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G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Mechanical Gaming Computer Keyboard Cherry MX Brown

MPN: GK-KCL1C3-KM780S10NA | SKU: UB1511
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  • CHERRY MX - Is the leading switch manufacture because of their high standards of quality, reliability, and durability.
  • INCREASED TYPING SPEED - The Cherry MX Brown switches increase typing speed with its lightweight key press and strong tactile feedback.
  • DEDICATED MEDIA KEYS - Control your media easily with dedicated keys and impress with the digital LED volume display.
  • MACRO KEYS - Switch between 3 on-board profiles, use 6 additional dedicated macros keys, and record macros on the fly.
  • Motherboard RGB Compatibility - pair your keyboard colors with your motherboard with MSI Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • CHERRY MX - Is the leading switch manufacture because of their high standards of quality, reliability, and durability.
  • INCREASED TYPING SPEED - The Cherry MX Brown switches increase typing speed with its lightweight key press and strong tactile feedback.
  • DEDICATED MEDIA KEYS - Control your media easily with dedicated keys and impress with the digital LED volume display.
  • MACRO KEYS - Switch between 3 on-board profiles, use 6 additional dedicated macros keys, and record macros on the fly.
  • Motherboard RGB Compatibility - pair your keyboard colors with your motherboard with MSI Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.
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This G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB Mechanical Keyboard has lighted keys that can change between millions of colors thanks to the RGB lighting. The Cherry MX Brown Switches are included to improve your typing experience, an experience that will boost your typing speed and gaming performance. A high quality computer keyboard that is optimized for feel and gaming. GSKILL RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Brown Switches

  • Series KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Keyboard Type Mechanical
  • Key Switch Cherry MX RGB Red Switch
  • Backlighting Yes
  • Anti-Ghosting Yes
  • Full N-Key Rollover Yes
  • Gaming Mode Option Yes
  • On-board profile 3
  • Additional Macro Keys 6
  • Dedicated Media Control Panel Yes
  • Audio-in and Microphone-out Yes
  • USB Passthrough Yes
  • Mouse Cable Holder Yes
  • Detachable palm rest Yes
  • Dimensions 518 x 172 x 48 mm
  • Dimensions w/ palm rest 518 x 228 x 48 mm
  • Weight 1.36 kg
  • Weight w/ palm rest 1.54 kg
  • Military-grade anodized brushed aluminum back-plate
  • Cherry MX RGB Brown mechanical keyswitches
  • Fully programmable keys & per-key backlighting
  • Full n-key rollover & 100% anti-ghosting on USB
  • On-the-fly macro recording, 6 dedicated macro keys, and media control panel
  • USB 2.0 and stereo audio pass-through ports
  • Durable 2m braided USB cable
  • Extra gaming keycaps, keycap tool and keycap case


  • G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Mechanical Keyboard
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Warranty Guide

Brand: Gskill


UPC: 848354012726

Compatibility: USB

Packaging: RETAIL

Condition: New

Product Details

Keyboard Interface
USB 2.0
Design Style
Palm Rest
Mechanical Keyboard
Key Switch Type
Cherry MX RGB Brown
Keyboard Color
Keyboard: 1.89" x 20.39" x 6.77"

Keyboard with palm rest: 1.89" x 20.39" x 8.98"
Mouse Included
Operating System Supported
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
System Requirement
Available USB 2.0 port (for keyboard connection)
Internet connection (for driver software download)
Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Brown Key Switches

Military-Grade Aluminum Plate

Fully Programmable Keys & Per-Key RGB Backlighting

Full N-Key Rollover and 100% Anti-Ghosting

Extra Gaming Keycaps, Keycap Tool and Keycap Case

On-Board Profile Storage

Dedicated Macro Control and Mode Selection Keys

Media Control Panel with LED Volume Display

Detachable Soft-Touch Wrist Rest and Five-Level Contoured Keycaps

Foldable Cable Holder

10 Gaming Keycaps, Keycap Tool and Keycap Box

G.SKILL Unified Driver System Software for Full Personalization Control
Package Includes
G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Mechanical Keyboard
Detachable Wrist Rest
Extra Gaming Keycaps, Keycap Tool and Keycap Case
Quick Installation Guide
Warranty Guide

