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Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug 2-Outlet by TP-Link

MPN: HS107 | SKU: PQ8841
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    Key Selling Points

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      Independently control your lights and other appliances from anywhere with the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug, 2-Outlets. Schedule connected devices to turn on when you get home, and to power down when you go to sleep. Control each outlet individually or as one, set schedules or scenes, even use voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana. Independent control of 2 plug-in devices while only using a single in-wall outlet. Use the Kasa app on your iOS or Android device to control your smart plug remotely. Use Schedules to set your smart plug to automatically turn on and off. Connect to your existing Wi-Fi router. Use Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana to control your devices with voice commands. Have your smart plug work together with other devices through support from IFTTT.

        General Features:
      • 2-Outlet
      • Voice Control
      • No Hub Required

        Mobile App Feature:
      • Control from Anywhere
      • Set Schedules


      • 1 x HS107 Smart Plug 2-Outlet

      Brand: TP-Link

      MPN: HS107

      UPC: 845973084349

      Compatibility: 120V AC

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Amazon Alexa Compatibility
      Google Assistant Compatibility
      Standards & Protocols: Wi-Fi communication

      Wi-Fi Frequency and Signal Rate: 2.4 GHz

      Ports and Connections: AC plug and power socket

      Buttons: On / Off Switch Button

      LED Panel:
      Wi-Fi LED (red, amber, green)
      Status LED

      Mobile App Name:
      Kasa for Mobile (iOS)
      Kasa for Mobile (Android)
      System Requirement: Refer to Kasa App system requirements

      Maximum Switch ratings: 15 Amps Resistive @ 120V AC (per outlet and device total)

      Operating Environments: Indoor use only

      Regulatory Certifications:
      FCC / IC

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      77.97% (46)
      10.17% (6)
      5.08% (3)
      1.69% (1)
      5.08% (3)
      By anonymous shopper
      Excellent for turning a standard 2-outlet socket into 2-smart sockets and one standard
      Great product for being able to get two "smart home" controllable usage from one outlet. Easy to set up. Each outlet separately programmable and you can set schedules. Control with outletpc echo is seamless. One gripe... The device is unnecessarily bulky. You will not be able to plug two of these in at the same standard double-outlet wall socket. To me that's a fail and lowers my rating to 3-stars.
      By Jeannine Fernandez
      By Nella Ketola
      Works great for odd plug shapes
      The orientation of the outlets is perfect for using this to control two ikea lamps with those odd swedish plugs, you know the type. In several months there has not been an interruption of service from the device. The app is tidy, although not as tidy as eufy, but way more tidy than outletpc own app.
      By anonymous shopper
      Simple things in life
      My wife likes to turn on every lamp in the house in the evenings and guess who gets to go around and turn them all off before bed.... This smart plug was very easy to setup and maintains a connection without any issues. It easily integrates with alexa and make my life just a little easier everyday.
      By Jimmy Washington
      Easy setup, actually works, works with hidden networks!
      It actually works! I bought this to my wemo mini. The wemo, although rated highly by the split, is terrible. This was very easy to setup. Get the app on your phone, follow the instructions. Add to google home/ alexa, and you're good! It even works with a hidden network so it's great for apartments.
      By Niklaus Picard
      Super handy
      Love that it allows more than one outlet. Works great and is great option to allow more than one device to be plugged in.
      By Ivonete Da Rosa
      Groups don't show up in cortana
      I like this outlet. The switch works fairly well. It's really nice that the outlets point to the side instead of straight out. This makes it a lot easier to put it behind a couch without damaging the cords or forcing the couch to be placed away from the wall. There are only a few issues. The first is that there is a bit of lag when pressing any of the buttons in the app. It's not enough to be a bother, but it has made me double press the button, turning the lights on and back off, because i didn't think it registered the first press. Another issue is that the groups don't work with cortana. You can have her turn the individual sides of the outlet on and off individually, but not both at the same time. Finally, it occasionally turns on or off both sides when turning off just one. That being said, i still really like this outlet and the kasa ecosystem.
      By Ashkan Veldhuizen
      Bigger than the single plug, but really nice to be able to control 2 outlets
      I have several single versions of these, and since each company has their own application to control them, wanted to stick to only one brand. As with the others, setup was easy and quick, so i was up and running in minutes. Only complaint, is that it's not readily apparent which outlet is which (like if they had an embossed "1" and "2" or "a" and "b". Easily rectified with a magic marker, but would still like to see that.
      By Otniel Teixeira
      I recommend it.
      Easy to install and works great with google home.
      By Jarod Dickhoff
      Love this low profile plug
      Another good kasa product. Great for tight spots with plugs on either end. Separate controls for each end. I placed in one alexa group so i can control a pair of lamps together if i wish.


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