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EKWB Tube Clamp PVC 15 - 17mm Black

MPN: 3830046999023 | SKU: UZ1468
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  • UPC: 3830046999023
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Key Selling Points

  • 0 Stars based on 0 Review(s)
  • UPC: 3830046999023
  • Condition: New
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Security clamp for pipe with outer diameter of 15-17mm. It is essential to make sure that all of the connections between hoses and fittings are secure to prevent leaks. The double row of interlocking teeth provides a secure connection when the clamp is tightened.In any professional Liquid Cooling System seal integrity is of the utmost importance. Reusable Tubing Clamps have been designed for fast and easy clamping to ensure that no leak ever touches your system. The clamps are made from a very strong plastic and are highly durable. Each clamp has a high degree of adjustability in the clamping diameter via the interlocking teeth mechanism. Most importantly, Tubing Clamps are completely reusable and can be removed with ease. In order to remove a clamp, simply twist the two interlocking teeth sections so that they no longer line up and the clamp will unlock itself. This is a simple but highly effective way to ensure a leak-proof Liquid Cooling System.

  • Provides a tight seal
  • Connect between hoses and clamps
  • 15-17mm outer diameter
  • Double row of interlocking teeth


  • EKWB Tube Clamp Black 15-17 mm

Brand: EK Water Blocks

MPN: 3830046999023

UPC: 3830046999023

Compatibility: 15-17mm OD

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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EKWB Tube Clamp PVC 15 - 17mm Black

Price: $4.89
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