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Logitech MX900 Performance Premium Backlit Keyboard and MX Master Mouse Combo

MPN: 920-008872 | SKU: QR7117
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  • Advanced backlit typing: large, concave, laser Etched keys with illumination and Logitech perfect stroke key system for all day typing comfort
  • The dark field laser sensor tracks flawlessly where standard mice fail. Works with precision on glass (4mm minimum thickness) and glossy surfaces
  • Award-winning precision MX mouse experience featuring smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel, a unique thumbwheel, and hand sculpted shape
  • Connect the mouse to multiple computers with easy-switch technology
  • Personalized productivity: unlock the full range of possibilities and customize to your needs with Logitech options software
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Advanced backlit typing: large, concave, laser Etched keys with illumination and Logitech perfect stroke key system for all day typing comfort
  • The dark field laser sensor tracks flawlessly where standard mice fail. Works with precision on glass (4mm minimum thickness) and glossy surfaces
  • Award-winning precision MX mouse experience featuring smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel, a unique thumbwheel, and hand sculpted shape
  • Connect the mouse to multiple computers with easy-switch technology
  • Personalized productivity: unlock the full range of possibilities and customize to your needs with Logitech options software
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Owner through your tasks with a premium keyboard and mouse Combo. The advanced keyboard is full-sized and comfortable, with Smart backlighting and customizable keys. The MX mouse features a speed-adaptive scroll-wheel, a unique thumb wheel and, thanks to it's dark field laser sensor, it tracks anywhere, even on glass. Rechargeable via the supplied Micro-USB cable, the keyboard and mouse keep working for up to 10 days on a single charge. Both devices connect via a single Logitech unifying USB receiver, offering 10M range. Easy-switch technology and a Bluetooth wireless technology connection means you can connect the mouse to a second or even a third computer.

  • Advanced Backlit Typing
  • Large, concave, laser etched keys with illumination and Logitech PerfectStroke key system for all day typing comfort (Mouse Anywhere, even on glass)
  • The Darkfield Laser sensor tracks flawlessly where standard mice fail. Work with precision on glass1 and glossy surfaces
  • 4 mm minimum thickness MX Mouse Experience
  • An award-winning precision instrument featuring Smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel, a unique thumbwheel, and hand sculpted shape. Connect the mouse to multiple computers with Easy-Switch technology
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • The keyboard and mouse hold battery for up to 10 days on a full charge


  • Logitech MX900 Performance Premium Backlit Keyboard and MX Master Mouse Combo
  • Logitech Unifying receiver
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • USB Receiver Extender Cable
  • Product documentation

Brand: Logitech

MPN: 920-008872

UPC: 097855139757


Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Keyboard Interface
Palm Rest
Keyboard Color
Keyboard: 1.06" x 19.17" x 7.68"
Mouse: 1.91" x 3.37" x 4.96"
RF Wireless
Mouse DPI
2000 dpi
Hand Orientation
Tracking Method
Scrolling Capability
1x Wheel
Power Supply
Rechargeable Battery

