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Max Professional Blow Off 2226 10oz Compressed / Canned Air Duster

MPN: 152-112-226 | SKU: VO4687
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  • Non-flammable
  • All-purpose sterilized Cleaner that removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach places
  • Ozone safe
  • 10 oz.
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Non-flammable
  • All-purpose sterilized Cleaner that removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach places
  • Ozone safe
  • 10 oz.
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Blow off duster. Max professional blow off air duster canned air 10oz. Compressed air can is just what you need to clean your house of dust. Blow Off canned air is perfect for cleaning off electronics such as computers, keyboards, TVs , VCRs, DVD Players, and printers as well as other household dust collectors like sewing machines, musical instruments, photo equipment, and more. This air duster canister provides 10oz of compressed air that has been cleaned and sterilized before packing. Blow OffTM #2226 152a Duster NF Canned Air Cleaner Single 10 oz. Can..

  • Blow Off Canned Air Duster 152-112-226
  • 10oz Can of 152a Duster
  • Includes direction focusing spray nozzle
  • Great for cleaning computers, office equipment, home theater centers, music equipment and more!
  • Dusting Supplies
  • 152-112-226


  • One (1) 10oz. Can of Max Professional Blow Off Air Duster

Brand: Max Professional

MPN: 152-112-226

UPC: 752080112226

Compatibility: Great for any home/office dusting application

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Blow Off
Dusting Supplies
Color Mapping

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6.67% (1)
By Paul
about to buy another computer
My computer stopped being usable: Every hour or so, it would either give me BSODs, freeze the mouse, have display driver stop working, give bizarre patterns on screen, or just simply shut down with no warning. No software fixes or re-installs were helping. And then I simply squirted some of this compressed air and some dust flew out, and afterwards not one single problem has re-occurred. For me, this stuff works wonders!
By ubuntuer[geek1]
great air
clean pc and keyboards well
By Kristen Brennan
blow off duster
Good buy. Thank you.
By Leon Jackson
blow off duster 10 oz
Very Affordable 152-112-226
By Bernard Davidson
blow off canned air
Cheapest 152-112-226 I found online. Thank you!
By Cheryl Chu
2 cans blow off duster
152-112-226 reviews and bought this
By Paula Hendrix
blow off compressed air
buy this 152-112-226 online from here.
By Brandon
yup...its canned air duster.
By Terry
The best canned air!
I think Blow-off has the most power of any of the canned air. More power than 3M's version.Thank you for the great price.
By Hazel Hatcher
Great price
The shipping was very fast too. Good choice for cleaning out the inside of your laptop. Just point and shoot the sucker and it'll blow out all the dust and lint inside your laptop


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MaxPro BlowOff Air Duster 10oz

Price: $9.15
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