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Logisys ML12WT Sunlight Bar 12" 4-Pin LED Light Stick (White)

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Bright LED Lighting With 18 bright white LEDs built into this 12 inch LED bar, you can light up the inside of your PC case to highlight your components! Versatile Application This 12 volt LED bar has a wire that can be cut for DIY projects, like automotive or cabinet lighting, accent lighting, safety lights for stairs, or anything else you can come up with! Logisys 12" 18 White LED Super Bright Sunlight Stick. Logisys ML12WT Sunlight Stick, White

Logisys ML12WT

18 Pcs White LED Lights
Tube Length
11.8" Acrylic Tube
27.5"(70Cm) Wire Length
22 AWG Wire with 4Pin male and female connectors
The wire can be cut as bare wire for D.I.Y projects
12V DC Input
Two Molex Connectors, one male one female
  • ML12WT


  • White Sunlight Bar 12" LED Lighting Tube

Brand: Logisys Computer


UPC: 6933337323044

Compatibility: 4-Pin Molex

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

LOGISYS Computer
Lighting & Decor
Color: White
11.8" Acrylic Tube
18 Pcs LED Lights
27.5"(70Cm) Wire Length
22 AWG Wire with 4Pin male and female connectors
The wire can be cut as bare wire for D.I.Y projects.
12V DC Input.
Two Molex Connectors, one male one female

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25.0% (6)
4.17% (1)
8.33% (2)
8.33% (2)
By Frederike Stange
Poor quality velcro
The led's on these are very bright and look great in a case with a window panel, but the velcro pads that come with it are a joke. Absolutely horrible! Couldn't even hold up the led stick for more than a day in my case. It fell 3 times before i finally got tired of opening my computer up to reposition the stick. Eventually had to zip tie the stick to my roof fans just to keep it from falling. Would give a much higher rating if they would provide better velcro pads with this.
Get this one. Works great
I ordered a white sunlight stick and got a blue one. The light is great i have to admit. But you will need two of these to light up the entire case. I am using one on the bottom of the case and the top is darkish. Get two. Great to have and just use a molex to run.
By Amber Griffin
I use 3 white and 1 blue inside to hood ...
I use 3 white and 1 blue inside to hood of my fish tank. Lighs up the 10 gal tank very well .
By Kayla Reyes
I love it. Got it on my corsair carbide air ...
I love it. Got it on my corsair carbide air 540 case. I only needed one near the fans since i replaced the led ones. Its pretty bright but it lights up the case like the 4th of freakin juh ly--- updateit's been about a year and the cheap chinese led light bar i got started dying. A few light bulbs are now flickering..... Wow. What a waste
By Gerald Andrews
Five stars
Great product at a great price.
By Alexander George
Nice and bright
Nice and bright. Though the light from the led is more along the lines of a florescent type of glow. I woulda prefer it to have a more 'kick' to it if you know what i mean. Its bright, reallly bright but the light is the same kinda color and brightness that my lcd screen has. Good to light up maybe a 3d printer though but for a computer build eh....It doesnt give that 'wow' type of effect though. I gave it 5 starts though because it is nice, i used it for my 3d printer instead, i used a different type of led and color with a more blissfull glow. These i think are good for actual lighting stuff up such as a work bench etc... Two of these suckers and light up my whole work bench in my garage lol. So for that i give them 5 stars.
By Emma Chan
The light is a brilliant white light (not cool or warm
I have a corsair air 540 pc case, and i bought one of these.The light is a brilliant white light (not cool or warm, just white). I taped a white construction paper tube over this to diffuse the light some. It looks very nice.The connector was difficult to attach to my power supply cables, but after some wiggling it installed just fine.I installed this to my case with black electrical tape. I read that the velcro didn't work well, and i do not need the light to be removable.
This is super bright though
Velcro is unusable. This is super bright though. I think the rating would have been higher if they just didn't put any velcro in the box at all.
By Alexander Thomsen
Super bright!
This is very bright.I tried using both this and the red version, but the light this produces over shadows the red and causes a pinkish color.I will keep this for another build.Use your own velcro, as the one provided has weaker adhesive that is prone to slipping off over time.
By Gregory Martinez
Bright light
Works very well for lighting up and showing off my pc. Extremely bright light that for some might not like it but for me its perfect.Logisys ml12wt sunlight stick, white


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Logisys 12" LED White Sunlight Bar

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