  • EVGA 400W N1 Series
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
  • 2 Year Warranty and 24/7 EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=ne6121-dell-l280p01-280-watt-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell L280P-01 280 Watt Power Supply|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=61.37|~|priceReg=69.65|~|priceSale=61.37|~|image=
itemId=cw2444|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell K340R 9RD1W 255W Power Supply For Optiplex 980 Small Mini Tower|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=34.78|~|priceReg=69.98|~|priceSale=34.78|~|image=
itemId=fc2531|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP Z400 DPS-475CB-1A 475W Power Supply 480720-001|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=25.61|~|priceReg=69.98|~|priceSale=25.61|~|image=
itemId=ne8649|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev. D GTW Power Supply 300w Part # 100929|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=51.98|~|priceReg=69.98|~|priceSale=51.98|~|image=
itemId=qu3366-hp-667893-001-replacement-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec FH-XD301MYR-1 300W HP Replacement Part 667893-001 Power Supply|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59.89|~|priceReg=71.63|~|priceSale=59.89|~|image=
itemId=uh2776|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Optiplex 745 760 755 740 Tower Power Supply L305P-01-06 N305P-01-06|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=27.3|~|priceReg=74.9|~|priceSale=27.3|~|image=
itemId=tw2488-replace-power-rp-atx-1000w-red-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 1000 Watt ATX Power Supply Red LED|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59.98|~|priceReg=79.89|~|priceSale=59.98|~|image=
  • Features red LED lighting
  • Large Fan reduces operating heat!
  • Quality you can trust with Replace Power
  • 1000W Maximum Power Output
  • Braided Sleeved 24 Pin Connector
itemId=jf4688|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP 715185-001 Regular ATX power supply unit (PSU) - Rated at 300-Watts, Gamay|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=29.79|~|priceReg=79.98|~|priceSale=29.79|~|image=
itemId=sn4735|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP 320W Power Supply for Compaq CFH-0320EWWA DPS-320NB 611483-001 611484-001|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=46.8|~|priceReg=79.98|~|priceSale=46.8|~|image=
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • HP Compaq 6200 Pro Microtower Power Supply
  • HP Spare: 613764-001
  • Model: PC9057
  • Max Output: 320W
itemId=sz6182-replace-power-rp-atx-rd-850w-atx-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 850W ATX Power Supply Red LED|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=64.98|~|priceReg=79.98|~|priceSale=64.98|~|image=
  • Equipped with Red LED lighting
  • Large Fan reduces operating heat!
  • Quality you can trust with Replace Power
  • 850W Maximum Power Output
  • Braided Sleeved 24 Pin Connector, PCI-E, SATA, EPS12V
itemId=qt8226|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP 633189-001 PS-6301-4 PSU Power Supply - 300W|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=55.98|~|priceReg=79.99|~|priceSale=55.98|~|image=
itemId=pw5892|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=6W2PW Dell 750 Watt Hot-Plug Power Supply for Poweredge T420|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=44.8|~|priceReg=84.95|~|priceSale=44.8|~|image=
itemId=br2973-corsair-vs-series-vs400-cp9020117na-400w-atx12v-e|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=CORSAIR VS Series VS400 (CP-9020117-NA) 400W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply|~|brand=Corsair|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=79.89|~|priceReg=87.78|~|priceSale=79.89|~|image=
  • Active PFC with full range AC input (100-240 VAC)
  • 120mm thermally controlled sleeve bearing fan
  • Engineered to meet maximum power output at a 40°C temperature rating.
  • Compatible with the latest ATX12V v2.31 and EPS 2.92 standards and is backward compatible with ATX12V 2.2 and older systems.
  • Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over power protection, and over temperature protection provide maximum safety to your critical system components.
  • Safety and Agency Approvals: FCC, cTUVs, TUV, CE, TUV-S, WEEE and RoHS (Due to limited certifications, this product may not be sold in certain regions)
itemId=br8219|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell XPS 8500 8700 8300 9000 Desktop Power Supply 460W AC460AM-01 DM1RW 0DM1RW|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=79.98|~|priceReg=88.78|~|priceSale=79.98|~|image=
itemId=lh4142-atx0300d5wc-rev-b-300w-power-supply-atx|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX0300D5WC ATX 300W Power Supply HP P/N 585008-001|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59.98|~|priceReg=89.89|~|priceSale=59.98|~|image=
  • Connectors: (2) SATA connectors, (5) peripheral power connectors, (1) Floppy connector, (1) 24-pin ATX connector, (1) ATX12V Connector
  • 300 watts maximum output
  • Single ball bearing fan design
  • Built-in power status LED above AC inlet
itemId=qb7437|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Lenovo Lite-on 280W Power Supply 41A9684, PS-5281-7VR|~|brand=Lenovo|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=48.8|~|priceReg=89.98|~|priceSale=48.8|~|image=
itemId=xz6139-replace-power-rp-atx-850w-bl-850-watt|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 850 Watt ATX Power Supply Blue LED|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=59.98|~|priceReg=89.98|~|priceSale=59.98|~|image=
  • Features amazing blue LED lighting
  • Large Fan reduces operating heat!
  • Quality you can trust with Replace Power
  • 850W Maximum Power Output
  • Braided Sleeved 24 Pin Connector, PCI-E, SATA, EPS12V
itemId=jy9400|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Inspiron 570 Vostro 430 300W Power Supply PS-6301-6, KF76H|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=64.98|~|priceReg=89.99|~|priceSale=64.98|~|image=
itemId=ne5759|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP 5188-2625 Pavillion 300W 24-Pin ATX Desktop Power Supply|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=69.98|~|priceReg=89.99|~|priceSale=69.98|~|image=
