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TRENDnet TBW-107UB Micro Bluetooth USB Adapter

MPN: TBW-107UB | SKU: UF6848
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      The Micro Bluetooth® USB Adapter networks Bluetooth enabled devices such as cell phones, keyboards, and headsets. Slightly larger than the size of a penny, simply plug this micro-device into an available USB port on your laptop or desktop and experience exceptional Bluetooth® connectivity. Connect as many as 7 Bluetooth® devices at distances of up to 10m (32.8ft). Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) technology transfers your data quickly. Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) minimizes interference from other wireless devices and advanced wireless encryption protects your network.

      • Connect Bluetooth enabled devices such as cell phones and headsets
      • Turn your laptop or desktop computer into a Bluetooth enabled workstation
      • Experience crystal clear sound quality


      • TRENDnet TBW-107UB Micro Bluetooth USB Adapter
      • Multi-Language Quick Installation Guide
      • CD-ROM (Driver and Utility)

      Brand: Trendnet

      MPN: TBW-107UB

      UPC: 710931503586

      Compatibility: USB

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

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      22.0% (11)
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      By anonymous shopper
      Three stars
      Worked good for a long time but i think i burnt it out.
      By Celine Gautier
      Five stars
      Support ps3 controller.
      By anonymous shopper
      Works ok, but don't use the software that comes with it.
      It is working ok so far, for what i need. I am using it with windows 10. Just plug it in, let windows find drivers for it, and use the windows built-in bluetooth functions.
      By Dwayne Lord
      Using with raspberry in the car to pair with phone
      I needed uart enabled on my raspberry pi 3 and therefore had to disable its built-in bluetooth adapter. This adapter works perfectly with the raspberry and allows me pair with my phone. I chose to low power class 1 (10 meter) version over the class 2 (100 meter) for the reduced consumption on the usb port and there is no need for that strong bluetooth signal in a car.
      By Arthur Arnold
      Adapter works as expected with windows 10 if you ignore the original drivers on the cd !
      After installing the driver software with the enclosed mini-cd, i unsuccessfully tried to pair my wacom intuos pro drawing tablet. Furthermore bluetooth functionality won't show up in windows 10 pro settings. Then i uninstalled the original software, unplugged the adapter, restarted the computer and plugged the adapter in and let windows do it's magic by using it's own drivers. Bingo. Bluetooth shows up in windows 10 pro settings and i am able to pair the wacom successfully via the windows 10 bluetooth options. So far it works as supposed. But don't rely on the original drivers but let windows use it's own drivers.
      By anonymous shopper
      Outletpc deletes what matters anyway!
      Outletpc deletes what matters anyway!
      By Michelle Cunningham
      This item has sharp corners!
      Pro: doesn't block other slots. Connected fine with my mom's phone.Con: doesn't go as far into the usb port as i'd hoped. Sticks out at least 3/8". Sharp corners. Not good for leaving in a laptop side usb port, as you can scrape your arm on the bloody thing! Tempted to take a file or sandpaper to the corners.
      By Elvie Van Bennekom
      My experience with win7
      I have win7 64bit and was worried because of the contradicting reviews. I installed it without any problem from the cd. However, something else got messed up and i thought it might have caused it so i recovered my computer to an earlier date. It turned out that it had nothing to do with the bluetooth. I tried to install it again and my 2 day pain started. There was nothing to make it install again as the installer dies down towards the end and disappears. I tried the online solutions, none worked. Then i started to get error 183 which means nothing. I don't know how many times i tried to install from any exe and other split files from the sent cd and the online to get the drivers, all failed. Even manually updating the driver didn't work because it didn't find any drivers in the cd!!! It finally worked the last time i tried for absolutely no reason that i know of other than finding the remnant of the first time and uninstalling it. When it works it is absolutely great and problem free. I sent the trials log from windows to bluesoleil support and they responded by telling me to install the latest version from online which i did in the beginning without luck. So, it will work for you win7 users very well and if it does not return it. When it does don't do what i did. I believe my mistake was that i recovered the computer to an earlier date, this didn't delete my files and thus the old installation was the problem. It is a great product when it works and installs.Update 10/1/16: software is still temperamental. Driver is there and everything looks like working but it is not connecting. I have to restart win to make it connect. I'm giving it one more day before i return it.Update 10/3/16: it connects to my speaker then i leave it for an hour so the speaker turns itself off of course once there's no use. I return and try to reconnect it. The software shows me it is connected but it is not. I am not losing more time on this lousy software. Product is returning today.
      By Lea Madsen
      Five stars
      By anonymous shopper
      One star
      Not worth


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      TRENDnet TBW-107UB Micro Bluetooth USB Adapter

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