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Laptop AC 20V 3.25A Adapter for Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK ADL65WDD ADL65WLC ADL65WLB

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  • UPC: 745373124693
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Key Selling Points

  • 0 Stars based on 0 Review(s)
  • UPC: 745373124693
  • Condition: New
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Replace your lost or stolen laptop adapter with this 65W 20V 3.25A power supply for the lenovo yoga 900-13ISK ADL65WDD ADL65WLC ADL65WLB.65W 20V 3.25A Some Compatible Models: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 1370 13.3 Inch Ultrabook, core m 5Y51 / 5Y70 / 5Y71 Lenovo Yoga 3 11 1170, core m 5Y10 / 5Y71 Lenovo Yoga 3 14 1470, core i5 5200U / i7 5500U Lenovo Yoga 700 11, core m3 6Y30 / m5 6Y54 Lenovo Yoga 700 14, core i5 6200U / i7 6500U Lenovo Yoga 900 IFI, ISE, core i5 6200U / i7 6500U Lenovo Yoga 900S 12ISK, core m5 6Y54 / m7 6Y75 Lenovo Ideapad 700s, core m3 6Y30 / m5 6Y54 / m7 6y75 Lenovo Miix 700, Miix Tablet 700 Pro 700-12ISK Pro Lenovo Miix 2 11-ITH Replacement Models P/N: 80HE010KUS 80HE011XUS 80HE00FVUS 80HE00FXUS 80HE00FYUS 80HE00G1US 80HE00G2US 80HE00G4US 80HE00GKUS 80HE000HUS 80HE000LUS 80HE0043US 80HE0047US 80HE0048US 80HE0049US 80HE000DUS 80HE0033US 80HE00DVUS 80HE00DWUS 80HE00F5US 80HE010EUS 80JH00LJUS 80HE010HUS 80J80021US 80J8002MUS 80J8002TUS 80J8002UUS 80J8002VUS 80J8002XUS 80J8002YUS 80JH000RUS 80JH000PUS 80JH000SUS 80JH000UUS 80JH000VUS 80JH000WUS 80JH0025US 80JH00FLUS 80JH00LLUS 80JH00LMUS 80JH00LNUS 80JH00LPUS 80JH00LRUS 80JH00LSUS 80QE0044US 80QE000JUS 80QE000LUS 80QE000NUS 80QD00B0US 80QD004NUS 80QD003YUS 80ML000MUS 80ML000NUS 80ML000PUS 80ML000QUS ADL65WCC ADL65WDA ADL65WDJ ADL65WDB ADL65WDD ADL65WDG ADL65WDE ADL65WDC ADL65WDH ADL65WLA ADL65WLB ADL65WLC ADL65WLD ADL65WLE ADL65WLF ADL65WLG ADL65WLH 5A10G68690 5A10G68691 5A10G68680 5A10G68674 5A10G68683 5A10G68685 5A10G68687 5A10G68670 5A10G68671 5A10G68673 5A10G68677 5A10G68684 5A10G68672 5A10G68675 5A10G68679 5A10G68678


  • Laptop AC Adapter 65W 20V 3.25A For Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK ADL65WDD ADL65WLC ADL65WLB

Brand: Gulfe


UPC: 745373124693

Compatibility: ADL65WDD ADL65WLC ADL65WLB

Packaging: Brown Box

Condition: New

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Laptop AC 20V 3.25A Adapter Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK ADL65WDD

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