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LG 34UC89G 34 Black Bezel-less Full HD 21:9 IPS Curved LED G-Sync Gaming Monitor, 2560x1080, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 5ms Response Time, On

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  • 34 inch 21: 9 ultrawide curved full HD IPS gaming monitor
  • NVIDIA g-sync compatible. OS Compatibility-Windows 10
  • 144Hz refresh rate and response time(GTG) is 5ms (High)
  • Advanced gaming Features including "crosshair"
  • Dynamic action sync
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • 34 inch 21: 9 ultrawide curved full HD IPS gaming monitor
  • NVIDIA g-sync compatible. OS Compatibility-Windows 10
  • 144Hz refresh rate and response time(GTG) is 5ms (High)
  • Advanced gaming Features including "crosshair"
  • Dynamic action sync
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LG 34UC89G 34 Black Bezel-less Full HD 21:9 IPS Curved LED G-Sync Gaming Monitor, 2560x1080, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 5ms Response Time, On

  • Full HD IPS Curved
  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • 2560x1080 144Hz
  • 5ms response time
  • On-Screen Control, Dynamic Action Sync, Screen Split
  • HDMI, DisplayPort (OverClock)


  • LG 34UC89G 34 Black Bezel-less Full HD 21:9 I

Brand: LG Electronics

MPN: 34UC89G-B

UPC: 719192614819


Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Cabinet Color
Screen Size
Glare Screen
LED Backlight
Recommended Resolution
2560 x 1080
Refresh Rate
144 Hz (Overclock 166 Hz)
Viewing Angle
178° (H) / 178° (V)
Pixel Pitch
0.312mm x 0.310mm
Display Colors
16.7 Million
300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio
Aspect Ratio
Response Time
Adaptive Sync Technology
G-Sync (NVIDIA Adaptive Sync)
Curved Surface Screen
Input Video Compatibility
HDMI, DisplayPort
1 x HDMI 1.4
1 x DisplayPort 1.2
USB 3.0
USB Up-stream / USB Down-stream
Power Supply
100 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
Normal On (EPA) 60W
Stand Adjustments
Tilt (degree): -5 (front) ~ 20 (rear)
VESA Compatibility - Mountable
100 x 100mm
sRGB over 99%
Game Mode
Black Stabilizer
4 screen split
Dual Controller
Dimensions (H x W x D)
17.50" - 22.30" x 32.30" x 11.00" w/ stand
14.40" x 32.30" x 3.40" w/o stand
18.30 lbs. w/ stand
13.40 lbs. w/o stand