itemId=zo6686|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Optiplex 745 755 760 780 305W Power Supply F305E-00|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=44.98|~|priceReg=89.99|~|priceSale=44.98|~|image=
itemId=co2983|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell 375W Power Supply for Dell Precision 390 Desktop - L375P-00 KH624|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=88.98|~|priceReg=95.9|~|priceSale=88.98|~|image=
itemId=cs8936|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Power Supply Optiplex 3020 7020 9020 290W RVTHD KPRG9 Power Supply OEM|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=49.98|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=49.98|~|image=
itemId=fa0289|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell - 300 Watt Vostro 220 SLIM tower Power Supply N385F|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=54.98|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=54.98|~|image=
itemId=gq2954|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell 320W Power Supply 0NFMX AC320EM-01|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=34.68|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=34.68|~|image=
itemId=hq6903|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=DELL M177R Dell 305W Power Supply Optiplex 980 MT L305P-03 PS-6311-6DM-LF B|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=64.98|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=64.98|~|image=
itemId=kk7591|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Optiplex 740 305W Desktop Switching Power Supply JH994 N 305P-05 NPS-305HB A|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=69.98|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=69.98|~|image=
itemId=kl7852|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP Pavilion DPS-460DB-3A 570857-001 REV-00F 460W Power Supply|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=75.79|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=75.79|~|image=
itemId=kt6643-replace-power-rp-atx-1000w-bl-1000w-atx-psu|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 1000 Watt ATX Power Supply Blue LED|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=69.98|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=69.98|~|image=
  • Available in three light colors!
  • Large Fan reduces operating heat!
  • Quality you can trust with Replace Power
  • 1000W Maximum Power Output
  • Braided Sleeved 24 Pin Connector
itemId=qt7152|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Inspiron Precision Power supply unit ATX 300W AcBel PC6037 DG1R8|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=49.66|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=49.66|~|image=
itemId=ri5892-replace-power-850-watt|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 850W ATX Power Supply Green LED|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=74.98|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=74.98|~|image=
  • Features Green LED Lighting
  • 120mm Large Fan reduces operating heat!
  • Quality you can trust with Replace Power
  • 850W Maximum Power Output
  • Braided Sleeved 24 Pin Connector, PCI-E, SATA, EPS12V
itemId=ul8838|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP Prodesk 800 G1 Tower 320W Power Supply 702304-002 702452-001|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=39.98|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=39.98|~|image=
itemId=zf7812|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell Optiplex 390 790 990 Inspiron 3847 300W Power Supply N6H3C L300NM-00|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=50.62|~|priceReg=99.98|~|priceSale=50.62|~|image=
itemId=hh9750|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell XPS 8300, 8500 460W Power Supply - WY7XX, RH8P5, FVGCW, 7P3WV, 2Y8X1|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=91.98|~|priceReg=99.99|~|priceSale=91.98|~|image=
  • Part Number: FVGCW Model: AC460AD-01
  • Output: 460W Input 100-240V
  • Compatible Model: XPS 7100 8300 8500 8700
  • **Ship within 24 hours except for holidays and weekends**
itemId=jd1076|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Y737P - PSU 300W Switching LiteOn L300E-00 Optiplex XE SFF|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=79.98|~|priceReg=99.99|~|priceSale=79.98|~|image=
itemId=bw1354|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell 460 Watt Power Supply DM1RW 0DM1RW for XPS 8300 Alienware Aurora R5|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=89.98|~|priceReg=109.98|~|priceSale=89.98|~|image=
itemId=kc6427-replace-power-1000w-psu|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 1000W ATX Power Supply Green LED|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=69.98|~|priceReg=109.98|~|priceSale=69.98|~|image=
  • Green LED lighting
  • Large Fan reduces operating heat!
  • Quality you can trust with Replace Power
  • 1000W Maximum Power Output
  • Braided Sleeved 24 Pin Connector
itemId=lf4137|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP DC7600 200W Power Supply 404795-001 404471-001 PSU ATX 200W|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=79.98|~|priceReg=109.98|~|priceSale=79.98|~|image=
itemId=rb8492-evga-100-w1-500-kr-500w-psu|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 100-W1-0500-KR 500W 80PLUS Certified ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=97.98|~|priceReg=109.98|~|priceSale=97.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 500W - "Unbeatable Value"
  • 80 PLUS White certified, with 80% efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing. Operating temperature: 0° to 40° C
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection); UVP (Under Voltage Protection, OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=zi3912|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP Compaq DX7400 Micro tower 300W 24 Pin ATX Power Supply ATX0300P5WC 447401-001|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=89.98|~|priceReg=109.98|~|priceSale=89.98|~|image=
itemId=hu2017|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP 570856-001 300W Active PFC ATX Power Supply Unit|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=79.99|~|priceReg=109.99|~|priceSale=79.99|~|image=
