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IP Power 9258T-Ping 4-Outlet Network AC Power Controller w/Ping Reboot

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    Key Selling Points

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      This IP Power Outlet Network AC Power Controller will allow you to control power provided to up to four devices. Use this 4-Outlet Network Power Controller to control power to your servers, routers, lights, or many other devices.With the remote network control technology that this IP Power 9258T features, the user can control the power supply of any connected equipment including servers, routers, lights, and network equipment!Its power reboot by ping function automatically reboots any controlled devices if they stop responding to pings! Each four independent AC outlets can be switched on, off or booted (off/delay/on)! The IP 9258T Network AC Power Controller also features 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and a serial port!In addition, this IP Power 9258T allows you to control directly or use a timed schedule which is not only convenient, but it also saves big on the manpower and time!Network Server reboot: remote control power & reboot PC/Server at remote sitePower reboot by Ping - automatically reboots controlled devices if they stop responding to pingsNetwork AC Power Control: control high power switch on/off via Internet/Ethernet for 110V/220v products

      • Remote control power and reboot PC/Server at remote site
      • Automatically reboots controlled devices if they stop responding to pings
      • Control high power switch on/off via Internet/Ethernet for 110V/220v products
      • Pre-set the time schedule to turn power on/off thru network
      • Control GPRS cell phone via WAP
      • Provide Source Code for user to modify to fit it's own system application
      • Provide SDK (VB and VC) for own software application
      Front Panel Features
      Power reset
      4 LED status indicator
      9-pin serial port
      10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
      On/off buttons
      Rear Panel Features
      Four (4) Power outlets
      On/Off switch
      Power plug
      Power Specifications
      90-240VAC 50/60Hz
      Input: 10A/250VAC or 15A/120VAC
      Output: 6A/250VAC or 8A/120VAC
      Unit Dimensions
      2 x 8.75 x 4.75-inches (H x W x L approximate)
      Regulatory Approvals
      • IP Power 9258T Network AC Power Controller General Features: Stylish compact design
      • Built in web server, can be used through the Ethernet or Internet network
      • Support multiple Internet browsers Cont


      • IP Power 9258T-Ping 4-Outlet Network AC Power Controller w/Ping Reboot
      • Quick Installation Guide
      • Driver and Software CD
      • Power cord

