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Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard USB (920-008012)

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      Game at a new level of speed and customization. Orion Spark revolutionizes RGB gaming keyboards. Exclusive new Romer-G mechanical switches deliver up to 25% faster actuation—so you can execute every command as fast as you press the keys. Customize lighting for individual keys and games with your pick of 16.8 million brilliant colors. Logitech Gaming Software also comes pre-loaded with lighting profiles for over 300 games. Keep on top of critical in-game data with the keyboard’s Arx Control app and docking station for your smartphone or tablet. Orion Spark redefines gaming control so you leave nothing to chance.

      • 125 keys: Allow Accurate typing
      • 9 Programmable G-keys: Let you Create Custom Game Macros, so You Can Quickly Execute Complex Commands
      • Dedicated Media Controls: Include Play, Pause, Mute, Volume and Skip for One-touch Operation
      • Exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switches: Give You Incredible Responsiveness, with a Key Actuation Point up to 25 Percent Shorter - Its Faster than Standard Mechanical Switches
      • Customizable RGB Illumination: Enables you to Personalize Individual Key Lighting Using a Palette of More than 16 Million Colors
      • 113 Key Anti-ghosting
      • Reliably Register Inputs Through Even the Most Strenuous Gaming Sessions with Anti-ghosting Protection


      • Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard USB (920-008012)

      Brand: Logitech

      MPN: 920-008012

      UPC: 097855120557

      Compatibility: USB

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      G910 ORION Spectrum
      Keyboard Interface
      Design Style
      Palm Rest
      Key Switch Type
      Keyboard Color
      1.40" x 19.90" x 8.30"
      Mouse Included
      Exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switches

      Intelligent RGB Illumination

      Intergrated ARX Control

      Dedicated Media Controls

      9 Customizable G-keys

      113 Key Anti-Ghosting

      Absolute Comfort

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      43.75% (21)
      35.42% (17)
      4.17% (2)
      6.25% (3)
      10.42% (5)
      By anonymous shopper
      Love this key board, the mechanical keys are so soothing and the app makes them all light up very well. I had some trouble with finding the right app and making it work, but as far as the keyboard goes it's lovely
      By Jen Simmons
      Really bad key design = keys breaking off
      Purchased two of this.First one, the ctrl key broke off in 1 year and 2 month. I gave that one away and purchased another one.The second keyboard lasted about 3 months before the ctrl key on that keyboard broke off, then about 3 months after that, the delete key broke off.There will not be a 3rd purchase.There are 4 really thin pieces of plastic coming from the bottom inside of each key that insert into really thin slots on the keyboard. These plastic pieces coming from the keys are very flimsy.How can logitech think this will last?I have now purchased a keyboard that has real mechanical keys (needless to say, not from logitech) which has a much better design (cherry mmx blue) where these keys cannot break off like logitech's flimsy design did.
      By Gregory Dean
      I replaced a corsair k95 platinum (cherry mx brown) for this!?
      I sure did and boy and i happy with it! I bought the corsair k95 thinking it was the greatest thing since qwerty, but soon came to not like it so much. For one the software was a nightmare and two the clicky noise was a bit much for me using the brown mx keys. Mostly my decision revolved around the cue software. I was checking out keyboards at my local best buy and found this one on display. I cant believe how much i enjoy these keys better than the mx. I sold the k95 and money left over. Imho it looks better too. I like the muted lighting of the keys since they dont have under lighting. My only wish was that the wrist rest was just a bit bigger but i have gotten used to it.
      By Heinrich Giraud
      Super fast shipping and really good quality!!!
      It got to my house in two days, i am so grateful for that and it feel really good the key caps are softer then corsair's key caps but the romer-g switchs are slightly lighter then cherry red (just a heads up) but if you know all that and still want to get this product then go for it, you won't be disappointed
      By Sebastiana Porto
      Like new, just dirty
      It works great. Boyfriend loves it for gaming. It came with food in the cracks so i had to clean that but it works good. All keys work.
      By Alicia Mccoy
      Very good gaming keyboard
      Grandson plays this keyboard. He is very happy with this keyboard, it fits his gaming needs.
      By anonymous shopper
      Great keyboard but if you dont need the additional buttons, look for a smaller keyboard
      While this is a really nice keyboard, it's too much for me.I was looking for a nice mmo keyboard similar to my g11 but i bought a logitech mouse with additional buttons so this keyboard was just overkill for me.It is a really large keyboard and the rbg is nice on it but overall, if you aren't 100% sure you need all the additional buttons then purchase a different keyboard.
      By Ischa Salman
      Broke after 1 year
      Well 1 year after owning the keyboard, the keys are now starting to break off when they want to, missing the m and k keys already.
      By Jonathan Jensen
      "w" key came off after 2 months of casual use
      Its a beautiful keyboard. Software for it is quite nice. The feel and sound are great. However after only 2 months of casual use the "w" just came off during gameplay. Saw that a replacement kit was $50! Contacted support and they wanted me to mail them the keyboard first so they can inspect it and decide if they're going to send me a replacement. ?? So you want me to wait around for who knows how long without a keyboard? Way to stand behind your high-end product. Never again.
      By Edelbert Peukert
      Its a great keyboard
      The lights are plenty bright and very customizable. I like having specific macro keys. You will need to download g-hub for full functionality. (from logitech of course).. The key action is firm and concise. The arx control via my phone works perfectly but i find the information relatively useless, even as a game and the phone standing up in the middle of my keyboard kind of annoys me and gets in my way. I've always been a logitech person, never had a problem with their equipment including the g510 keyboard i replaced that i have had for years and is still working fine. If you want easy customization and colorization of specific games and macros within the game this keyboard is for you. I go from wow to swtor to lotro and simply push a button and the lights change to my specific game and macro keys switch over. Great keyboard... I only gave it 4 stars because i find the arx kind of a gimmick.. As a gamer and builder of pc's i already know what my pc is doing..:-)


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      Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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