itemId=qh1839-corsair-cx450m-450w-atx12v-eps12v-80-plus-bronze-|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Corsair CX450M 450W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply|~|brand=Corsair|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=97.98|~|priceReg=109.99|~|priceSale=97.98|~|image=
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified: High efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs
  • Thermally Controlled Fan: Silent operation at low and medium loads
  • Semi -Modular: Make your builds and upgrades easy, with clean, great-looking results
  • Five year warranty: Your guarantee of reliable operation that will last across several system builds
itemId=gd7804-evga-650n1-650w-power-supply-100n10650l1|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 650N1, 650W Power Supply 100-N1-0650-L1|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=89.98|~|priceReg=113.48|~|priceSale=89.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 650W N1 Series
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
  • 2 Year Warranty and 24/7 EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=zt3521-evga-100n10550l1-550w-atx12v-eps12v-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Evga 100-N1-0550-L1 550W Atx12v / Eps12v Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=97.99|~|priceReg=117.9|~|priceSale=97.99|~|image=
  • EVGA 550W N1 Series
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
  • 2 Year Warranty and 24/7 EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=ew6559-atx0300d5wb-rev-x3-300w-power-supply-atx|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX0300D5WB Rev. X3 ATX 300 Watt Replacement Power Supply|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=74.98|~|priceReg=118.1|~|priceSale=74.98|~|image=
  • **Guaranteed Dell Genuine**
  • Manufacturer: Bestec
  • Model: ATX0300D5WB
  • Compatible Product Line: Inspiron, Vostro, Precision, XPS, Optiplex
  • **Ship within 24 hours except for holidays and weekends**
itemId=pi1259-bestec-atx-300-12e-rev-d1r-300w-power-supply-atx|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev. D1R ATX 300W Power Supply (HP P/N 6506087R)|~|brand=Bestec|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=55.79|~|priceReg=118.98|~|priceSale=55.79|~|image=
itemId=hf1077|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP 800W Power Supply for Z-Series Z620 Workstation PN: 632912-001 623194-001 717019-001|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=99.98|~|priceReg=119.95|~|priceSale=99.98|~|image=
itemId=qm8461|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell 375W Power Supply L375P-00, PS-6371-1DF-LF, WM283, PH344, K8956, P8401, X2634|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=101.7|~|priceReg=119.95|~|priceSale=101.7|~|image=
itemId=of6848|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP PSU H8 460W Bordeaux-C Active PF, 633187-001, 633187-002, DPS-460DB-5|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=94.98|~|priceReg=119.98|~|priceSale=94.98|~|image=
itemId=mr8551|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell HMCPC XPS 8500 8700 460W Power Supply PSU 1XMMV 6GXM0 DPS-460DB-10 D460AM-02|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=99.98|~|priceReg=119.99|~|priceSale=99.98|~|image=
itemId=cg2476|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=310W PCG007 937516-004 Power Supply HP ProDesk 280 288 G3 MT DPS-310AB-1A #Q ZX|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=99.98|~|priceReg=125.56|~|priceSale=99.98|~|image=
itemId=ii3233|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Lenovo 180W 54Y8870 Power Supply OEM for Lenovo H530, E73, H50-55 Series|~|brand=Lenovo|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=54.2|~|priceReg=125.56|~|priceSale=54.2|~|image=
itemId=ft9532-evga-main-stream-atx12v-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA ATX Main Stream 430W ATX12V Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=109.98|~|priceReg=129.77|~|priceSale=109.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 430W - "Unbeatable Value"
  • 80 PLUS certified, with up to 80% efficiency under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
  • unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections including UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=up2043|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP ProDesk 400 G2 MT 180 Watt Bronze 6.0 PCE019 Power Supply 759769-001 848051-003 DPS-180AB-15 B|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=69.98|~|priceReg=129.98|~|priceSale=69.98|~|image=
itemId=kl8957|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Replace Power 460W Replacement Power Supply for Dell XPS 8500 8700 D460AM-03 GJXN1 0GJXN1|~|brand=Replace Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=109.98|~|priceReg=149.98|~|priceSale=109.98|~|image=
itemId=qx4273|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=HP 619564-001 Power supply unit (PSU) Rated at 90+ efficiency 400 Watts 18-Pin|~|brand=HP|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=109.98|~|priceReg=149.98|~|priceSale=109.98|~|image=
itemId=xt1328|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Dell 525W H525EF-00 0G05V replacement M821J D525AF-00 Power Supply T3500|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=94.98|~|priceReg=149.98|~|priceSale=94.98|~|image=
itemId=nm2010|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 500 BT, 80+ Bronze, 500W, 3 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-BT-0500-K1|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=149.98|~|priceReg=169.98|~|priceSale=149.98|~|image=
itemId=id3957-athena-power-apu1atx40p8-400w-1u-power-supply-w-8|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Athena Power Ap-u1atx40p8 400w 1u Power Supply W/ 8-pin P4 Connector|~|brand=Athena Power|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=119.98|~|priceReg=178.78|~|priceSale=119.98|~|image=
  • 400W Single
  • 20+4Pin
  • 60 / 50 Hz Frequency Range
itemId=ut2441|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=DELL Power Supply Dimension 4600 4700 8400 OEM L350N-00 PS-6351-1DS F4284|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=99.98|~|priceReg=178.78|~|priceSale=99.98|~|image=
itemId=jt4804|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Evga 500 Br 100-br-0500-k1 500w|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=66.29|~|priceReg=189.98|~|priceSale=66.29|~|image=
  • For a limited time, +2 extra years with registration. (Valid from 6/5/2018 -12/31/2018)
