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Tuniq TX-2 Extreme Gaming Thermal Compound

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  • Appearance: Grey
  • Viscosity: 10,200 CP
  • Thermal Conductivity: 5.80 W/mK
  • Operating Temperature: -40 C ~ 150 C
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Appearance: Grey
  • Viscosity: 10,200 CP
  • Thermal Conductivity: 5.80 W/mK
  • Operating Temperature: -40 C ~ 150 C
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Tuniq TX-2 Extreme Themal Grease for Overclocking - This non-conductive thermal paste from Tuniq ensures effective heat transfer between your CPU and your heatsink.Tuniq TX-2 Extreme is a high quality thermal conductivity compound. It is easy to spread Tuniq TX-2 Extreme evenly across your CPU and it will not leave a sticky residue on your hands. It will allow your CPU to more effectively and efficiently thermal cool thereby increasing the longevity of your computer.

  • High Performance Cooling
  • 1ml Volume
  • 10,200 CP Viscosity
  • Smooth Application
  • TX-2-EX


  • Tuniq TX2-Extreme Thermal Compound

Brand: Tuniq


UPC: 6933337350002

Compatibility: Processors

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Appearance: Grey

Viscosity: 10,200 CP

Thermal conductivity: 5.80 W/mK

Operating temperature: -40 Degrees C ~ 150 Degrees C

Volume: 1ml
Easy apply

Clean and smooth

High stability and reliability

Low pressure

Extreme performance

RoHS conform

Not electrically conductive
Electrical Outlet Plug Type
Thermal Compound

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

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87.06% (74)
10.59% (9)
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2.35% (2)
By Yara Gunnarsson
Great thermal compound
I used this thermal compound sparingly on an intel w3580 cpu and thus far the temp has never gone past 41 deg. C in a hot tropical environment (processor at idle). This thermal compound does the job.
By Denis Perez
Worked great
Used this to repair ylod on my fat ps3. Works great, first time using thermal compound. Had no problems and ps3 is fixed.
By Lea Christiansen
Great product for a hot cpu chip...
I have a state-of-the-art home built computer that is slightly overclocked. I have a solid cpu heat sink, but the thermal grease can be critical. Maximum pc recommends this product and i have had zero issues with it. My cpu runs nice and cool thanks to cooler master and tuniq tx-2.
Best past for the money
Non conductiveremember you only need a small drop , rice sizedo not pre spread , you will get air bubblestuniq website has a video on the installing
By Marianne Novak
This product is similar to arctic silver in everyway. It is not conductive so if you aren't the best at applying new thermal paste no worries.
By Raymund Hornig
Works great
This works wonderfully. I needed some thermal paste for my heat sink and this does the job! It's easy to open and use. I definitely recommend this!
By Sara Hernandez
Solid temperatures but sticky!
So far, i have been happy with the temperatures that i've been getting with this thing. It's usually around 12-19 celsius when i am just browsing the internet and emails but goes up to 30s-40s during gaming. My only problem with this is that if you want to try a different application method besides the pea, you're going to have a bad time. It doesn't spread well and it's really sticky which i found out the hard way when trying to do the spread method. Luckily, this is non conductive and was easy to clean up with alcohol and cotton swabs. Overall, go tradition pea/rice size and you couldn't go wrong with this. Oh there's definitely plenty inside the tube because i kept messing up and still had extras.
By Luis Kuhnt
Great product
I purchased this to put on all cpu's and gpu's i have on a new system that runs very warm anyway. I was one of the arctic silver guys, and have been ever since arctic silver came out. I will have to say that this thermal paste seems to pull more heat away than my old arctic silver which is still a good product. In comparison i saw about 3 degrees c lower on idle and almost 6 lower on high load. The room temp was at 72 degrees f and both arctic silver and the tuniq -2 extreme were tested on the same hardware and software.I even gave arctic silver the 200 hrs it needed to settle in, by letting the computer run 24 7 for 2 weeks. This is an excellent product, i hope it continues to do as well in the long run.
By Astrid Hansen
Seems to be working great so far
I'm running an i5-4670k at base clock with a cooler master n520 cooler, and after running heaven benchmark for almost 20 minutes, the cpu barely got to 50c. Running skyrim for a few hours with every setting maxed, the cpu peaked at 46c with an average of about 40c. It would seem i applied the thermal paste right, and it is helping immensely considering i am using a cheap cooler that is never mentioned.
By Cristobal Ruiz
Exactly as described. Packaged well. Shipped fast. Performs excellent. Runs about 4c cooler than the artic silver. Would recommend for your next build. Plenty in the tube to cover multiple applications.


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Tuniq TX-2 Extreme Gaming Thermal Compound

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