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Ecolite 12.5 by 9" Bubble Mailer

Ecolite #6 Kraft Paper 12.5x19 Inch Self Adhesive Bubble Envelope

Ecolite #6 Kraft Paper 12.5x19 Inch Self Adhesive Bubble Envelope
In Stock
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General Features:

  • 12.5" by 19" Inside Dimensions
  • Padded Bubble Cushioning
  • Self Sealing Envelope
  • Finned Edge Design
  • 1.7oz Weight

Package Includes

  • Ecolite 12.5 by 9 inch Bubble Mailer

Item#: RO7532
Brand: Ecolite
MPN: Ecolite-6
Compatibility: 12.5" x 19"
Packaging: OEM
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

12.5" x 19" Padded Bubble Mailer - This 19 inch padded bubble envelope from Ecolite keeps your goods safely protected during shipping. The built-in "bubble wrap" style padding and finned edges diffuse impacts sustained during travel, while the self-adhesive seal keeps the envelope tightly closed. The spacious 19.5 inch by 12 inch inner capacity is enough to hold eight DVDs.

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