  • EVGA 450 br - "Bronze reliable"
  • 80 plus Bronze Certified, with 85% efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, SCP and OTP
itemId=qz8468-evga-600-bq-80-bronze-600w-semi-modular-fdb-fan-3|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 600 BQ, 80+ BRONZE 600W, Semi Modular, FDB Fan, Power Supply 110-BQ-0600-K1|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=117.98|~|priceReg=189.99|~|priceSale=117.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 600 BQ - "Great Quality, Great Value"
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with 85% efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • 3 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=da5213-evga-80-plus-bronze-atx-500w-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 500 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze ATX Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=149.98|~|priceReg=199.98|~|priceSale=149.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 500 B1 - "Performance Meets Value"
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with up to 85% efficiency under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
  • 3 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=wi6637|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 600 BR 100-BR-0600-K1 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI CrossFire 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Non-Modular Active PFC Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=169.89|~|priceReg=205.45|~|priceSale=169.89|~|image=
itemId=mn3031-corsair-cx550m-550w-atx12v-eps12v-80-plus-bronze-|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Corsair CX550M 550W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Power Supply|~|brand=Corsair|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=99.98|~|priceReg=213.53|~|priceSale=99.98|~|image=
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified: High efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs.Compatibility supports ATX12V 2.4/2.3/2.2/2.01 and EPS12V 2.92 standards
  • Thermally Controlled Fan: Silent operation at low and medium loads
  • Semi -Modular: Make your builds and upgrades easy, with clean, great-looking results
  • Five year warranty: Your guarantee of reliable operation that will last across several system builds
itemId=oq3539-evga-supernova-220-gs-0550-v1|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA SuperNOVA GS 220-GS-0550-V1 550W ECO Modular Silent Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=199.89|~|priceReg=215.45|~|priceSale=199.89|~|image=
  • EVGA 550 GS - "Silence is Golden"
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified, with 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Teflon Nano-Steal Bearing
  • 5 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy­duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=gc2222-evga-600b-80-plus-bronze-atx-power-supply|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Evga 100-b1-0600-kr 600 Watt Atx Psu|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=169.98|~|priceReg=235.89|~|priceSale=169.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 600 B1 - "Performance Meets Value"
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with up to 85% efficiency under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
  • 3 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=mn3031b|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Corsair CXM 550W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply|~|brand=Corsair|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=199.98|~|priceReg=245.56|~|priceSale=199.98|~|image=
  • Modular cabling system lets you use only the cables you need
  • Built and tested to strict standards for trouble-free installation and smooth operation
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified efficiency for low noise and lower power bills
  • Up to 85% energy efficiency means less heat generation and lower energy bills.
  • 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction provides clean and reliable power.
  • Universal AC input from 90-264V.
  • A dedicated single +12V rail offers maximum compatibility with the latest components.
  • A three year warranty and lifetime access to Corsair's legendary technical support and customer service.
itemId=tl4737|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=DELL 1300W Power Supply for Precision T7600 Workstation PN: MF4N5 H3HY3 V5K16 6MKJ9 T31JM|~|brand=Dell|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=219.99|~|priceReg=249.99|~|priceSale=219.99|~|image=
itemId=ct7523-evga-100-b1-0700-k1|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Evga 100-b1-0700-k1 700w Sli / Crossfire 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=199.98|~|priceReg=254.45|~|priceSale=199.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 700 B1 - "Performance Meets Value"
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with 85% efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
  • 3 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy­duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
itemId=cp5293-evga-120-g1-0650-xr|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 120-G1-0650-XR GOLD 650W Fully Modular Continuous Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=239.98|~|priceReg=327.78|~|priceSale=239.98|~|image=
  • EVGA 650 G1 - "Performance, Price, Perfect"
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified, with up to 90% efficiency under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 135mm Double Ball Bearing
  • 10 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), and OTP (Over Temperature Protection)
itemId=oa2432-evga-220-g2-0650-y1|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=EVGA 220-G2-0650-Y1 80 PLUS GOLD 650W Modular Continuous Power Supply|~|brand=EVGA|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=0|~|ratingCount=0|~|price=269.88|~|priceReg=352.99|~|priceSale=269.88|~|image=
  • EVGA 650 G2 - "Unbeatable Performance"
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified, with 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency or higher under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 140mm Double Ball Bearing
  • 7 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)