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
54.55% (24)
25.0% (11)
4.55% (2)
9.09% (4)
6.82% (3)
By Luca Wang
Great product
Both the keyboard and the mouse are fantastic. I would absolutely buy this again. I love how you can use it on 3 different computers and it's super fast.
By Ulf Neufeld
After years of mk710 love the mx900 to replace two 710s
I've used mk710s for like a decade but have to keep replacing every few years since lettering wears so replace with add ons stick labels but they as well get loose. Keys over time are not as smooth on the 710. Just got the mx900 which i love at three times the price! The higher dpi on the better mouse is as well a huge difference. The lettering on the 900 is laser etched and i am not reading reviews of the letter wearing issue to common with the 710. The software is a bit confusing - to set up f keys. Vs program the six that are programmable vs using the fn key. It appears you have to use the default fn key+f key if you program the f keys directly if that is confusing. The unifying receiver i had on the 710 would not recognize the 900 and gave a weird error code when tried to load it. But when i plugged in the receiver for the 900 all worked instantly. The key feeling on the 900 is as well even smoother than a new 710 which i like. They keyboard spacing etc is the same as used to on the 710 and virtually the same size other than the on top led board on the 710 making it bigger overall but the keyboard itself is same size.
By Liva Christensen
Keyboard does not even support bluetooth or easy-switch
Why would they make a keyboard and mouse combo with an easy-switch mouse but not have that feature for the keyboard?? The keyboard doesn't even support bluetooth pairing without connecting the unifying usb receiver. This defeats the entire purpose of having an easy-switch mouse in a keyboard and mouse combo. Either logitech don't know their own products very well when pairing combo products or they just don't have any logic at all. Returning this useless combo.
By Tracy Howard
I like it
I bought this because it's one of the few backlit wireless kbm combos on the market. I've got a light sensitivity so i type in the dark a lot, but i like to be mobile. Battery life is impressive on both board and mouse, and the backlit function is adjustable through an app off of logitech's website. I bought two at the same time, one for the house and one for the office. No issues with either of them. The keys feel nice when i'm klacking away like i am now, writing this. Pricey, but it's exactly what i wanted and it's a quality/durable product that one would expect for the price. Would recommend to a friend and would buy again only issue i have is with area where the sensor lives that turns on the backlighting. It's at the top of the keyboard...Should be in the bottom, closer to where the hands sit. You occasionally have to wave your hand over the board to get the lights to kick on even if you've had your hands in the "resting position" as you're reading but not typing.
By Gladys Vasquez
Best wireless keyboard/mouse on the market
I've used a number of keyboard and mouse combos over the years, and this is my favorite. Logitech makes quality peripherals, and this is no exception. Yes, it's expensive. Is it worth it? As well, yes. The mouse is the best i've used. I've purchased it separately to use at work because i loved it so much. It's got click or smooth scrolling, numerous programmable buttons, forward/back for browsing, and a small thumb wheel for scrolling horizontally. It's very sensitive and can track on any surface, which is nice. The keyboard has a few quirks but overall is really nice. The backlight feature is impressive - it lights up as your hands get close to it. You can set the brightness (i keep it on the lowest setting) because it will eat up the battery life. That is my only complaint - the battery in the keyboard does not last as long as i would've hoped. Minor inconvenience aside, it's a pleasure to type on (mechanical style) with a short throw to each letter. I've had it disconnect a few times from the unifying dongle, but simply turning it off/on works for me. Overall this is an excellent setup for anyone looking to work wirelessly. Highly recommended.
By Olivia Mitchell
Best mouse and keyboard i've ever used
I love this mouse and keyboard. I have tried and returned 4 of the "best" keyboards and none of them come close to this set. It is perfect in every way. I don't know how i could sell it best. The keyboard is a comfortable size, the battery still hasn't died since i got it a week ago, it is the perfect weight- it doesn't slide around on the desk, it is flexible so it lays flat on the desk - no arching causing it to click against the desk. But the best part! The keys require the perfect amount of pressure, and they have the most satisfying solid sound when they are pressed. No click, click, more like a silent thud thud. The mouse is just as amazing, it is extremely consistent, which sounds like a given, but you haven't realized how much slack you have been giving your mouse until you have used this one. It is very comfortable in your hand. It's not small but it's size is ideal. And it slides on the desk easily. The scroll wheel has great features, you can set it with a slight catch so that it gives feedback as it turns. When you turn it quickly to get to the bottom of a page for example, it rotates freely. Or you can turn the catch off completely, and it always turns freely. I strongly recommend this mouse and keyboard, it is well worth the money. Treat yourself to this comfort, you will enjoy it every time you use it.