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
48.44% (31)
18.75% (12)
9.38% (6)
7.81% (5)
15.62% (10)
By Adolfine Hilmer
This keyboard is fantastic. I was extremely hesitant as g.Skill is known for their superior ram, but keyboards? Well, don't hesitate too much. This keyboard is exactly what i was looking for. I play video games such as starcraft 2, cs:go, and league of legends, and thankfully this thing performs perfectly. The only downside is the learning curve to the software which may be a challenge for those who aren't so inclined to trial and error. Otherwise, i'm excited to see what g.Skill produces next.
By Silke Mortensen
Five stars
Very satisfied. Rgb at an affordable price, desirable. And a very good sense of hitting.
By Arn Erstad
Good so far! True onboard memory for macros!
I saw at least one reviewer mention that software was a requirement for macros. This is actually why i bought this keyboard. I needed macros that can be preprogrammed, then the keyboard brought to another computer without the software installed.This is confirmed to be working as long as they are keystroke macros and not a text block macro. It is as well possible to program keystroke macros on the fly without software.
By Harvey Berry
Update: stellar keyboard at any price ----was sold a used damaged product with poor packaging listed as new
Updated: i repurchased the keyboard a few months later and have owned it for more than 6 months now and i love it. I got used to the keys and they are awesome. I make less mistakes when i type. The only problem i find is the software. Even the updated one is still not user friendly. It's kind of challenging and awkward to use. But it works. I have not found any stability issues with it. It works it just needs to be more user friendly. The quality and functions of the keyboard are excellent. The volume control wheel is really nice and the volume indicator lights are a nice addon. I like being able to see the measure of the volume rather than no indicator at all. The lights are bright and the patterns are nice. They are not too bright to a point where it detracts from the game but not dim to where you wish it could be brighter. Its right amount of brightness. I as well like the color button presets at the top left. And the 6 media keys are a great and useful addition. At first you will hate those keys because you will find your self wanting to hit the ctrl key and you'll be hitting a media key. But after a few months you get used to it and you develop muscle memory as to where they are. I think the first keyboard i got must have been a bad one because this one was night and day different. The keys have a very satisfactory response to them. The clicky mechanical sound is the right volume without sounding annoying. It as well serves as a cognitive que that you are typing which makes the typing experience more satisfying. The construction quality is stellar. Lots of aluminum, very comfy hand rest, and the raised keys are awesome. I can pull them off each year to do a deep clean with a q tip and some alcohol. This will keep my keyboard looking in pristine condition forever. As well on my previous logitech i spilled my beer and ruined it. But on this one i spilled some boneyard rpm beer which can be stickier than most and was able to clean it right up with q-tips and water. The aluminum construction feels heavy duty like i could run this over with my car and still be fine. Its as well has good aesthetics. It has a rugged industrial sexy look to it. Excellent job gskill. I bought this keyboard for $90 and have been extremely happy with it.I've tried corsair, razer, logitech and roccat. My 2 favorites by far are the gskill and roccat ryos mk fx. The roccat is heavy, extremely well built, made in germany, easy to use and stable software, keys feel excellent, but the keys are a little dim. Razer, logitech and corsair on the other hand have software issues, quality control issues, and i feel that logitech is only limited to gaming and not work. My gskill and roccat are both excellent for work and gaming. I have 2 computers so i use both keyboards.Gskill has redeemed itself in my eyes.Received the item in open box/used condition not the brand new status they were advertising. Yet another deceptive/false advertising from outletpc. This happens far too often and shouldn't if they had internal controls. Obviously they do not.As for the item the left shift key doesn't push down all the way. It's not working right. Some of the other keys are funky and don't feel right at all. The keyboard does not have the high quality that reviews have touted. My logitech k800 is much more higher quality than this. My logitech is a well made keyboard. This feels like every other gskill product i've tried. Makes a lot of promises with aggressive advertising but completely falls through with the terrible software, poor functionality, and doesn't last very long. I could see myself upgrading over this keyboard in 6 months. As well the keys are raised so high up that you can see the under part of the keys and its very distracting and looks poor quality. 