Buy a new ATX PC power supply for your desktop computer. In our ATX PSU category you'll find dozens of models, replacements, & upgrade models for atx compatible computer cases. If you are building a PC from parts or replacing one that burned out, the ATX form factor of PSUs represents the most common power supply in use in PCs today. Power supplies come in all shapes and sizes, but in general, ATX power supplies are mostly standardized in size and fit standard ATX cases.

FAQ & Section Info

What PC Power Supply do I need?

Your PSU (power supply unit) will be a large determining factor in the lifespan and performance capabilities of your system. The type of computer you're building will narrow down the types of PSUs you'll be buying from. If you're creating a home or office PC, you won't need a very expensive PSU, and will likely be able to buy low price power supply that has power connectors for 20+4 motherboard connection, ATX12V 4-pin CPU power connection, SATA, Molex, and possibly a floppy disk drive(FDD). These are standard connections, and will be found in different number across various models. If you're building a gamer PC, you'll probably need the EPS12V 8-pin CPU connection, and definitely will need PCI-Express 6-pin or 6+8-pin power connections as well as the others mentioned. Other power supply features to look for when building a gamer or enthusiast level build are whether it's 80PLUS Certified and if it is has modular cabling. If you're replacing a dead power supply (we recommend the PSU paperclip test to determine this) it's usually best to go with the same model or something with a higher wattage that has all the same connectors.

What is modular cabling?

Power supply cables can take up a lot of room in your computer case. Modular cables allow you to connect just the power cables that you need to your power supply to use less cables and have easier cable management. Often, modular cables will have a woven sheathing for durability, and which also helps with cable management and air flow.

What does 80 PLUS Certified Mean?

The 80 PLUS Certification requires power supplies in computers and servers to be 80% or higher energy efficient of their rated load with a true power factor of 0.9 or greater. 80 PLUS certified means the supply is more efficient than a typical power supply and allow your system to run with higher stability. These are highly recommended if you're building a system for gaming or media editing.

What PSU should I buy for a gaming build?

We recommend power supplies that are 600 Watts or higher for gaming builds, meaning you'll have plenty of power for you video card and core components. These PSUs are able to support high-end motherboards and processors, as well as multiple graphics cards / other hardware. If you want to put a system together without spending a lot of money, then you'll probably want to get an uncertified power supply that you'll be able to install quickly and replace easily if it quits on you. The downside would be if it damaged your other hardware when it went out. To avoid that kind of situation, we've got 80PLUS certified power supplies with and without modular cabling to not only provide cleaner power, but better cable management for your system.

What power connector(s) do I need for my PC?

You'll need 6-pin and 6+2-pin PCI-Express power connectors for video card support. Some Video cards require both a 6-pin and a 6+3pin power connector. Motherboards require 20-pin or 20+4 pin connectors or their main power, and then either 4-pin ATX12V or EPS12V 4+4 pin connectors for the CPU power. Other power connectors are 5-pin SATA, 5-pin Floppy Disk Drive, and 4-pin Molex. Be aware of your connectors and what the hardware compatibility is before you make your purchases. On most modern motherboards the processor requires additional power so there's also the 8-pin EPS 12V connector - which is basically 2 x 4-pin EPS12V's. Most mid to high-end power supplies have this but some of the lower end models do not. Be very careful to check this before proceeding with a PSU.

Do lower wattage PSUs run cooler than higher wattage models?

There is no set rule for this, but in practice you'll see this is generally true. While it's always best to look at the specifications of the model of PSU you're looking at, you may find that low-wattage units output less heat and thus are better choices in small form factor cases and situations where heat build-up can be a concern.

What are the most common power supplies for desktops?

