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K2 Energy LiFePO4 K2B12V10EB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 9 Ahr

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  • K2 Energy K2B12V10EB 12V 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery BMS FAST USA SHIP
  • Length: 5.940, Width: 2.530, Height: 3.830
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • K2 Energy K2B12V10EB 12V 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery BMS FAST USA SHIP
  • Length: 5.940, Width: 2.530, Height: 3.830
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4
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This K2B12V10EB LiFePO4 or LFP battery by K2 Energy provides excellent replacement for a lead acid battery in 12 Volt applications . Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries are environmentally friendly eliminating many of the harmful metals used in typical lead acid batteries. The LiFePO4 battery has excellent cyclical lifespan with typically 2000 charge cycles. LiFePO4 batteries are commonly used in scooters, uninterruptable power supplies, wheelchairs, e-bikes, and other lead acid applications. Note: Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries are not returnable. K2 Energy K2B12V10EB 12V 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery BMS. K2 Energy Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery K2B12V10EB 12 Volt 9 Ahr

  • Fast Recharge
  • High Energy Density
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent Cycle Life & Short Circuit Protection
  • No explosive gases


Nominal Capacity @ C/5 (Ah)
Average Operating Voltage@ C/5 (V)
Internal Impedance@1kHz,AC(mΩ)
Weight (kg/lbs)
1.3 /2.87
Height (mm/in)
97.3 / 3.83
Width (mm/in)
64.3 / 2.53
Length (mm/in)
151 / 5.94

Recommended Operating Conditions

Continuous Discharge (A)
<= 9.6
Pulse Discharge (A) 30 Seconds
Charge Current (A)
<= 4.8
Charge Voltage Cutoff (V)
Discharge Voltage Cutoff (V)
High Operating Temp (ºC)
Low Operating Temp (ºC)

Maximum Operating Conditions

Continuous Discharge (A)
<= 25
Pulse Discharge (A)
<=2 seconds 40
Charge Current (A)
<= 9.6
Charge Voltage Cutoff (V)
Max Modules in Series
  • K2 Energy K2B12V10EB 12V 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery BMS FAST USA SHIP
  • Length: 5.940, Width: 2.530, Height: 3.830
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4


  • K2 Energy LiFePO4 Battery

Brand: K2 Energy


UPC: 856103005004

Compatibility: 12V Applications

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

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K2 Energy

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By Cathy Ward
Great replacement for currie tech battery pack
I bought two of the 7ah version of this battery to replace my sla (sealed lead acid) batteries for my currie tech e-zip electric bike. This battery is great and gave new life to the bike. I as well replaced the stock battery charger with a 2amp model which reduced the charging time a bit. The bms (battery management system) is important because it controls both the charging and discharging of the battery, in effect keeping the battery healthy. Sla batteries are good for about 300-500 charges or about a year of service if used daily. The cost difference between sla and lifepo4 batteries is significant, but offset by the charging (over 2,000 charges before degradation of the battery) and the lightness of the battery (one third the weight of sla). The way the power works is different between sla and lifepo4 as well. Sla will reduce power toward the end of your ride long before the battery is out of power. Lifepo4 will maintain full power until exhausted and then it will power down. Lifepo4 as well does not have a charging memory and will fully charge each time. Replacing the sla batteries in my pack took a bit of patience and review of the wiring. Split off the wiring at the battery terminals and you may be able to replace the soldered connections with regular quarter inch terminal connections without additional wiring. The 7amp model was about an inch shorter than the sla batteries in the pack. So far, i am very happy with my purchase.
By Letizia Morel
Bike lost 10 lbs and gained power
The 3-year-old sla battery pack in my currie technologies ezip men's trailz electric bicycle was in need of replacement, and i would have liked to replace it with 24 volt rmb lithium ion (lifepo4) long range 9.6ah battery pack & charger included for currie, ezip & izip electric bicycles rather than currie technologies 24-volt bicycle battery pack, black. But with a price difference of over $400, i thought i could do better...Especially after seeing these "drop-in" lithium replacement batteries, which are charged by the same charger as the sla batteries...Unlike currie's lithium batteries. These lithium iron batteries have the same voltage and ah rating as currie's sla batteries.To open the sla battery case requires only removing 5 screws; inside are two 12-volt, 10ah sla batteries. Unfortunately, these two batteries do not "drop-out" as easily as new batteries drop-in; the wire terminals were soldered to the battery terminals. Fortunately i anticipated this and as well purchased gardner bender 20-145f 1 12-10 gauge yellow female terminal disconnects, 16-pack. I split the connecting wires next to the old terminals and installed and connected the new terminals (this brand of terminals were initially too tight to fit the battery; however, by "stretching" the opening slightly with a male terminal of the same brand, they ended up fitting perfectly, and i saw no need to re-solder the connection.) an additional minor complication is that these lithium batteries are about 1/2" shorter than the sla batteries, but i was able to make up the difference by adding a sliver of styrofoam to the bottom of each battery.Lithium batteries maintain a more constant voltage as they discharge; as a result, for the first time, i had close to the same power at the end of my ride up a hill as i had at the beginning. By purchasing two of these lithium batteries, plus a package of terminals, and doing a little work, i saved nearly $200 over the price of currie's lithium battery pack, and could not be happier with the way they perform.
By Iina Leppo
Great product
Used for ham radio, this battery provides hours of tx/rx time while away from the qth. Great product. Highly recommended.
By Ninon Roy
It's a terrific upgrade for my e zip bike
With its battery maintenance system, my regular charger works just fine. It is lightweight and has way more effective power than the lead acid batteries it replaced. At high discharge rates, a lead acid battery loses more of its capacity than a lithium iron battery. The result is that at the high discharge rate of the e zip motor, the lithium iron batteries can do the work of about 1 1/2 lead acid battery packs, for way less weight (look up peukert effect to verify this).I cannot at this point (perhaps five trips) verify the advertised life of 2,000 cycles. If it does even half of that, the money saved on batteries (let alone bus fare or parking) and convenience of not changing batteries will be enormous.I hope soon they will develop a drop in replacement for the u1 batteries i as well use for my boat and scooter. That would be awesome.
By Lukas Lennartz
It is the best i have found
I have used agm type batteries in the past but they did not last long enough for my purpose. This battery has enough power to last over 5 hrs which is long enough with some to spare. It is much lighter than the agm and worth the price since "failure is not an option" for me. Do not confuse this one with the other lithium batteries; these do not have the same problems. I as well recommend the battery management system (bms) since it is just a bit more and promises to lengthen the battery life. I have been using these batteries for over 3 years and they are still going strong. One caveat, the label on the one i just received says it is a 9.6 amp-hour battery.
By Ignacio Navarro
Five stars
Very happy with li ion battery.
By Vicki Jones
One star
Expensive, no instructions, could never get it to work. Not returnable.
By Leo Kangas
Five stars
Work good, a little heavier than expected
Five stars
By Yolanda Prieto
These batteries work great in my e-zip 450 scooter
These batteries work great in my e-zip 450 scooter. On 1st trip went 12 miles and still had 2/5 ths power left. 1 year old lead batteries would be almost be gone after about 7 miles. The scooter is now almost 10 pounds lighter which makes loading into car easier as well. If they don't last i will get back on here and let everyone know.


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