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Stars STARS-200 Thermal Paste (1.0G)

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  • Maximizes thermal conductivity between the CPU and heat sink/fan assembly
  • High thermal conductivity: >4.5W/m-k
  • Operating Temperature: -50 Fahrenheit/180 Celsius
  • Net Weight: 1.0g/Tube
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Maximizes thermal conductivity between the CPU and heat sink/fan assembly
  • High thermal conductivity: >4.5W/m-k
  • Operating Temperature: -50 Fahrenheit/180 Celsius
  • Net Weight: 1.0g/Tube
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Looking for High Quality thermal grease for your CPU & heatsink? This thermal grease will help transfer the heat off your cpu to the heatsink. This thermal grease tube is good for about 3-4 applications.Keep your hot system components cooler using this professional, high-quality thermal compound!Maximizes thermal conductivity between the CPU and heat sink/fan assemblyHigh thermal conductivity: >4.5W/m-kOperating Temperature: -50 Fahrenheit/180 CelsiusNet Weight: 1.0g/Tube

  • Model: Stars-200
  • 1.0 Gram
  • White compound color
  • Thermal Conductivity: 2.062 W/m-K
  • Thermal Impedance: 0.06 Degrees C-in^2/W


  • One (1) Syringe Thermal Grease Paste

Brand: Stars


UPC: 847551073691

Compatibility: Universal

Packaging: Bulk

Condition: New

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Electrical Outlet Plug Type
Thermal Compound

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66.0% (33)
16.0% (8)
6.0% (3)
8.0% (4)
4.0% (2)
By Dionne De Cock
Good choice
Sorry for the late review it took me a bit to get around to building my systemgreat choice on my part and the price was rightshipped fast and packed well and performs up to specs for 5 stars
By Mia French
Worked excellently!
I got this for a diy x-box repair. I figured if microsoft was going to use cheap stuff i could repair it with the same. It did its job, and i still have a ton of extra left. Shipped quickly, so thanks to the seller for that!
By Emmi Koskela
If you need to replace you processor once and you need a small amount of paste for one or two applications, here is the produc you need. It is cheap, and delivered quickly. Buy with confidence!
By Hanny Golz
Good product
Good product that works exactly like it should, and the price was right.I'll purchase this cpu paste again when it runs out.
By Emma Lehto
No previous experience
Used to swap out cpus, appears to work as advertised, cannot compare experience to other products. Pc sounds quieter with faster/more powerful processor installed.
By Dan Watts
Good and cheap
This thermal paste is really good considering the price; non-conductive and silicon based. It's obvious that it not as good as other brands, but it is better than thermal pads. I used this in both my desktop cpu and my laptop cpu upgrade and i definitely would recommend it. I docked a star because the syringe is pretty long, this makes it harder to apply a little amount on a small cpu.
By Mikael Ramo
Nice thermal compound/grease.
This the first real compound i ever used, thats the only reason i gave four stars instead of five. But i like the stuff pretty easy to apply i used the pea method. It was however a little messy in the beginning i gave a lil pressure (like how a doctor use real needles) and it squired down side the tube like squeezing hot carmex lip balm that been in your pocket all day out in the summer. I suggest squeezing out this stuff not by using your thumb at the end but rather hold the end with two fingers pushing softly (hold something like how you would hold a ak-47 sorta if you know what i mean) and let it come out slowly. Other than that speedy delivery (came 3 days before it was expected) :), and it helped my 100c overheating dual core pentium self shutting down crusty old dryed up thermal compound compaq presario c700 laptop to run smoothly now.
By Ashley Vlug
Great stuff for a great price
Using this on and aftermarket cooler overclocking my cpu. Seems to work as good as the expensive stuff. Cant see any reason to spend more.
By Franciele Oliveira
"grease is the word"
Have you heard? Because i didn't.I bought this because the word 'paste' was right there in the title of the product:"polysynthetic gold thermal compound paste 1.0g tube"it's not a good paste--even heated up and dried, this stuff would have trouble holding your attention, much less anything else you throw at it (better said, 'use it to hold in place').This stuff is way too viscous, and in way too small an amount, to ship out in the ridiculously long plunger they send it in.It's a terrible product, a waste of money and time, and you should stay away from it until the seller quits watering it down with thousand island (or spit), or at least changes the item listing to use the word 'product' instead of 'paste'.You know--in the same way nasty-cheap hot dog makers use the word 'product'--loosely, to cover something up that'll make you sick.
By Liana Nordhus
First thermal paste
This was the first time i ever tried purchasing and using any thermal compound. The product came packaged as shown and was easy to use. I think it's a great buy for the price.


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Stars STARS-200 Thermal Paste (1.0G)

Price: $3.94
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