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LG 32GK850G Black 31.5 QHD 1440p 5ms 144Hz NVIDIA G-Sync Gaming Monitor

MPN: 32GK850G-B | SKU: UY3934
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    Key Selling Points

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      The 32GK850G 31.5" 16:9 144 Hz G-Sync LCD Monitor from LG is a gaming-focused monitor built with many helpful hardware and software features to assist you on the battlefield. Specs-wise, it has a 2560 x 1440 resolution, a 350 cd/m² brightness rating, support for 16.7 million colors, and a fast 5 ms response time. With a 144 Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-Sync technology, this display provides you with a seamless and fluid gaming experience. Connect it to your system via HDMI or DisplayPort and then tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust its height to your viewing preference. Moreover, it has a built-in USB hub, which you can use to conveniently connect peripherals and quickly charge devices thanks to quick charging tech.

      • 31.5" QHD panel with 5ms & 144Hz
      • DisplayPort, HDMI and USB3.0
      • NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
      • Sphere Lighting, Ultra-Slim Bezel, Advanced Gaming Features
      • Tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustments
      • 1 Year Parts and Labor


      • LG 32GK850G Black 31.5 QHD 1440p 5ms 144Hz NVIDIA G-Sync Gaming Monitor

      Brand: LG Electronics

      MPN: 32GK850G-B

      UPC: 719192617322

      Compatibility: HDMI/DisplayPort

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Cabinet Color
      Screen Size
      Glare Screen
      Maximum Resolution
      2560 x 1440
      Recommended Resolution
      2560 x 1440 (2K)
      Refresh Rate
      144 Hz
      Viewing Angle
      178° (H) / 178° (V)
      Pixel Pitch
      Display Colors
      16.7 Million
      350nits (typ) / 280nits (Min)
      Contrast Ratio
      Aspect Ratio
      Response Time
      Display Type
      Adaptive Sync Technology
      G-Sync (NVIDIA Adaptive Sync)
      Input Video Compatibility
      HDMI, DisplayPort
      USB 3.0
      USB3.0 (1up/2down) Support Quick Charge
      Power Supply
      100 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
      Power Consumption
      55W (Typ.)
      Under 0.5W (Sleep)
      Under 0.3W (Off)
      Regulatory Approvals
      UL(cUL), TUV-Type, FCC-B, CE, CCC (for China), BSMI (for Taiwan), Erp, Windows 10
      Stand Adjustments
      Titl(Angle): -5 ~ 15 degree
      Swivel(Angle): -20 ~ 20 degree
      Height: 110mm
      Pivot: 0 - 90 degree
      Picture Mode:
      Reader, Gamer 1, Gamer 2, FPS Game 1, FPS Game 2, RTS Game

      Ratio: Full Wide, Original, 1:1

      DDC/CI: Yes

      HDCP: Yes

      (1.4) Plug & Play: Yes

      Response Time Control: Yes

      G-SYNC: Yes

      Overclock: Yes

      Game Mode: Yes

      DAS Mode: Yes

      Black Stabilizer: Yes

      Dynamic Action Sync: Yes

      Crosshair: Yes

      Flicker Safe: Yes

      Automatic Standby: Yes

      On Screen Control (OSC): Yes
      Dimensions (H x W x D)
      23.78" x 28.16" x 10.72" w/ stand
      16.69" x 28.16" x 2.25" w/o stand
      18.73 lbs. w/ stand
      14.77 lbs. w/o stand

