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Targus APA69US 90w Universal Laptop AC Adapter - Refurb

MPN: APA69US | SKU: TN3617
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    Key Selling Points

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      A Targus Universal Laptop AC Adapter is the best, most compatible way to charge any laptop computer. This refurbished adapter comes with nine different charging tips that charge a wide range of laptops and smartphones, and outputs 90W of power to two different devices at once.

      Targus Universal Laptop Adapter

      9x Interchangeable Charging Tips
      See Advanced Features for full tip compatibility list
      Black / Gray
      2-Prong Wall Charger
      Car Charger
      Charge 2 Devices at Once
      Charge anything!
      You can charge most major-market laptops and some smartphones and MiniUSB devices, up to two at a time, with this charger that works on any wall outlet or in the car!

      Tip Compatibility

      L105, L106, L107, L108
      L106, L107
      L106, L107, L111
      L106, L109
      L106, L107, L111
      L105, L112
      L104, L106
      • 90W


      • Targus APM69US 90W Universal Laptop Charger
      • Tip Clip
      • Power Cord
      • iPod/iPhone Tip
      • Cord Wrap
      • Laptop Power Tips (9)
      • Blackberry/Mini-USB Tip

      Brand: Targus

      MPN: APA69US

      UPC: 999900098234

      Compatibility: Most laptops

      Packaging: OEM

      Condition: Refurbished

      Product Details

      AC Adapter
      AC Adapter Output Power
      Form Factor - Half the size and weight of typical AC chargers; includes integrated cable management and tip storage

      Functionality - Power or charge two items simultaneously with the same adapter

      Convenience - Compatible with leading laptop manufactures; Includes 9 tips for laptops and one mini-USB tip for cell phones or cameras.

      Compatibility - Power solution supports over 95% of the laptops on the market and the most popular personal electronic devices

      RoHS Compliant
      1.14 lbs.

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      46.15% (18)
      20.51% (8)
      10.26% (4)
      5.13% (2)
      17.95% (7)
      By Poppy Zhang
      Don't buy for the "free" device tips
      I payed more for this device because it could as well charge mobile devices and targus would provide free tips to registered users. The "free" tips cost 4.99/tip in shipping and handling--if i am getting 10 free tips, does shipping and handling really cost $50--and the targus web site, at the time of this writing, will not allow users to add the tips to a shopping cart using ie or chrome.The device is small and convenient, but not worth the extra money without the 5 extra tips i intended to get.
      By Laura Pedersen
      Love the targus compact charger
      I love my new targus compact charger - not only do i not have to carry around a big brick as my laptop charger but i can now charge multiple devices like my droid, iphone, camera etc from the same unit so have less cords to carry when i travel! I found it on outletpc & saved over $100 dollars over a brand new one & it was like new anyway - love that part even more. I used my free shopping genie to find the best price & saved time & $$$ too - [..] get your free genie too!
      By Jade Gauthier
      Top gear
      Excellent power pack for travel. Approx same size and weight as mobile phone. No 240v cord required. I am using with a us to aus adaptor as this particular product is not available with aus type 3 pin plug. Adaptor was $1 on ebay. You little beauty !
      By Madison Ginnish
      Great! (but short cord)
      My dog chewed up the power cord and brick that came with my lenovo thinkpad edge 15" laptop. I bought a universal charger at walmart, but it was too expensive and bulky, so i returned that one.This charger is great, but i have a few nit-picky reservations...First, the pros:1) very small, lightweight unit. The whole thing fits nicely in the side pocket of my case. It's not a giant, heavy, bulky brick! Very nice!2) targus' included tips and "tips for free" program are great! The lenovo tip i needed was included. I called and got another tip for free for my iphone 3gs, too!3) i love that i can travel with only one charger for my laptop and phone!Cons:1) the cord is very short. With the cord stretched, it's exactly 7' from the wall to the charging tip. I know that might *sound* long, but from where i sit on the couch, there is no outlet even close.2) the "brick" is the part that plugs into the wall. It's a little large if you're going to plug into a power strip - you will have to move some of the other plugs around to fit it in. If you're going to plug it into a wall outlet, it's fine.Hope that helps!
      By Ahlam Langens
      Durable, effective and handy.
      I'm very pleased with my new charger. The specific piece for my computer fits snugly. I can charge my wife's computer (another snug fit), or a blackberry/ipod etc,.. At the same time.The charger is small enough to be portable but the cord is long enough for convenient use.The pieces appear durable and after a few weeks everything is still running smoothly.
      By Angeles Prieto
      New or used???
      Not happy. When i ordered the targus ac charger it stated in the ad it was 'new'. When i received the product in a plastic bag you could obviously tell it was used not only by the packaging but the product itself is all scratched up. As well, on the label it said 'new'. I emailed outletpc when i first received the item and as well inserted a pic of the product but never heard anything back. Will probably not use outletpc again.
      By Avery Martin
      Good buy
      The charges works great..Great buy.Would recommend it to my friends.However. I think there needs to be some pouch or something to hold the charger and cord when the charger is not in use.Guess this is a suggestion for improvement
      Targus universal laptop charger
      Nice replacement for my "dead" toshiba charger. Toshiba wanted to charge me $100 for their replacement and it would have been the second time i paid that much if someone had not suggested a universal laptop charger. Before then i had never heard of one. After doing a little searching, i came across this one. I was familiar with the targus brand and i loved the price.I do wish the power cord was longer. But, i did see others mention that beforehand so i sort of knew what to expect. As well the tip that fit my laptop does not fit all the way in so it can be easily knocked out. As long as you are careful, it works just fine. Beats a $100 laptop charger that will likely stop working within two years, forcing you to buy yet another one. I have heard this is a common issue with owners of toshiba laptops as i am not the only one who has spoken of this issue. I am glad i found this targus universal charger to remedy that.
      By Diana Vargas
      Low quality tips
      The old style targus chargers had had high quality plastic tips that were durable and stayed attached to the cord. The new tips are made of very flimsy cheap brittle plastic. They don't attached to the cord, so they are easy to lose. The tips fall out easily if you move your laptop. If you step on one it will shatter. Not recommended.
      By Tammy Sullivan
      Works fine; short cord a pita and needs micro-usb adapter
      Pro's- it works well.- nice to have usb charge so computer doesn't have to be on to charge somethingcons-direct plug in case obscures outlets in multi outlet adapters and many power strips--equipment cord is standard length - so with direct plug in you must be right there with it--or bring extension cord so it'll reach somewhere-usb is a mini-usb "tip" not a regular usb jack.-- most equipment now is a micro-usb and they didn't include this tip-- mini-usb doesn't plug onto normal usb - so you must have a mini-micro adapter if you need micro-extra tips are $500 === $free + $4.99 shipping - each - no combined shipping--might be ok if you want just oneconclusion - it's ok - but i'd much prefer one-with a line-side cord-with regular usb jack tip-with micro-usb jack tip (micro-usb and mini-usb together would cover most handies and should be standard)


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      Targus APA69US 90w Universal Laptop AC Adapter - Refurb

      Price: $19.65
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