Most desktops use ATX power supplies in the range of 400 Watts to 600 Watts. These power supplies are generally thought to be 'Mid-Range' and depending on yoru build are the sweet spot of price & performance.

How to Pick a Power Supply for your PC

Research blog posts, spend a lot of time reading forums written by actual experts, learn you can about PC parts and how they work together. In all the articles, blog posts, and everything else you'll read, the single bit of computer-building advice most often offered is this, "Don't skimp on your power supply." It's an easy thing to do! No one's pockets are bottomless when gathering PC parts, and when you're comparing two, seemingly identical, power supplies with a $40 or $50 price difference, the more expensive one can be a pretty hard sell. There is so much more to consider than just watts, however. Factors such as efficiency, reliability, amperage, and others are just as important as wattage in picking a power supply for your PC.

The What and Why of a PSU

In the United States, power flows from a wall plug at around 115V. The components in your computer, on the other hand, require roughly a tenth of that. So, in effect, plugging a motherboard or a video card straight into the wall would be like filling a shot glass with a fire hose—not only is it overkill, but it would probably destroy the shot glass.

The job of a PSU (Power Supply Unit) is to accept the high-voltage, fire-hose-like input from the wall and to convert it into a much lower-voltage output that computer components can actually make use of. Since no part of your computer can function without power, your power supply has to be the hardest working, most reliable part of your system. This is why skimping and buying a cheap, non-reliable power supply is such a big no-no.

The Problem with Wattage

If you look at an ad for a power supply, the first thing you'll notice is the number of watts that the PSU can output. This is an important specification to pay attention to since it defines the amount of raw power the unit can output. However, the problem with the Wattage rating on a power supply advertisement is that the manufacturer isn't always telling you the amount of power the unit can supply continuously. A cheap power supply may be able to supply 500W for a few seconds but only be able to maintain a steady flow of 250W over time. For this reason it's not really safe to take the advertised wattage at face value, especially if it comes from an unknown or generic brand.

How to Pick a Power Supply

So, now that we've covered some intro junk, let's talk about how to actually choose the power supply! We'll cover 80+ Certification, wattage, efficiency, amperage, and features.

80+ Certification

The first thing you'll want out of a power supply is a sticker that looks like one of these:

80+ certification was devised in 2004 by several of the industry leading power suppliers to give consumers a way to tell which products were quality and which weren't. To earn 80+ certification, a power supply must meet certain levels of efficiency. The 500W power supply we talked about earlier, running at 50% efficiency, would draw 500W from the wall and output 250W to your computer parts. The other 250W would be wasted as heat. 80+ certification requires that a power supply remain at least 80% efficient at three specified loads (more on loads in a minute). This means that a 500W power supply with 80 + would output at least 400W at a standard load, losing only 100W as heat.

Buying 80+ certified effectively counters the wattage problem, since manufacturers cannot advertise wattage their products can't output and still pass the certification process. Beyond the basic 80% requirement, there are 80+ Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum standards, which require even higher levels of efficiency from tested PSUs.

Also, there are some companies that will declare 80+ certification on their products without actually earning the standard. To combat this, check your power supply against this list of all power supply model that have the right to advertise 80+. As of this writing there are 2859 power supplies that have gained the standard, so there are plenty to choose from!


Once your search is restricted to 80+ power supplies, you can start paying more attention to wattage. The number of watts a power supply outputs is very important to your system; it effectively determines the total number and type of components a PSU can support. Low-end systems with just motherboard, CPU, RAM, and hard drive can get by on very little; 200W to 300W would be plenty. Higher-end machines, however, with discrete graphics cards, multiple hard drives, demanding processors, and other components may require much more, 600W to 800W or more!

You can roughly estimate your machine's power requirements by adding up the needs of each individual component. Desktop processors typically range from around 45W to 125W and should state their requirement in their specifications. Motherboard chipsets requires 40W to 70W depending on their make and configuration; hard disk drives require 12W to 20W, solid-state drives often use 5W or less. RAM requires only 2-3W per DIMM slot you're using regardless of the memory capacity of the module. The most demanding component you can install in your PC is likely to be a video card. Low-end, passively cooled cards may run on 20W to 30W but high-end performance cards can draw as much as 300W all on their own! Manufacturers of said video cards will typically report some kind of power requirement along with their product specs.

If adding isn't your thing or you want confirmation to your calculations, you can always use a power supply calculator like this one. This tool will allow you to choose some of the actual components you intend to use in your build and will provide a pretty good estimate of your requirements. If you do this, you're far more likely to be surprised by how little you need, rather than how much!


Efficiency determines the amount power that is wasted as heat while a power supply does its job of converting wall power into usable energy. If you're sticking with 80 PLUS certified units (as you should be), this really isn't that big of an issue, since that's really what the certifying party is measuring. But, since most "how to pick a power supply" articles cover it, I will too for the sake of completeness.