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      63.01% (46)
      15.07% (11)
      5.48% (4)
      6.85% (5)
      9.59% (7)
      By anonymous shopper
      People told me no, but i still said yes.
      This monitor is part of my first pc build with neon theme (still not finished) it's just so stunning and amazing like shadow of tomb raider looks spectacular with this one. My boyfriend told me that it was gonna be too big, and it kinda is but the size as well doesn't bothers me at all. There are just definite question were i can be like "damn this is too big"i sit really close to it, like the tip of my nose is almost rubbing the screen, i can't really tell the pixels.
      By Emeline Dumas
      You wont need anything else (except a second one of these)
      I dont even have words. Amazing picture, quality, and uhhh built in crosshairs.. Not that.. You need those.. Nope. Xd
      By Simauro Pereira
      Was good while was working...
      Display just died after 3 days of use.Did not knew lg qc is that bad.Good thing i can rescue of my experience is while working it was a really good monitor for gaming., 32inch in my taste is a very nice spot for 2560x1440 resolution, compared to 27" 2560x1440.All the media says va panels has better contrast than ips panels... I did not see any better contrast than my asus pg279q. Color wise... No match to ips panels. If you like more vibrant colors, i'd suggest to look for a monitor with ips panel as asus pg279q.Same for view angle. Since this monitor is big size one (32inch), there is a big chance you will notice color changes on the borders compared to 27inch sizes. So if you bother this, same thing, look a monitor with ips panel.
      By Rosie Price
      32'' oc'ed to 165hz with gysync.
      Awesome monitor couldnt be happier. Colors are awesome. Bought a viotech and had to return. 144hz on viotek was still blurry when moving and colors were off. This mounts to my outletpc basics monitor arm wall mount perfectly. Rgb ring on back is awesome. Could be a tad brighter but its nice anyways. Expensive but super happy. I run it with a gtx 1060 6gb and can play aaa games on ultra @ 90fps in 2k @ 165hz. I7 8700k 6 core cpu.
      By anonymous shopper
      Very nice monitor!!!
      Works great for me!!!!! And i really like the rear rgb lighting!!!
      By Ella Petersen
      Dead on arrival
      Brutal horizontal flickering and green line even with no input attached.
      By Olivia Blanc
      No dead pixels. Gsync dramatically increases the price, but whats lg gonna do about that? Can't wait for intel to get into the game.
      By Lisa Holmes
      Solid monitor!
      Overall this is an extremely solid monitor and a great value. The physical looks and build quality of this monitor is fantastic, and it looks amazing on the desk. Really sleek looks by lg here. Only downside is 1440p is really better served at 27" for desktop and productivity purposes, but for gaming it's awesome.Monitor game with no dead pixels, no damage, nothing. Great qc by lg here. Overall i'm going with a 4k monitor at 32" but i would recommend anyone looking specifically for high refresh, gsync, and 1440p to buy this monitor.
      By anonymous shopper
      Hands-down best gaming monitor as of q3 2018
      Pros:* the response time on "faster" setting is amazing! So amazing that it appears faster than ips 4ms panels, and only slightly behind a 1ms tn panel. This is really an incredible feat, although it introduces overshoot i don't notice it ever. This alone is a reason to chose this monitor over any other va 165hz, which all seem to have smeary and slow response times.* the picture quality is great, colors pop and the contrast is better than any monitor i've had. Darks look really dark, not quite oled but way beyond what other gaming panels offer.* the size is perfect! It doesn't take up much space (well, not as much as you'd think a 32 inch monitor might!), plus at this size it's equivalent to 24 inch 1080p -- an excellent balanced ppi which is best suited for use 2 to 4 feet away depending on your eyesight. 1 foot away the pixels are still an acceptable size but you can definitely tell that they're there. Personally, this is no issue and i don't see any issues unless you're using it on a super small desk and sitting super close.* excellent stand, super easy to construct!* the lighting system is a really nice touch. The leds can get quite bright, so it serves as additional lighting!Cons:* can only fine-tune monitor settings on "gamer 1" and "gamer 2" profiles. The other profiles you're stuck with what lg chose!* profiles don't save everything, only game adjust settings. Picture adjust is global.Overall this is hands-down the best gaming monitor as of q3 2018.
      By Anacleto Freitas
      A decent gaming monitor, just not for the question price
      First off, this is not a bad gaming monitor. G-sync, 32 inches wide, qhd resolution, and a very good performing va panel with excellent contrast.That being said, i've not found a decent use for it as an upgrade to my aoc 24" g-sync monitor. The va panel produces excellent contrast, colors, and blacks, but suffers noticeably from poor viewing angles. I'm not that far from the monitor (maybe a few feet), and the sides have a very noticeable darkening effect. Given the fact that this has no monitor curvature, this made things a bit worse in my opinion. A panel curve could change the viewing angle, which should improve the va panel viewing angle. To what degree is debatable, but for my unique setup, i think it would have made a positive difference. It would have as well made the price tag seem more reasonable.The 2560x1440 resolution at 32" is good, but has roughly the same pixel density as a 1080p 23.5" to 24" monitor. I noticed no sharpness increase, which was to be expected. However, 32" at the same pixel density makes everything bigger and more immersive, so there are still benefits to a larger screen in this regard.G-sync worked flawlessly, minus the screen flicker (but that's a deep and far-reaching problem caused by g-sync's implementation). Having that $200 price tag hurts a lot though, and that's exactly why i've given this a 3 star rating: price.For my setup, i saw very little benefit and value coming from an already amazing g-sync panel. I was not expecting the va panel to suffer so badly in terms of viewing angles. For almost $700, it did not seem like a justified expense.For those who have yet to experience g-sync though, have no doubts—this is still a solid gaming monitor. But perhaps there is some better value to be found elsewhere?The sphere lighting feature is a nice touch, but the lack of full user customizability makes it, in my opinion, a gimmick. It would be amazing if the lighting could be changed via software, and had an option to adapt to on screen colors.Oh, and the osd joystick navigation system is the best i've seen yet. Absolutely better than standard buttons on all fronts. The osd menu itself is as well nicely designed.If you can get this on sale for around $500, it would be worth its price tag.


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