2 friends pointed this out when they were over here checking it out and gave me crap for it. Thats the last thing you want to hear when you buy something that was highly regarded in reviews. You should lookup the review sites that gave it a stellar review and write them down so you know not to refer to them next time you buy a computer product because i am shocked at how they thought this was a stellar product.This is a poorly designed product. The keys themselves are narrow and seem to be designed for smaller finger tips. I feel like this product was marketed towards people with small hands and fingers and not everyone else in mind. The tactile response of each key is generic feeling. I chose the mx brown as i wanted a balance between typing and gaming. My logitech has the best typing feel i have ever felt. As well it's buttons are wider and have a smoother more tactile response to them with a clickety feel that is silent and fulfilling. The gskill feels like you can touch a key without any feedback at all registering that you pressed the key down. Maybe i just got a bad keyboard but i am disappointed in both gskill and outletpc. I wish outletpc would stop sending me used goods. It's not the first time this has happened.One thing i do really like though is that there is no recessed bedding below the keys. So if i spill beer on my keyboard it won't accumulate on a recessed bedding below. Instead it will flow down and make it very easy to clean.I might be willing to try again. Hopefully outletpc doesn't send me an open box product.The pic below shows the outline of the sticker as having previously been opened and resealed.
By Julie Ferkingstad
Solid kb, terrible software
Amazing keyboard but lack luster software. Hope they eventually fix it
By Diana Ward
Great beast of a keyboard (in a good way)
Awesome keyboard! This thing is solid and works great! I love it!Good color on the leds, nice finish, rock solid, and has a pass through usb, microphone and headphones jack. The cable for it is not detachable, but is super thick and holds up well. Keys are cherry and of course work great. The wrist rest is comfortable (and detachable) and the texture on it feels nice to the touch.
Five stars
Good item
Great keyboard! It is just way too big for ...
Great keyboard! It is just way too big for my taste, so i had to return it and get the k70
By Lonnie King
Great so far... But with a few noteable cons...
Edit: a minor short has devolved approximately seven months after my initial purchase... The short is in the base of the main wire (where the thick braided main body of the cable interfaces with the rubber coated port in the actual keyboard) it seems to only affect the use of the keyboard 3.5mm headphone jack pass through. It still works but if you move/shift the keyboard it will split out in the right ear. There is no reason for this to have happens as i have been quite gentle with this mechanical keyboard so far. G. Skill as well hasnt updated or improved its software one bit. It still has the same little issues and quirks as before. Though nothing that makes it unusable... Just inconvenient and lack luster as far as the interface and the lighting features go. Besides these few issues my previous review of this item still stands minus one star because of the random short mine has gotten all of the sudden...I love it for the most part...Its a great keyboard... Its well built with solid construction; with a very nice overall feel that screams quality.I have just a few vices about it though...I did know this before buying the keyboard...As many others have said and as you've likely heard this several times before if you did alot of looking around like me... The software is a bit clunky... Its not as intuitive and streamlined as others... You can do quite abit of customizing with g.Skills software but for what it is it seems a bit over complicated and poorly optimized considering how limited its customization ability's are compared to some other rgb keyboards software; i think this is a result of the keyboards hardware being in some way incapable of creating the same caliber of complex effects as key boards like the razer black widow chroma, or specifically the corsair k70...I dont know specifically why it is that it cant do the same sort of complex lighting effects, but from what i know; im pretty sure it cant; and again i knew this going in... How could i argue? Theyre two completely different keyboards; it really doesn't matter all that much to me as is might to you, as being able to chose one of seven different effects and customize coloring, timing, delay and direction is enough for me... If for me would just be a nice extra ability if i could do a bit more customization wise if i really wanted to... Like some these dazzling effects on corsairs end... [...]one last minor gripe of mine... But i do wish the per-key rgb back lighting was capable of being a bit brighter... It looks great as it is... Especially in a dim, dark and or semi lit room; but i think it would be all the more dazzling if it where capable of higher light intensity's, that probably wont happen as i imagine this has nothing to do with the keyboard software but rather the hardware that the keyboard is constructed with... I imagine swapping out over an hundred nice quality leds and replacing them with brighter higher quality leds would dramatically increase production cost of g.Skill and product prices on our end... Hey a guy can dream though; right?On a final note; id like to mention that i like everyone else as well wish the volume slider display was rgb as well... But again, production costs...
By Tita Ramos
Glitched after 2 months.
Well, i really liked it, for about 2 months until i had a couple of the led's randomly get stuck on a particular color, and no amount of fiddling with hardware or software has right the issue. So, if i set the keyboard for a solid color, all but a couple keys stay at that color. Sure it has a warranty, but im not paying for shipping to send it back, and im not going to be without a keyboard for that length of time either. So, thanks for that.Software isnt very intuitive, but anyone reasonably comfortable with pc's should be able to figure out in a matter of minutes (in other words, if you cant figure out the software, you definitely are not pc proficient enough to have this type of keyboard in the first place).


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G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Mechanical Computer Keyboard

Price: $121.89
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