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Lite-On EBAU108-01 8X External Slim DVD-Writer - Black

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  • 1GHz or faster CPU recommended.
  • Windows 8 requires SSE2, PAE and NX-bit support.
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB free disc space required under 32-bit OS ( 2GB RAM and 20GB space under 64-bit OS) for creating DVD disc. Available SATA port required.
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • 1GHz or faster CPU recommended.
  • Windows 8 requires SSE2, PAE and NX-bit support.
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB free disc space required under 32-bit OS ( 2GB RAM and 20GB space under 64-bit OS) for creating DVD disc. Available SATA port required.
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Use this Lite-On EBAU108-01 8X Slim External DVD-Writer to give burning capabilities to any Desktop or laptop PC via USB. The ultra sleek design allows you to easily slip it into your bag and take it wherever you go. Simplicity is where this drive shines, with plug & play compatibility and USB powered interface, you can burn without hassle. The groundbreaking Link2TV feature allows you to plug this drive into any TV via USB to play music, videos, or view pictures. Lite-On 8X Ext Slim DVD Writer. LiteOn 8x External Slim DVD Writer. Lite-On 8x External Slim DVD Writer. Lite-On 8X External Slim DVD-Writer - Black (EBAU108-01). Lite-On EBAU108-01 8X External Slim DVD-Writer Drive - Black - Plug & Play. PLDS EBAU108Lite

  • Plug & Play
  • Link 2 TV
  • Smart Burn and Smart-X



READ Speed

Optical Media Supported

Physical Spec

Panel Color


USB 2.0
  • 8X DVD-ROM


  • Lite-On EBAU108-01 8X External Slim DVD-Writer - Black

Brand: Liteon

MPN: EBAU108-01

UPC: 844149006932

Compatibility: DVD-RAM/+/-R/+/-RW

Packaging: RETAIL

Condition: New

Product Details

Slim DVD Burner
Panel Color
Dimensions (H x W x D)
0.53" x 5.51" x 5.38"
USB 2.0
Operating Systems Supported
Windows 10 / Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 & Linux, MAC OS
Ultra Slender & Light

USB Powered, No Adapter Needed

Plug & Play Simplicity

Smart-Burn for the Best Disc Burning

Smart-X Optimized Read Speed

Link2TV - Extensive TV Compatibility

Support M-DISC - Permanent Digital Storage Solution

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
50.0% (8)
12.5% (2)
12.5% (2)
6.25% (1)
18.75% (3)
By Matin Slofstra
Misleading description. No cd/dvd burning software included.
This product says that it comes with nero software. However it comes with only a trial version of nero express. Hence there is no way to burn cd/dvd. Funny thing is that it comes with nero bluray player full version, where this drive does not even play bluray.I give it one star because this drive is pretty useless for burning cd/dvd without appropriate software bundled.
Good but not what i was looking for
I just got this and haven't tested it but i'm sure it works fine. I just wanted to comment that some photos online show this model having an integrated usb cable but that's not the case for this particular version. It comes with a 6" mini to standard usb cable.
By Amber Evans
Small light and good performer - works well with mac os x yosemite
Smallest and lightest form factor i have found for my macbook pro 13 retinaautomatically recognized by mac os x yosemite - nice speedy operation and smaller and lighter compared even to he apple drive
By Manuela Mendes
10 (yosemite) and works great! No issues so far
Using with mac os 10.10 (yosemite) and works great! No issues so far.
By Caleb Moore
So it works great until the trial runs out
A previous commenter wrote about the nero software. Yes, it comes with a trial version, so it works great until the trial runs out. Then you have to pay more than $40 for the software! I would have just purchased a nicer drive that has its own software. I do not like nero and would like to use a different software, but this drive only works with nero. I will not purchase another one of these, and will return the one i have.
Works great, when it works.
I received this drive just a bit over 2 weeks ago and it has already ceased being able to read discs. Granted, i was backing up my decent-sized dvd collection so it was running quite a bit, but even in this somewhat extreme scenario, i wouldn't expect using the drive as intended would kill it in half a month.It's as well worth noting that this drive is absolutely not plug-and-play in windows 8.1. In order to get it to install the driver right i had to delete several registry keys, which to the average consumer could be pretty daunting. After doing that it worked as intended, but if the drive was plugged in when the computer rebooted it wouldn't complete the bios check and the computer wouldn't start. Which is to say, it works, but can be kind of a headache.That said, i'm giving it two stars instead of one, because for the short time that it was working as intended it had great read speeds and ran very quietly. Due to my setup (an all-in-one desktop) i had no issues with the admittedly short usb cable and it interfaced flawlessly with every piece of dvd software that i threw at it. I would have even been able to forgive the janky install process if it had lasted longer than it did.I requested a replacement from outletpc and i will see if the new one fairs better. I'm hoping i just got a lemon.
By Deanna Little
Great alternative to the apple superdrive.
For nearly less than half the cost of an apple superdrive this unit seems like a great alternative.Pros:lightweight chassis (looks like simulated brushed metal)uses only one usb cable, doesn't need external power or secondary usb port taken up to power.I like the tray because you don't have to worry about disks getting stuck. We have experienced several superdrives that have stuck disks due to faulty eject mechanisms or kids trying to insert a disk while one was already in.Cons:none
By Margarita Calvo
Lite-on it corporation optical drives ebau108-01(works with 2012 macbook air)
Who is lite-on? It doesn't matter, as all i wanted (and needed) was a dvd drive for my macbook air (oct 2012 model) that worked. I studied many different "name brand" reviews and product discussions, and i decided t get this one. No issues so far, as this does what they stated it would do, with out any downloads or wrangling with the set up. Simple plug n play operation, i love it. I have not played 1000 dvd's through this and probable won't. But it will play movies and other useful things like ripping cd's, or dvd based games/software, etc. So, @ $<30, i did not go wrong, maybe you too...
By Amanda Watson
Three stars
Limited on what it can do because of hardware differences with my other gear.
By Abdelkarim Koppe
Works great with windows 7
The dvd rw drive in my desktop died recently and i needed a new one. After thinking about it, i opted for an external drive as many of the newer desktop towers no longer include 5 1/4" drive bays. I figure with this guy, i'll be covered for any future desktop or laptop i might acquire. This is a great little drive. The housing is made of plastic, but it still feels pretty solid. It's very slender so it fits easily in my laptop bag. Another nice feature is that it only needs a single usb cable to operate, so no extra ac power brick to lug along with it.Once plugged in, my win7 desktop and my win 10 surface pro 3 recognized the drive immediately. Although a trial disc for nero 12 ships with the drive, it's not needed in order to listen to cds, run software, or browse and burn data dvds. Additional (free) player software (e.G. Vlc, which i already have installed) may be needed for watching dvd movies on windows though. This has done everything that i've needed.


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Lite On 8x External Slim DVD Writer

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