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Athena Power 20-pin to 24-pin Mini ATX Power Adapter

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  • UPC: 810379026309
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  • 0 Stars based on 0 Review(s)
  • UPC: 810379026309
  • Condition: New
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Converts 1 x ATX 20PIN to Mini ATX connectors 24 pin. This atx to mini atx adapter lets you change your PSU's power connector from 20 pins to mini 24pin. With this low priced Mini ATX adapter cable from Athena Power you can adapt an ATX power supply to an small form factor HP PC that uses the Mini ATX power connector. This cheap PSU adaptor cable will be just what you need to get a slimline HP or similar computer with the miniatx connector up & running again. Replaces similar model CBL-HP-24MINI 20-pin ATX to 24-pin Mini (ATX20M24H). 5.5 Inch Power Supply 20 Pin Small 24 Connector Adapter Cable Cord for HP Slimline Flex MotherBorad Main Board By KENTEK. Athena ATX20M24H Adapter.

  • Adapts between ATX Mini 24-pin and 20-pin PSU connectors
  • s3500f, s5160f, s3521, s3100n,, s3500f
  •, s3521, s3122x,, EN996AA,
  • s7310n, s3122x, s3120n, s7310n, s7220n
  • s7120n, s3120n, s7210n, s7120n, s7400n
  • s7410n, s7415c, s3431, s7420n, s7210n, s7421c,
  • s7500e, s3430f, s7500n, s7400n, s7500y, s7410n
  • s7510n, s7415c, s7515x, s7420n, s7517c, s7421c
  • s7527c, s7500e, s7530n, s7500n, s7600n, s7500y, s7603w, s7510n
  • s7605n, s7515x, s7612n, s7517c, s7613w, s7527c, s7617c, s7530n
  • HP 5188-7520, EN996AA
  • HP 5188-7520
  • HP 5188-2755, s7220n
  • Slimline s3431
  • HP 5188-2755
  • HP 5188-7602
  • s7600n, s7620n, s7603w, s7627c, s7605n, s7320n, s7612n, S3400T
  • s7613w, s7700n, s7617c, s3707c
  • HP 5188-7602
  • s7712n, s7620n, s7713w, s7627c
  • s7727c, s7320n, s3220n, S3400T
  • S3420F, s7700n, s3707c
  • s7712n, s7713w, s7727c, s5120f, s3220n, S3420F
  • 20-pin ATX to 24-pin Mini ATX
  • Easy hook up, just plug this cable adapter on to any 20-pin or 24-pin power connector on a regular ATX or Micro ATX power supply.
  • Save you money so you don't have to b


  • One 20-Pin Mini ATX to 24-Pin ATX PSU Connector Adaptor

Brand: Athena Power


UPC: 810379026309

Compatibility: 24pin PSU; 20pin Mini ATX Motherboard

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

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Athena Power 20-pin to 24-pin Mini ATX Power Adapter

Price: $4.98
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