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Asus A32-K52 A42-K52 Replacement Battery

Laptop Battery for Asus A32-K52 A42-K52 A52 A62 K42 K52 K62 5200mAh

Laptop Battery for Asus A32-K52 A42-K52 A52 A62 K42 K52 K62 5200mAh
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General Features:

Battery Capacity
Battery Color
Battery Cells

Compatible Part Numbers

90-NYX1B1000Y, 70-NXM1B2200Z, 90-NYX1B1000Y, K52L681
A31-K52, A32-K52, A41-K52, A42-K52, A31-B53

Supported Models

A40J Series, A40J, A40JA, A40JE, A40JP, A42 Series, A42, A42D, A42DE, A42DQ, A42QR, A42E, A42F, A42J, A42JA, A42JC, A42JE, A42JK, A42JR, A42JV, A52 Series, A52, A52F, A52J, A52JB, A52JC, A52JK, A52JR, A62 Series, A62, B53 Series, B53, B53F, B53J, B53JC, F85 Series, F86 Series, K42 Series, K42, K42D, K42DE, K42DQ, K42DR, K42F, K42J, K42JA, K42JB, K42JC, K42JE, K42JK, K42JR, K42JV, K42N, K52 Series, K52, K52D, K52DE, K52DR, K52F, K52J, K52JB, K52JC, K52JE, K52JK, K52JR, K52N, K62 Series, K62, K62F, K62J, K62JR, N82 Series, N82E, N82EI, N82J, N82JG, N82JQ, N82JV, P42 Series, P42, P42F, P42J, P42JC, P52 Series, P52, P52F, P52J, P52JC, P62 Series, P82 Series, PRO5I Series, PR067 Series, PR08C Series, X42 Series, X42, X42D, X42DE, X42E, X42F, X42J, X42JE, X42JB, X42JK, X42JR, X42JV, X52 Series, X52, X52D, X52DE, X52DR, X52F, X52J, X52JB, X52JC, X52JE, X52JG, X52JK, X52JR, X52N, X5I Series, X67 Series, X8C Series


Package Includes

  • One (1) Laptop Battery for Asus Laptops

Item#: SG8635
Brand: Generic
MPN: A32-K52
Compatibility: See List Above
Packaging: Brown Box
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

Replace the laptop battery for Asus laptops. Asus is known for their high quality in computers and you will need a high quality battery to keep it running. If your battery is dead or not charging as long as it used to, it's time to replace it. This replacement battery has a 5200mAh capacity and operates at 10.8V. Please make sure to check that your model is included below to ensure you choose the correct battery for your notebook. Also works as a Laptop Battery for Asus 90-NYX1B1000Y A42-N82 A31-B53 A31-K52 A32-N82.

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