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Customer Reviews

Review Summary
57.45% (27)
17.02% (8)
2.13% (1)
6.38% (3)
17.02% (8)
By Guenter Freiberg
I really love this monitor and how wide it is.
I had 2 24" monitors that way i can have a youtube video playing while gaming some pubg or whatever. It is as well great for studying for school or question on one monitor. I went with the 2560 x 1080 because it is easier to push with my graphics card and still max out all graphics of any game i play. I have an i7 7700k with an evga 1080 ftw and it is plenty of power to run ultrawide. If you havent played a game or watched a movie in ultrawide don't! You will not be able to go back to 16 x 9 once 21 x 9 takes over you ocular life!
By anonymous shopper
Love this monitor
Great product, love the fps.
By Robert Hareide
Very nice gaming monitor.
Okay people listen up! This is a gaming monitor, 1080p is plenty fine for gaming. You already know you want it because of the 144hz/166hz oc'd refresh rate. I looked at monitors for weeks before coming back to this one, my rtx 2080 will love pushing massive fps at 1080p. On top of that you have a built in crosshair for that run n gun fire from the hip style that you see so many doing in your favorite fps game.
By Gabriel Powell
Amazing display
I replaced a dual lcd display that i run for my visual and audio studio... Best investment, and amazing for gaming with my nvidia geforce 1080ti. I play my xbox anywhere games with ease.
By Chloe Brown
Awesome gameplay is the best
By anonymous shopper
A bit too big for 1080p but great for gaming
Colors on the panel get kind of washed out in the corners for any kind of non-gaming content, and the pixels are a bit too big for me personally (you can see them up close and they make photos appear noisy) but for gaming this thing is a beast, most aaa titles you can't see the same kind of noise and the resolution is great for getting high frame rates on max settings.
By anonymous shopper
Amazing monitor. 166hz is awesome. Ultrawide is the way to go.
I've had this monitor for about a week and i'm very impressed with it. 34" is a nice size (the box will be much bigger than you think) and the resolution is better than you might assume. Granted, it's not 4k, or even 1440p, but when you're playing a game with good anti-aliasing, you can barely notice the pixels. I as well game on a 4k tv, and the visual fidelity is great, but hitting 60 fps is hard. With 1080p ultrawide you can actually hit 166 fps with the right system, and it feels butter smooth. If you've never seen high refresh g-sync, well, you're in for a treat. I can actually tell a difference between 144hz and 166hz, it's small but noticeable. A nice improvement when you overclock the monitor.I was previously on triple 27" monitors (nvidia surround) but one of the monitors died so i thought to replace them with an ultrawide. I actually find the single monitor to be better than 3 for gaming. One, you don't have to deal with bezels and, two, you can reach much higher framerates since you are rendering less pixels. As well nvidia surround can sometimes have glitches or software issues that aren't a problem for ultrawide (though keep in mind that some games may need manual settings file changes or mods to work properly). If you get a monitor arm you can pull the screen closer to you and get a real immersive experience. The monitor is just floating. So nice.Since it's an ips panel, colors are great and the image has a nice "pop". Just be sure to adjust the settings, as the default ones look pretty bad. Resolution is 1080p, which is not amazing but still works. In games, i find it still looks "hd" but maybe has a softer looking image similar to how you see on console games. You will need some form of anti-aliasing, or it may look a bit pixelated. Once you have aa on, though, it question most of the issues with the resolution. And once you are playing in a game you will barely notice any problems.The main issue with the monitor is that 1080p is kind of short for real estate in windows. Coming from a 1440p monitor before, it feels pretty cramped on the desktop. Web browsing is okay, but i opted to go into full screen mode, which greatly helps the experience. Otherwise a lot of the page will be below the fold. I tried some web development on it and it definitely works, but is a little cumbersome, especially if you're used to having a debug window on the bottom of the screen, there is not much space. I tested photoshop as well, works fine for the most part but i would have liked more resolution. That said, it is usable, just not ideal for work. If you are a content creator, you may want to look into 1440p instead.Overall, though, i love this monitor. It has a nice immersive feel to it, especially with the slight curve, and 166hz g-sync is a sight to behold. The size is nice, and the resolution is surprisingly decent for 1080p. I know people probably recommend 3440x1440, and that would be the choice for content creation, but for straight gaming, a 2560x1080 resolution may be a better choice as you can actually reach those high framerates. Very happy with the purchase.
By Aliciane Da Luz
Super quality, super price, super performance
Like nike says: "just do it" and get the thing; arrived within 2 days with free shipment option selected; did not have to tinker with except split down a little brightness; very nice and quality so far; am running with 1070i card; little to nothing directions but enjoy the included display port cable as i did not get one with my new ibuypower computer; highly recommend the curve screen and i chose black model number; joy stick setting option is split but i don't know how long it will hold up; bottom line: i highly recommend it but confess i have had it only for a week. May god bless anyone that reads this....Just out of peace for this country.
By Emmy Bunge
Best .. Called to be #1
Love it ......... Works perfect.. No complain .. Yes
By Taylor Nichols
Glad i clicked buy. :d


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LG 34UC89G 34 Bezel-less Full HD 21:9 IPS Curved LED G-Sync

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