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Fellowes 99089 7-Plug Metal Power Strip with 12 Foot Cord

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  • Durable 7 outlet power strip for heavy-duty applications
  • Rugged steel housing with 3-prong right angle grounded plug and outlets; 12 foot power cord
  • Illuminated on/off switch with 15-amp circuit breaker
  • Outlet orientation and spacing accommodates AC adapters
  • UL and cUL approved
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Durable 7 outlet power strip for heavy-duty applications
  • Rugged steel housing with 3-prong right angle grounded plug and outlets; 12 foot power cord
  • Illuminated on/off switch with 15-amp circuit breaker
  • Outlet orientation and spacing accommodates AC adapters
  • UL and cUL approved
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Fellowes 7-Outlet plug strip lets you power your devices with ease and with industrial strength. This metal power strip has seven three-prong outlets and a 12-foot cord, this Fellowes Metal Power Strip is a great way to power your devices at long distances in home, office, or industrial settings.Fellowes Metal Power Strip with 7 outlets features a rugged steel housing plus durable construction for heavy-duty applications. 3-prong right angle grounded plug and outlets; 12 foot power cord. Illuminated on/off switch with 15-amp circuit breaker. Outlet orientation and spacing accommodates AC adapters. UL and cUL approved.

  • Fellowes Metal Power Strip
  • Outlets: 7
  • 3-Prong Outlet Type
  • 12 feet Cable
  • Grounded outlets
  • On-off switches
  • Guaranteed protection and safety
  • Unstoppable power for all your devices
  • > 9 Feet
  • 7 Outlets


  • One Fellowes power strip

Brand: Fellowes

MPN: 99089

UPC: 077511990892

Compatibility: 3-Prong Power Outlets

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Outlets Type
Cord Length
> 9 Feet

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Customer Reviews

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72.97% (27)
13.51% (5)
8.11% (3)
2.7% (1)
2.7% (1)
By Iina Kuusisto
Solid construction, works great.
I chose this because of the sturdy construction, extra outlet and side facing orientation. I would like to have had more than one outlet with wider spacing, but it is adequate for my needs.
Good power strip
This power strip is a good one, heavy and well-made. I am very satisfied with it. We needed a safe substantial power strip to use with multiple musical instruments and amplifiers in our youth room and this one is perfect for our needs.
A repeat item
I already have one of these fellowes power strips, and due to an expanding setup, i ordered a second unit. Very high quality, and of a overall professional construction. The 12 foot power cord is an added "plus".
By Aden Stronkhorst
Metal power strip
I recently replaced all the plastic power strips in my home with this metal one after the building next to where i live had an electrical fire and i was told that it was blamed on using the plastic power strip types. The metal ones are safer, switch today !
By Melodie Lo
Solved my problem
My garage has only one power outlet and this power strip with a 12' cord makes it possible to get power over to my workbench.
By Liam Clement
Five stars
The long cord makes this exceptional, exactly what i needed when i ordered it.
Possibly combining with- easy to occur & very common in homes
In order to select a power strip, i researched various options on different sites - reading customer reviews carefully.1. Even if a product has passed its required "code of approval" - electricity isn't an area i want to scrimp on.2. I was alarmed by the number of consumer reviews of power strips which i read on various sites- describing ones which were purchased less than 5 months earlier, manufactured with "cheap" plastic casings (not all plastic is cheap and brittle) and " which had already broken ! "3. Furniture today gets moved around more than historically and is frequently built on castors - enabling collisions. A power strip can become jammed between furniture as we squeeze more into our living space. Individual family members don't all handle furniture/ or electronics as we might ourselves.A power strip needs to be strong enough to withstand the above.I worry about the risk of:a. Fire, a short circuit, lightning, on its own.B. But as well, possibly combining with- easy to occur & very common in homes: "imperfect home electrical systems"c. When you add to this : "poor quality" or "inferior" or "damaged power strips"the variety of combination (s) of the above - can be very very serious!Beyond a "worse case scenario" of a home fire, results can include:i. Destruction of expensive electronics/equipmentii.Destruction of multiples of other less expensive electric & electronic itemsiii. Damage/destruction of documents or cherished family photos. (digital store on computers)a hard drive located outside the home won't fix these problems!I have "no illusions" that if or when a power strip alone, malfunctions -in spite of having passed "required, relevant, electrical code standards" -"the power cord will not "know " to turn itself off & prevent serious damage to my home"equally possible -we know that homes often have improper wiring or contain defective electrical products - which can trigger a serious problem in the home.The reasons i bought fellowes 7 oulet power strip - with 12 foot cord were::1. It addressed the concerns i had after reading customer reviews from various sites - about products - that they both liked and disliked. In particular - the quality, construction and durability of the actual strip - as described - impressed me. When i received the product - i am very confident in it.2. I knew of the fellowes brand name - not from having bought items myself - but from hearing about them a number of years ago - related to their product developed in the office supply categories. At that time i went on line and read about their focus on ergonomic office chairs - designed for the health and comfort of office staff. I found them to be credible .3. I needed a long cord and 12 feet exceeded my expectations!This product has a very strong outer case and the" plug- in" component area is solidly built.It exceeded my expectations when it arrived.Some additional experiences/ realizations that i had while doing my research:1. My plan is to replace older power strips which have shorter cords and older technology, over time.2. Unrelated to my age or my existing power strip cord length being too short - days after receiving and installing the cord, i tripped and nearly y fell, over the electrical cord for my laptop. It was in my way because i had "chosen" to plug it into the new power cord - instead of one that is 3 years old - with available plug in space located on the other side of the room. I wasn't thinking about something that i already knew : all cords need to be managed "as a group- for safety" reasons. I live in an older home, don't have many plug- ins and so i use power cords to make up for it. (conscious of not overloading an individual oulet). Tripping made me realize, that in homes where power cords are too short -and/or plug in's are 6-8 feet away from the electrical product - "unmanaged" - each "too short" power cord - can translate to an average of 6 electrical cords to trip over.Kids often re-arrange things - unaware of potential consequence;the result can be a fall by older people - right now the highest % of our population they have been in history.Combine this with the "exponential" increase in the number of electrical products used per capita, this is an important safety issue i haven't heard anyone talk about!Power strips with long cords have been very hard to find;and they have been much pricier than the models with shorter length cords..Perhaps due to the latter, "it has been accepted as a "given" that we had no alternative but to organize ourselves around the availability of the shorter power strips.While they are still more expensive than those with shorter length cords - prices are becoming more reasonable and perceptions may change.Er cord- i had no idea of the considerations involved.I hope this is helpful!
By Julian Dietze
Works great. Havent had an issue thus far
Works great. Havent had an issue thus far. Its very hard finding metal or partial metal power strips without paying a fortune
By Flenn Cook
Five stars
Works great! Can't complain about this strip.
By Nadine Richard
Oh and the price is pretty
Reliable. Thin. What more do you. Oh and the price is pretty nice


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Fellowes 99089 7-Plug Metal Power Strip with 12 Foot Cord

Price: $33.98
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