By James Bailey
Very nice
Both of these work very well but needs to be recharged more often than expected
By Alexandre Wong
Another fine logitech product
I've been a fan of the wireless logitech keyboards and mice for years and this combo does not disappoint. I've been eyeing the mx master mouse for awhile and combined with the mx900 keyboard, it's awesome. Both the mouse and keyboard are easy to set up and configure with logitech unifying receiver. They both hold a surprisingly long charge and recharging both is simple.Highly recommend this pair.
By Albert Grant
Robust design and good feel
The logitech mx900 (k800 keyboard + mx master mouse) is a great combination. The keys are quiet and have a good tactile feel. The proximity sensor that turns the backlight on as your hand come the keyboard is a nice feature. My keyboard is used about 2 to 3 hours per day for general household activities and is never turned off. The illumination is set to full brightness. I turned the keyboard on for the first time on october 28, with a full, overnight charge. On november 9, the keyboard sent a “low power” message to my monitor and disabled the backlights. The keyboard had to be charged again on november 21. There are as well lights on the keyboard that show the remaining charge so the screen message is not a surprise. The keyboard was fully functional while being charged, but was not used. It took about 5 hours to fully recharge the idle keyboard with my windows 7 computer and the usb to usb c cable provided. Inserting the usb c fitting into the keyboard takes some care. The mouse feels good in my hand, is very responsive on my mouse pad. The operation and function of all of the buttons can be changed; however, the default settings chosen by logitech are perfect for me and did not need to be changed. The programmable buttons on the side of the mouse are not conveniently placed for my large hand, but i don’t use them anyway. The buttons are centered on the side of the mouse and end up around the middle joint on my thumb. The mouse is never turned off and still had 2 out of 3 power buttons illuminated after the initial ~ 2 week run. I knocked one star off the ratings for the poor (essentially nonexistent) setup instructions that came with the mx900. The 4” x 4” document has mice type and the black and white outline drawings are like a game where you have to match puzzle pieces to a very tiny picture. The instructions should come with a magnifying glass. Fortunately, the keyboard and mouse began to function immediately when turned on. Computer literate people should have little problem setting up the hardware. People who are not especially computer literate will be left question where to start and what to do. I initially purchased an mx800 combo, which contains the same hardware as the mx900, based on outward appearance. The backlights on that keyboard kept cycling off and on every 5 seconds, even while no one was near the keyboard and the keyboard was placed in different locations. I simultaneously reached out to the vendor who supplied the product and logitech hoping one of them would offer a quick key board swap. The vendor quickly responded that i should address the problem with outletpc since the product was purchased through outletpc. Logitech quickly responded and seemed to be come the problem like a product warranty issue. They requested a volume of information like serial numbers, operating system data, etc. I felt good about logitech’s response but decided the easiest and quickest way to resolve the problem was to return the mx800 to outletpc and purchase a replacement. Logitech followed up with a couple messages to make sure the issue was being resolved. They didn’t know the mx800 had been returned. Would i but this product again, absolutely yes. The mx900 (and mx800) is a nice product and i am a fan of wireless mice and keyboards. The wires behind my desk already look like a plate of spaghetti.
By Karen Frazier
Another winner from logitech
As a huge fan of the performance mx series mouse, i was excited to receive this item. Like previous logitech devices, it uses a unifying usb dongle to connect your pc to both devices. Set up was easy and i ran into no issues. You can as well connect via bluetooth (mouse only). Review of the mouse: i cannot say enough good things about the mouse. The mouse is comfortable to hold, very precise, low latency and great for gaming. I've been using a performance mx mouse (previous versions) for around 5 years now. The mouse has a battery life indicator on the side and the battery lasts about 3 weeks for me. The mouse has two rechargeable aa batteries and it's pretty quick at charging. If you want your mouse to last longer, you can replace the rechargeable batteries with non-rechargeable ones and the mouse will actually last longer. Just don't try and recharge the mouse anymore. Review of the keyboard: the keyboard is great but it's nothing special compared to the mouse. It's a standard keyboard with backlighting. Pretty quiet and you can adjust the brightness. The keys feel very satisfying when you press it. The travel is good and although it's not a mechanical keyboard, it still feels like a solid keyboard. Overall i highly recommend this.


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