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Masterliquid 120 All-In-One Cpu Liquid Cooler With Dual Chamber Pump, CPU Cooler MLX-D12M-A20PW-R1

MPN: MLX-D12M-A20PW-R1 | SKU: UD7467
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      The MasterLiquid all-in-one liquid CPU cooler is custom, inside and out. Our low-profile dual chamber pump outperforms its single chamber predecessors in heat transfer. The MasterFan Air Balance fans work with our characteristically sturdy build quality to keep this thing as quiet as a library. Kink-free, factory-sealed FEP tubing now comes sleeved for a premium look. Screw it in and experience the quiet muscle of liquid cooling without ever worrying about refills or maintenance. Enjoy the work of decades of thermal innovation.

      • Brand: Cooler Master
      • Series: Single Radiator
      • Model: MLX-D12M-A20PW-R1
      • Type: Liquid Cooling System
      • Block Compatibility - AMD: AM4 /AM3+ /AM3 /AM2+ /AM2 /FM2+ /FM2 /FM1
      • Block Compatibility - Intel:
      • LGA 2066, 2011-v3 /2011 /1366 /1156 /1155 /1151 /1150 /775
      • Pump Dimension: 85.60 x 70.00 x 49.00mm
      • Pump Noise: 15 dBA (max)
      • Radiator Dimension: 157.00 x 119.60 x 27.00mm
      • Radiator Material: Aluminum
      • Fan Size: 2 x 120mm one per side
      • Fan Dimension: 120.00 x 120.00 x 25.00mm
      • Fan RPM: 650 - 2000 RPM (PWM) +/- 10%
      • Fan Air Flow: 66.7 CFM (Max)
      • Fan Noise: 6 - 30 dBA
      • Color: Black
      • Exclusive in-house design for quality control
      • Dual Chamber Pump increases performance
      • Library Quiet pump and fans
      • Push-Pull fans helps avoid dynamic loss
      • Sleeved FEP tubing
      • Easy installation
      • 120mm Dual Fan Radiator


      • Masterliquid 120 All-In-One Cpu Liquid Cooler With Dual Chamber Pump
      • Mounting Hardware

      Brand: Cooler Master

      MPN: MLX-D12M-A20PW-R1

      UPC: 884102030215

      Compatibility: Please read general features for more information

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      MasterLiquid 120
      Liquid Cooling System
      Block Compatibility
      Intel LGA 2066 / 2011-v3 / 2011 / 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 / 775

      AMD Socket AM4 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 / FM2+ / FM2 / FM1
      Pump Dim.
      85.60 x 70.00 x 49.00mm
      Pump Noise
      15 dBA (max)
      Radiator Dim.
      157.00 x 119.60 x 27.00mm
      Radiator Material
      Fan Size
      Total 2 x 120mm on both side
      Fan Dim.
      120.00 x 120.00 x 25.00mm
      Fan RPM
      650 - 2000 RPM (PWM) +/- 10%
      Fan Air Flow
      66.7 CFM (Max)
      Fan Noise
      6 - 30 dBA
      Innovation - It's Our Thing
      Cooler Master controls quality and builds on decades on innovation with 100% in-house design and manufacturing.

      Low-Profile Dual Chamber
      Its fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) construction resists a broad range of chemicals and is unaffected by moisture or immersion in water. Our pump is light and impervious to oxidation and corrosion.

      Liquid and Air
      One of the greatest advantages of liquid cooling is silence. The sturdy build of MasterLiquid coolers mean less noise and vibration, making our AIOs some of the quietest in-class.

      Getting the Heat Outside
      The MasterFan Air Balance blades push air farther out of the case and are quieter than high static pressure fans. And they'll last just as long as your liquid cooler.

      Push-Pull MasterFans.
      To avoid dynamic losses, the dual push-pull MasterFan setup provides added pressure to push hot air through the radiator.

      Easy Installation
      Many of Cooler Master's products are known for their easy installation. To fit our MasterLiquid lineup to the motherboard and install fans, all you need to bring are your two hands and a screwdriver.

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      Masterliquid 120 All-In-One Cpu Liquid Cooler Dual Chamber

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