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EVGA 200-DP-1301-L1 Display Port Hub

MPN: 200-DP-1301-L1 | SKU: RC4533
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  • Easy to configure and add up to three displays
  • Hot plug compatible, does not require system shut down
  • Compatible with all existing DisplayPort graphics cards and notebooks
  • Completely silent operation and portable
  • Supports DisplayPort 1.2a
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Easy to configure and add up to three displays
  • Hot plug compatible, does not require system shut down
  • Compatible with all existing DisplayPort graphics cards and notebooks
  • Completely silent operation and portable
  • Supports DisplayPort 1.2a
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The EVGA DP Hub is a simple to use, multi-monitor connectivity solution between a single DisplayPort source and up to three DisplayPort compatible monitors. It's plug-and-play features allow you to enjoy the benefits of multiple monitors with a single digital output port. Ideal for graphic design, spreadsheet analysis, and productivity without the need of an additional graphics card!

  • Completely silent operation and portable
  • Supports DisplayPort 1.2a


  • EVGA 200-DP-1301-L1 Display Port Hub

Brand: EVGA

MPN: 200-DP-1301-L1

UPC: 843368027698

Compatibility: DisplayPort

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Maximum Supported Resolution
2400 x 600 (3 x 800 x 600)
3072 x 768 (3 x 1024x768)
3840 x 720 (3 x 1280 x 720)
3840 x 768 (3 x 1280 x 768)
3840 x 800 (3 x 1280 x 800)
3840 x 960 (3 x 1280 x 960)
3840 x 1024 (3 x 1280 x 1024)
4080 x 768 (3 x 1360 x 768)
4098 x 768 (3 x 1366 x 768)
4320 x 900 (3 x 1440 x 900)
5040 x 1050 (3 x 1680 x 1050)
5760 x 1080 (3 x 1920 x 1080)
1.05" x 3.85" x 3.85"
0.30 lb.

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Customer Reviews

Review Summary
40.43% (19)
12.77% (6)
19.15% (9)
12.77% (6)
14.89% (7)
By Ryder Thomas
Works great with ms surface pro 3
Does exactly what we needed: running two external dp monitors connected to ms surface pro 3, plus the tablet screen.
By Philip Larsen
Meh - it works well enough...
It's always a crap shoot when ordering products like these.Setup: microsoft surface pro 3 with docking station - i am using two external 27" dell touchscreen displays, with the surface display acting as the third screen.My expectation was to use display port to hdmi cables to each dell monitor however this proved to be a very non-reliable option. Fortunately the dells both had display ports.This device will sometimes just not function and my only solution is to switch it with the second one that i have - when that one stops working, i switch it back with the original. Kind of a nuisance, but haven't really seen another viable solution.Shame on m$ for making a dock with only one mini-displayport.
By Albin Ortmann
3 montiors for surface pro 3
I use this with my surface pro 3 i7 computer (note: the i7 cpu surfaces have a different gpu than the i5s). With this device, my surface pro drives three external monitors (i have the computer display disabled): two 30 inch dell u3011 at 2560 x 1600 and one 24 inch dell u2412m at 1920 x 1200. I had earlier tried the similar startech device but it would not work for me.
By Barry Freeman
Does not work with my 2014 macbook air
Does not work with my 2014 macbook air
By Ilan Louis
Worked right out of the box with no issues. ...
Worked right out of the box with no issues. I used it to connect two monitors to my microsoft surface pro 3.
Does not work properly for me!
I was hoping to be able to use this displayport hub on my 2012 mac mini (i5) with two 27" monitors (2560 x 1440), but it will only allow me to mirror the displays (not extend them). Apple seems to dumb down the i5 processors by only using two of the 4 cores normally found on windows machines). I'm guessing there just isn't enough 'horse power' to run in the extended mode.It worked on my windows 8.1 computer, but i already had two displayport connectors on my video card, hence, it's not useful for me now.
By Baldur Ruhland
Four stars
Doesn't work with hp zbook advanced port replicator. But that isn't anything against the evga.
By Julie Watts
Works with surface pro 3 docking station!
I ordered this adaptor to extend my surface pro 3 docking station to 2 monitors. I have been using it for a few months with the docking station and have not had any issues with screen picture or compatibility. I right now have 2 22inch lcd monitors with 1680x1050 resolution.The device lived up to the expectation i have with all evga products.
By Ferdie Vogelezang
The best for the money
The best for the money, works great with my surface pro 3 dock, other adapters are way too expensive...This one is name brand and gets the job done.
By Meghan Brooks
Mixed reviews - hit or miss - 50/50 - chances are, you...
Does not like booting. The hub is plugged into an evga geforce 780 ti with latest drivers. I have two monitors plugged into the hub: asus pa249q and pa248q. Upon turning my pc on they quickly display that there is no displayport signal and go back to sleep. Hitting scan will wake them up only to tell me there is no signal and switch back sleeping. Sometimes one of the monitors will go through a loop of waking up and going back to sleep, until i turn the system off. Every time i want my monitors to work with this i have to use powerful wizardry (read: random luck) or plugging in an hdmi cable to one monitor, changing my display to hdmi, and then switching to displayport after a successful boot into windows. I bought this product because i believed it would aid me with dual-monitors running on displayport. Instead, is has only served to hinder the process.For anyone wondering: you can, in fact, run two monitors at 1920x1200 with this.Edit:as a follow-up to my original review, i did finally get this to work, with my two monitors, down to a science:1.) keep pc off & unplug hub from gfx2.) unplug monitor #1 from hub & plug #1 into gfx3.) start the pc & wait until it boots into windows4.) unplug monitor #1 & plug it back into the hub4b.) press scan on the hub to make sure it recognizes the monitor order (sometimes it would mix #1 & #2!)5.) plug hub back into gfx & ta-da! It works.I had to do this every time i started my pc! There was no other way to get my monitors to work with this hub unit, and it was so annoying i opted to leave my pc running just to get around it. However, roughly a week ago, this device appears to have stopped working appropriately; it no longer wishes to recognize that there is a second monitor. So, i've own this ~3 months, and it's been nothing but an annoyance and disappointment. I'm happy for those who got this to work flawlessly for them. Whatever you're running must be 100% compatible with this hub.


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EVGA 200-DP-1301-L1 Display Port Hub

Price: $79.98
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