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Replacement Laptop Battery for Macbook A1331 A1342 661-5391 5500 mAh

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      This replacement battery is Lithium Polymer and can fit several Macbook & Macbook Pro 13," 15," and 17" models. Lithium Polymer batteries run much longer than older battery types and are not subject to memory issues that conventional laptop batteries do. This Li-polymer battery can normally go through 300-500 recharge cycles. Once you are ready to replace the battery, make sure you confirm that you have the correct battery by unscrewing the battery from the laptop and checking the model numbers to see if they match. Please note the battery in the White "Unibody" Macbook White Polycarbonate Unibody Core 2 Duo 2.26 Late 2009 and Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz Mid-2010 models were originally not intended to be replaced by end users. You can use a tri-wing and Philips screwdriver to remove the screws that hold those down. These models use the A1331 model number battery as well.

      Battery for Macbook A1331


      MacBook 13"
      MacBook Unibody 13"
      MacBook Pro 15"
      MacBook Pro 17"
      MacBook Pro Unibody 15"

      Part Numbers:
      020-6580-A, 020-6582-A, 020-6809-A, 020-6810-A, 661-5391, 661-5585

      Apple MacBook Pro 13 & 13.3-Inch
      Apple MacBook A1331 & A1342
      Apple MacBook Air MC234LL/A
      Apple MacBook Air MC233LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MC375LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A

      Apple MacBook Pro 15" series
      Apple MacBook Pro MB985LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MC118LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MC373LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MC372LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB986LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB133LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB471LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB134LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A

      Apple MacBook Pro 17" series
      Apple MacBook Pro MC024LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MC226LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB076LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB766LL/A
      Apple MacBook Pro MB604LL/A

      Lithium Polymer
      5500 mAh 63.5 Whr
      • High Performance 6000mAh A1331 A1342 Replacement Battery.
      • Battery Type: Li-Polymer; Voltage: 10.95V; Capacity: 63.5Wh/6000mAh; 6 Cell.
      • Package included: 1 x Battery for Allpe A1331; 3 x Free Screwd


      • Li-Polymer Laptop battery for Macbook & Macbook Pro Laptops

      Brand: Gulfe

      MPN: A1331

      UPC: 356821786310

      Compatibility: See Models Above

      Packaging: Brown Box

      Condition: New

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      8.33% (4)
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      Perfect oem replacement
      Perfect fit and a great replacement for a quickly failing macbook battery.
      By Arnaud Bouchard
      Overall good price, good quality
      Ordering this product was straight forward. Shipping was prompt with clear tracking information passed on via e-mail. Battery arrived well packaged, was recognized by the laptop and appears to charge and function properly.Overall good price, good quality, and does the job as advertised.I would recommend this product and this company to a friend, and would shop here again if required.
      By Mille Thomsen
      One star
      Did not worked for me
      By Emil Niska
      Dead after 2 months
      Purchased jan 4th. By march 4th it was completely dead. Waste of money, returning it.
      Very important battery training info = success or failure
      I received the battery in a timely fashion. My computer is a macbook; late 2009. Installation went well for me. These are my observations after inspecting both the old and new batteries. My old battery was an original apple battery:the wires coming out of the battery pack going to the connector are somewhat longer than those on the old original apple battery. This gave very minor excess wiring placement issues which were easily resolved. Next, it didn't have a warning or serial number sticker on it. As well, it did not have the acid etched pertinent info on it like the apple. Instead, the info was painted on.Reading the very small "laptop battery user manual" which i only discovered after closer inspection of the packaging revealed that i needed to train the battery (a very easy process.) this might have resolved some or most of the critical reviews i read. Especially if they missed, did not understand, or did not follow the instructions. You decide.Below i have simplified the process for you. They do not call it a training process. However, i believe it is a clearer title than "usage."very importanttraining the battery:do not charge the battery first!!! This procedure must be done on the battery's first cycle count. The battery should have a charge in it already. It does not know where the top or bottom of it's charging range is. So, on the battery's first charging cycle, power the computer up draining the battery to about two percent. (mine powered off before it got there.) immediately connect the magsafe charging cable to the computer to supply power to the battery. (make sure it is plugged in.) charge it two hours past when it seems to be fully charged (look for the green light on the magsafe cable.) those two additional hours are important! Once that process is completed, the battery is trained. You are now set to go.Noteworthy: the "3 x free screwdrivers" turned out to be 2 screwdrivers. The first was a small philips head screwdriver that worked well to take off the bottom cover. As well a y shaped tri-wing screwdriver that worked well to take out the screws that hold in the battery.What i have shared with you is what i experienced from the supplier i selected from the list of right now available at that time. So, choose your supplier wisely and train your new battery well.
      By Philippe Knight
      Five stars
      Great product
      By Lily Ambrose
      Five stars
      It works!
      It allows me to charge my charge and be unplugged for a good three hours at a time
      This battery was just what i needed. It allows me to charge my charge and be unplugged for a good three hours at a time.
      By Sindre Akhtar
      No screwdriver and defective battery
      I bought this battery for my "late 2009 macbook" (6,1) and i had a very bad experience1> i did not get any screwdriver with this product2> battery did not work, computer won't boot if i installed the battery (old battery it works fine)3> i was unable to return it because i got "seller pending approval" on outletpc return screen and then i got an email from outletpc saying that vendor closed the return request because "reason for the closure of your request: solved a technical issue"
      By Domingo Gallardo
      Do not buy these batteries
      This battery is aftermarket chinese made junk! And even for $25 should at least work more than a few months. I didn't install in my 2010 macbook unibody until jan 2nd, it worked up until a few weeks ago, but then would show the x in battery icon and it is swelling and overheating. This company should be ashamed for selling such an inferior product. :(


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