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MonoPrice 6914 Portable Premium Sonic Resonance Speaker

MPN: 6914 | SKU: RK8227
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  • UPC: 844660069140
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • 0 Stars based on 0 Review(s)
  • UPC: 844660069140
  • Condition: New
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This portable Sonic Resonance speaker from Monoprice phases with any flat surface to turn a desk or table into one huge speaker. To get loud booming sound you generally need two things in a speaker large cones to move large volumes of air and a lot of power to drive those cones back and forth. Without those you get thin tinny sounds and not much volume. That in a nutshell is what you get from most mini portable speaker system designed for use with laptops music players and cell phones. Changes how audio is delivered by phasing with any clean smooth flat surface you attach it to and turning the entire surface area into one huge driver. You get even more air pulsing surface area than you get from traditional cone drivers. The result is loud clear and bold audio. Perfect when you want to share audio such as in a presentation entertaining friends or just setting the right ambient mood. Basically a specially designed transducer that efficiently transfers sonic vibrations to the surface it attaches to. The base of the speaker is a specially treated soft silicon pad that adheres to any clean smooth flat surface. It can be removed and replaced several times. When dust and dirt accumulate on the pad over time it can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and instantly be brought back to life. The video is a demo of the speaker. While it won't be able to truly show the dynamic impact of just how well this device performs sonically it is a good introduction to what the device is and how it works.

  • 3.5mm Audio Interface
  • 40Hz-20KHz Frequency Range
  • 20 Hour Battery Life


  • Monoprice Sonic Resonance 3.5mm Speaker
  • USB Charge Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable

Brand: MonoPrice

MPN: 6914

UPC: 844660069140

Compatibility: 3.5mm Audio

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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MonoPrice 6914 Portable Premium Sonic Resonance Speaker

Price: $26.98
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