The percentage which determines efficiency can be gotten by dividing a power supply's total output by its total input. To take our example from before, a 500W power supply, at full load, would draw 500W from the wall. If it output only 250W to your PC and lost the rest as heat, then would only be running at 50% efficiency. If it output 400W, losing only 100W as heat, then it's operation at 80% (enough to gain 80+ certification).

The consideration you may need to make about efficiency, beyond buying certified power supplies, is that power supplies are typically the most efficient at certain loads. To gain 80+, a power supply must operate at 80% or better while under a 20%, 50%, and 100% load. Here's little graph to show how our 500W power supply should perform at the various loads:

Notice that while efficiency peaks at 50%
the rest isn't too shabby either

80+ doesn't have any requirements for other loads however, so when at a 30-40% or 60-90% load, even an 80+ certified device may not be operating at 80% efficiency. To deal with this, you should choose a power supply that closely matches your requirements. If, for example, your machine needs 450W to run, then a 550W power supply, which would output around 450W at full load would be about right, where as a 700W power supply would put you outside the optimal range and may see a hit in efficiency. The difference probably won't be that great, but there it is.

Amperage (Rails)

This is definitely the most difficult to understand part of a power supply and is really only important if you're planning on putting high-end graphics cards into your system (but then it's really important).


Modular Cabling

One feature that's been cropping up in power supplies for the last couple of years is modular cabling. Using modular cables allows you to unplug and stow away cables that you don't intend to use. Opting for this feature means you'll have a cleaner looking case, less junk for dust to stick to, better air flow, and a random bag of cables that you'll have to put somewhere (but that's not so bad).

Active PFC

PFC stands for Power Form Correction and comes in active or passive modes. I'll say outright that this one is a little bit over my head, and isn't really that important anyway. It has something to do with tweaking the waves by which power travels so that it synchronizes the ways it supposed to. The type of PFC a power supply has doesn't have any impact on efficiency, energy use, and actually has very few tangible benefits for a home user.


So long as you're buying an 80+ certified power supply of the right wattage, and assuming the wants you have for your system are fairly standard, you probably won't have to spare a second thought for the connectors. Watch out for your PCI-Express connectors though, since those can come in 6 and 8-pin depending on what your card requires. An 8-pin can power a 6-pin, but not vise versa, so if you've got an especially power-hungry card, make sure you're buying the right connector. Also, if you're going to run SLI or CrossFireX graphics, make sure that you've got enough connectors for all your cards.

A Guide to Amps Per Rail on a PC Power Supply

This is definitely the most difficult to understand part of a power supply and is really only important if you're planning on putting high-end graphics cards into your system. Before I was able to really grasp this concept, I had to learn a little bit about electricity, so let's start there.

Wattage is a compound unit, determined by multiplying Volts and Amps. Electricity is often explained using a water-in-a-pipe analogy, where wattage expresses the total amount of water passing through a pipe. This amount is determined by two factors, the size of the pipe (affecting the volume of the water) and the water pressure (which affects the density of the water). In terms of electric power, Voltage is equal to pressure and Amperage is equal to the volume of the pipe.

Computer components come at a few set voltages, defined by industry standards to enable parts coming from multiple sources to better work together. The three that are commonly found in a computer are 3.3V, 5V, and 12V, each of which requires a different power output. This is accomplished through the use of multiple "rails" in a power supply, three different rails to output three different voltages to the various computer parts. The point of all this is that since voltage is predetermined and isn't going to change any time soon, the only way to supply more total watts to a specific component (watts= volts * amps) is by increasing the number of amps on its associated rail.

Now the 3.3V and the 5V rails aren't really important for our purposes; they don't vary much and the parts that draw power from them aren't very demanding. The 12V rail, on the other hand, is where a high end video card draws power from, so the number of amps it can output can be important.

To understand this better, let's compare two specific models:

First, the Logisys PS480D 480 Watt ATX power supply. This is a generic power supply and comes at the low, low price of $12.98. Here are its amp ratings:
Via the 3.3V Rail: 28A(3.3V x 28A = 92.4W)
Via the 5V Rail: 36A(5V x 36A = 180W)
Via the 12V Rail: 16A(12V x 16A = 192W)

So, this 480W power supply outputs a total of 464.4W through its three rails. Please note that this isn't counting power lost as heat due to low efficiency.

Let's compare this with the Corsair Builder CX430 430 Watt ATX power supply (xa7323). Now this PSU supplies 50W fewer than the Logisys model above, and yet costs $37 more. Let's look at the amps:

Via the 3.3V Rail: 20A(3.3V x 20A = 66W)
Via the 5V Rail: 20A(5V x 20A = 100W)
Via the 12V Rail: 28A(12V x 28A = 336W)

So the 430W power supply outputs a total of 502W through its three rails. Again, this doesn't account for loss due to inefficiency.