      Brand: IP Power

      MPN: 9258T-Ping

      UPC: 683728192143

      Compatibility: RJ-45, 10/100Mbps Ethernet

      Packaging: RETAIL

      Condition: New

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      By Ava Thomas
      9258 ping
      Seems well made. Documentation and software is low grade. Timer function works. Cannot get ping function to work. Could be a good deal if they could get the documentation and firmware clearer. Need to figure out how to operate ping function or the unit isn't much good to me. Only would recomend to people who have time and low budget.
      By Miguel Butler
      Works great as remote switch!
      All i wanted to be able to do is turn an air conditioner on remotely so that the place would be cooled down when i got there. The ip power 9258t does exactly that and i am one happy camper! I used a relay to handle the extra current of an air conditioner. It even works perfectly with my htc incredible smartphone. For the uninitiated you will need to do basic study on how to set up ip addresses and how to use a dynamic hosting site such as [...] to insure your device is always reachable. Not any big deal really. The ip power 9258t appears to be a very well made unit the best set-up guide is availabe on a .Pdf file available on the internet. I found it better than the included literature. Computer geeks delivered my 9258t very quickly.
      By Linda Little
      Low power ratings
      This seems to be a nice low-cost power-controller. Unfortunately, each outlet is rated for 8a @ 110v, and total of all outlets not to exceed 15a @ 110v. This information is missing from the product feature list. These ratings make this product not-useful for high-power server applications (which is what i needed).
      By Ruth Da Silva
      No ping reboot feature!
      Received the 9258t without the ping feature. The 9258t comes with two sub-models, one with ping and one without. Seller does not have the knowledge of the ping feature nor the difference in the models. However, seller did provide excellent service. Paid to ship the item back. I'm assuming they do not have the right product (the one with ping), they promptly refunded my money including the original shipping.I chose this particular item/seller since it was $20-$25 more than another seller's 9258t without ping, thinking the ping feature drove up the cost. Not so, the price seems to be pure mark-up and the seller does not seem to have the advertised product. If you need the ping feature (aka autoping), find it somewhere else. Seller should change the description of the product since it's misleading (aka, lying).As far as the product itself, it's a typical "made-in-china" item. (believe me i know, i'm from china.) okay hardware quality, but very poor software design and documentation. Chinglish everywhere. Once you figure out the documentation and software, it works as expected. I did not run into any bug during the short two-day testing.
      Ip power 9258t w/ping
      Overall i like the product. The hardware seems to be of high quality. As i've read and learned the hard way, the password is eight characters, not 7, not 9 or more or less exactly eight. Kind of a bummer, but i can live with it. The ping function appears to work. If you have to reset it, that can be fickle, but it can be done. The instructions are sub-par (chinglish). Overall, i like it and will use it as sop for any network i manage.
      By Allie Crawford
      Unbelievably good, simple, robust
      Ok this thing is awesome... Saw some reviews elsewhere which were negative or on an earlier firmware version. But this model has all the features advertised, plus a few. And it absolutely works.. Ping at user-selectable intervals, per-port, power-handling and recovery are all user-specifiable and easily understood, plus other scheduling. It as well includes a wol client which can generate broadcast-packets with the appropriate mac address encoded so that a wol device is triggered.... The web inteface is simple and fast, therefore no complicated flash or ie requirements. I even contacted the chinese company and they provided additional details on the interface firmware update instructions... May even be some sdk stuff there. In short, this thing is exactly what i hoped for and works well.. I actually can't believe the price is so low.I haven't figured out how to use the front panel yet to turn things on or off manually, but who cares?... The web interface works perfectly, as advertised!
      By Loretta Wilson
      Some advice as your set these up
      Background: we have purchased two of these over the past two years. Both are still working fine. This review is for anyone who is setting one up soon or just wants some inside details before they buy.How we use them: we have the first one (purchased in 2010) on the remote end of a point-to-point wireless system. The wireless spans about 3/4 mile and the remote side would simply drop every few weeks. Attempts to use the wireless ap's built-in reboot feature did not work as it seemed to require a hard power-down/power-up on the remote ap side in order to cycle and reconnect, so we purchased one of these 9258t devices. This solution has been working great. We have the 9258t hard power down the device for 30 seconds every week in the wee hours of sunday morning. The wireless has not had an issue since. The second unit (purchased jan 2012) is for a remote office with a problematic dsl connection. We have a cradlepoint mbr1200 there with a verizon failover (side note: that works really well.. Highly recommend cradlepoint devices). The issue was that once failed over to the verizon connection we were using up valuable data on our data plan, so we needed to fail back to the dsl as soon as possible. As anyone with dsl knows, the modems often require a hard reboot in order to reconnect. The 9258t sits there beside the dsl and pings the dns of the dsl provider.. If it drops more than 20 pings, it starts rebooting the dsl. The 9258t replaced a $250 unit (different brand) from circa 2008 that never did properly handle the ping issue.General comments: as noted by others, the documentation is very poor. The newest unit (jan 2012) has slightly better documentation on the cd.. But still expect to spend some time poking around and guessing. The "insert" photocopy that comes in the box and is supposed to detail the power-cycle-on-ping is probably more confusing than just reading the screens yourself. As well, getting the power-cycle-on-ping to work as desired is tedious. Best advice is to set it to the most simple configuration you can think of first, and then progressively try the various settings over time. In our case the trick was the noechocount setting of 20 which means it will fail to ping 20 times before it power cycles.. That gave the cradlepoint time to failover and then time after a few minutes following the dsl reboot to see the dsl and failback. Page 21 in the new manual (v 1.52) is the best place to start.Advice on the password: the default login is admin and 12345678. You want to change that immediately if this will be internet-connected. Nowhere in the original documentation (and nowhere that i have yet seen in the new documentation) does it tell you that the password limit is 8 characters. Why does that matter? It will let you set a password longer than 8 characters, but it will not actually use that password. Rather, it will just use the first 8 characters of it. So, for example, if you set your password as being johndoe2012, the actual password will be johndoe2. And you will be sitting there typing johndoe2012 forever and getting "login failed" messages.Advice on the e-mail feature: off the top, let me note that the e-mail feature has a mind of its own. We thought at first that it was failing to send because of some communications issue with our e-mail server at times.. But now the second 9258t has the same issues and is using a different e-mail server.. So the problem is most likely touchy firmware. The issues we have seen mostly are delayed or missing alerts.. When a outlet cycles it should e-mail us, but either it does not or it waits about 1 hour and then sends an e-mail. The e-mails themselves are lacking in detail.. An actual e-mail from the system: "power3 turn on by someone at time::2012:02:22:10:05:00 .. Dev power from : time:2012:02:22:10:05:00 powerid:1 :2 :3". Power3 is the power port, "someone" appears to be what the system uses when it reboots something on timer, and "dev power" is the name we assigned port 3. The powerid part is a bit of a mystery. Anyway, when setting up e-mail alerts do not get split with the "username" field.. It seems to reject domains so yourdomain\johndoe or johndoe@yourdomain.Local will not work in our experience. Just use the flat johndoe so long as your server accepts that. As well, in the sender field use the whole e-mail address. The new firmware seems to catch this (i.E. If you use just johndoe there instead of johndoe@yourdomain.Com it will prompt you). The old firmware did not and simply failed to send. We have had the best results when leaving the pop3server field blank.Conclusion: that about does it. I gave it four stars because it works mostly as expected. The documentation and touchy settings/results for e-mail/pings knock off a star, otherwise it would be five. These are pretty simple devices but likely not easy for home users.. A moderate level of network understanding is something i would recommend to help you get the most from the units.. Ymmv. But with a little testing and config time they work as well as the more expensive units out there.
      By Mary Rhodes
      Using this as a watchdog.
      My cable mode hung once in a while, it was sol to access my systems remote from outside when that happened. This ac power controller made my life simpler and happier, configured it to ping my cable mode and reset it if 3 pings was dropped.
      By Richano Haket
      Do not buy
      I am not a direct purchaser but i am the one opened the product from box to use.- document is poorly written- as another reviewer has mentioned , default ip mentioned in the manual does not match . Took lot of ( guess ) time to find this difference.- com port is not working to find the ip programmed- doc says "the hyperterminal on the host os should use com " which is very irrevalant .- default is dhcp disabled.


      Question & Answers
      By OutletPC Shopper on 2016-08-19
      Does this come with a software API/driver that I can use to integrate into my software application (ie. LabVIEW)?

      By Customer Service on 2016-08-19

      We're unsure if this comes with software for integration. However, the link below may be of help to you.

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      IP Power 9258T-Ping 4-Outlet Network AC Power Controller

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