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    Finding the right printer is about defining what you're planning on doing with it. Choosing a specialized printer for your specific needs at hand is generally the best option but more often than not our lives aren't so black & white. Although our lives are quite colourful we can still narrow down to the best printer based on your lifestyle needs. Laser printers give give you beautiful print quality at high speeds and make use of laser toner, which means no printer ink hassles. Browse through our PC laser printer choices or select from our inkjet printer options below. We also carry computer scanners to let you make copies & scan documents directly into your PC. Printers now come with USB connectors so setting one up is as easy as plugging it in and running the install disk.

    FAQ & Section Info

    What printer do I need?

    We've got a few print solutions for your home and office needs. We've got laser printers, color inkjet printers, and thermal printers that are perfect for points of sale.

    Monochrome laser printers are great for office documents, as they provide high qaulity prints quickly and can a large volume of papers in a short amount of time. Inkjet printers are great for home use as they are usually lower cost and easier maintenance. Thermal printers require no ink, and are most often used to print receipts or labels making them perfect to use for a large volume of unique, single print jobs such as at a point of sale.

    How do I connect to my printer or scanner?

    Many printers are compatible with a wireless connection, but if they are not compatible with wireless it's likely that you'll be able to connect by using a USB Type B connection. Few printers still use the parallel connection, but that is another connection used with printers. Scanners connect through Wireless and USB as well.

    What's the right Printer for your Printing Needs?

    When out to shop for a new printer, there is always a chance that you buy something that might not fit your exact need. Arguably, the printer is one of the most confusing computer peripherals to shop for. The reason is that most printer manufacturer put out with a new model every couple of month with added features and different consumables to keep up with consumers needs and to one up the competitors. You are left with a lot of new specifications, options and features. In the end you end up buying what you think you need and not what you actually need.

    In selecting the right printer you need to know what you are to use the printer for, were the printer is going to be placed, and your budget. Uses for a printer have a wide range but basically can be classified between home and office use. For a home printer, a standard inkjet printer will suffice that can handle your basic printing jobs for documents and even photos. In terms of the budget for the inkjet printer, you will not break the bank but if you are willing to spend a bit more cash you have the option of buying a printer that has a built in scanner as well.

    Printers used for office also fall into two categories mainly for small and medium offices to large offices. For a small or medium sized office, a printer that includes a scanner and copier is your best option. It would also help if the printer itself includes features for sending and receiving fax messages. An essential feature of a printer that is used in an office is the ability to be connected to the office network through an Ethernet cable without a host PC. This will allow for everyone who has access to the printer to print without relying on a PC to be constantly powered on for printing. For faster printing cost efficiency, an office printer can be a laser printer instead of an inkjet model.

    In a large office setting a printer that has all the bells and whistles is necessary. Almost immediately, a printer for this type of setting is a laser printer with a lot of options like additional feed trays and output trays, the ability to queue a large number of printing jobs and sustain continuous printing for long hours. A printer like this can resemble that of a photocopying machine in terms of its size. It is also important to note that a dot matrix printer can be an indispensable printer in an office which can be used for printing checks and invoices.

    Aside from printers used in offices and at home, there are printers specialized for printing photos. Printers such as these have a lot more ink cartridges anywhere from 6 to 12 compared to a standard inkjet printer which has about 2 to 4. Extensive paper size options is also standard for these kinds of printer.

    Last thing to remember when purchasing a printer is the consumables as you would need to buy ink or toner cartridges in the future. The consumables for your printer should be easy to find and abundant in stock. Always check pricing on replacements to be safe.

    What types of printers are out there?

    Student & Home Printers

    The typical home printer is generally used to print basic documents, homework assignments, term papers, thesis, tax returns, and in some cases color documents. A black & white laser printer may be your best option if you're planning on cranking out many pages of papers. A multi-purpose color inkjet printer can be a good alternative for users needing a scan and copy function with flexibility to print in colour.

    Home Office & Small Business Printers

    An operational printer can really increase efficiency in a setting where you find yourself printing on a day-to-day basis. Should you find yourself printing documents such as manifests, letters, invoices, legal documents, PDF files, PowerPoint slides, and much more then consider a black & white multifunction laser printer for increased speed, efficiency, as well as ability to scan and copy other documents or a color multifunction laser printer that can do it all.

    Photography Printers

    What better way is there to share memories than to preserve them in physical format? A dedicated photo printer allows you to print your most cherished moments in some of the best quality possible. Dedicated photo printers specialize in producing high-quality prints unmatchable by your basic inkjet or laser printer. A specialty photo printer also eliminates the need for a computer as your prints can get transferred directly from your camera or phone to the printer itself creating a quick and seamless experience. Most multi-purpose inkjet printers can print photos too but won't always offer the same level as detail as a standalone photo printer.

    Printer Types

    Depending on the nature of your needs printer type can be one of your biggest factors when shopping for a printer.

    Laser printers use a single toner drum with one particular colour. Generally laser printers come in monochromatic (black & white) since these users tend to print many documents where color isn't a necessity. color laser printers can be had but at a premium since these will have 4 toner drums (black, blue, cyan, & yellow). A color laser printer is a good option for power users that print an array of office documents.

    Inkjet printers are superior in their ability to print very fine detail work. For your average user an entry-level inkjet printer can be had for quite a low price compared to a laser printer and offer the flexibility of color printing, scanning, and photoprinter. Of course the drawback of a inkjet printer is its slower printing speed and more frequent cartridge replacement intervals compared to laser printers. An inkjet printer is a great option for anyone looking for ultimate flexibility and highly recommended for photography or other documents needing higher precision detail.

    3D printers are perfect to bring any computer design from concept to reality. Whether you're designing new parts or simply recreating an old one 3D printers are excellent at reproducing your digital designs to real-life models.

    Printer Features

    Depending on the nature of your needs panel type can be one of your biggest factors when buying a monitor.

    Wireless printing from your couch in the room next door makes any experience seamless. Using either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Apple's Airprint you will never need to phyiscally connect to your printer ever again. A printer with wireless printing is an excellent choice for either a household with many users or an office.

    Scanning and copying documents is an essential feature for some and can eliminate the need for multiple devices to perform each unique function. This is a necessity for the office environment where everyones needs can vary.

    Be sure to browse our multifunction printers for a printer that can do all of the above.

    Printer Supplies

    Dedicated ink cartridges used in inkjet printers vary based on your model printer. Typically your new inkjet printer will come with a starter cartridge suitable for a yield of about 50 pages. Brand new ink cartridges will able to print a significantly higher yield than your demo cartridges. Most new inkjet printers come with individual Cyan, Yellow, and Blue color cartridges for added efficiency allowing you to get full use out of each cartridge instead of replacing one single color cartridge at once. This allows you to fully maximize all your ink.

    Toner and drums used in laser printers contain a blend of printing powder. The laser printer cures this powder to statically charged paper at very high heat leaving only your desired content on the paper.

    Regardless of the job we will have the right printer. Shop from our huge selection of printers and find one that fits you.