Also note the amperage on the 12V rail, the Corsair offers 28A on the +12V rail while the Logisys can only manage 16A, even though they're each meant to output roughly the same amount of power.

Some power supplies also feature multiple +12V rails, so rather than having a single rail with lots of amps, they'll have two or three rails with fewer amps. This can be good if you're powering lots of individual components, which could overload a single rail, but if your goal is to power one single beefy component, like a Radeon HD 6990 or a GeForce GTX 580, you'll want to be sure you've got a healthy number of amps firing off your +12V rail.

ATX Power Supply Guide

Key Features of Power Supplies

Active or Passive PFC

PFC stands for Power Factor Correction and describes a way of reducing the difference between reactive power and active power within the electrical system. An active PFC usually refers to a circuit that controls the amount of power drawn to obtain a power factor that is close to unity. Active and passive PFCs directly benefit the electrical grid by increasing the effectiveness of the supplied power that is put to use. While not having a direct benefit to the consumer, PFC circuits in computer power supplies help the environment and are a required component to comply with some international laws. One benefit of an active PFC is that it is compatible with many input voltages between 90-260V and can work effectively in a power grid with a fluctuating energy supply. Power factors measured in these power supplies are between .65-.75 for passive PFCs and as high as .97-.99.

ATX V2.2

The latest ATX 2.2 standard brings many advantages over previous standards. For a modern computer, look for power supplies supporting the latest ATX V2.2 features. - 24-pin motherboard power connection with PCI-Express Support - 8-pin EPS12V and ATX12V connections - Dual or multiple 12V rails supplying over 18A per channel - Required SATA power connections - Minimum Efficiency of at least 70% with 80% recommended


Efficiency has a direct benefit to the consumer by lowering electricity bills. Efficiency measures the difference between the power input and the power output inside a computer system. The higher the efficiency of a power supply, the more power it can deliver relative to its listed wattage. High efficiency power supplies waste less power as heat energy and can be made quieter. According to ATX V 2.2 standards, power supplies must deliver 70% at full load, 72% at typical load (50%) and 65% at light (20%) load. True high efficiency power supplies have efficiency greater than 80% and even higher than 85% efficiency.

Low Noise

Most power supplies need constant cooling from a 80mm, 92mm, 120mm or 140mm fan or fans inside the unit. Reduction of noise in a power supply can reduce the overall noise of a computer and create a better computing experience. A low noise power supply has a built in fan controller that adjusts the cooling fans RPM based on internal temperature. Quietness is also based on the quality of the fan itself. As a general rule, a power supply will be less noisy the larger the fan it has. Also larger fans can cool more than smaller fans with less RPM. We recommend a power supply with at least 400W with high efficiency and a 120mm fan for the least amount of noise.


Reliability is the most important characteristic of a power supply. Usually reliability is measured in MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure). 50,000-100,000hrs is a common range and means that in manufacturer testing, half of the power supplies exceed that number and half will fail before the stated hours. A power supply with an MTBF between 100,000 and 400,000hrs offers excellent reliability. Some power supplies have a "Hi-Pot Tested" label. This test measures that if a power supply is exposed to a critical high voltage discharge, it will not pass this charge to the devices it powers.


Modular power supplies have easy to disconnect power cords. These cables can be removed from the power supply to minimize clutter in a case. These power supplies can also be called cable management and are a great way to have an organized system.

SLI Certified or Crossfire Certified

This label assures that the power supply can run the minimum specifications for SLI or Crossfire dual graphics cards. This type of power supply will have at least 2 dedicated PCI-e connections that can supply at least 18A total in each channel. Even with a SLI or Crossfire label, graphics cards have different power requirements so it is important to match the exact power requirements with the available power supplied.

What power supply do we recommend?

We recommend power supplies over 600 watts for gamer builds, between 350w to 550w for most standard desktops and mid-range systems, and PSUs 300 Watts and under for HTPC / small form factor builds & replacements in existing systems. There are several tips you can keep in mind when shopping for an atx power supply - 1) always plan for at least 20% more capacity in your supply to handle future upgrades & modifications, 2) the higher the wattage usually means the more cooling necessary = the higher the noise, 3) spend at least 10% of your build budget on your PSU to ensure that you get a good quality unit that will last and won't harm your components.

  • What does Operating Range mean?

    The minimum and maximum input voltage limits within which a power supply will operate to specifications. A power supply with a wide input range is recommended when the line voltage is subject to brownouts and surges.

  • What is a PSU's efficiency?

    The ratio of output power to input power expressed as a percentage. This is useful in determining how much of the power supply's output is lost due to heat, inefficiencies, etc.

  • What is EMI?

    Stands for electromagnetic interference. This is the noice created from the switching action of your power supply.

  • What does MTBF mean?

    Mean Time Between Failure. This is a good reference data point you can use to determine how long a power supply will last before it will need to be replaced.