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DeepCool V50 Graphics Card Cooler for NVIDIA/ATI Radeon Video Cards

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  • Compatible with certain ATI and nVidia Models
  • Two connector points
  • 2-pin Power
  • 50mm Fan
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Compatible with certain ATI and nVidia Models
  • Two connector points
  • 2-pin Power
  • 50mm Fan
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Compatible with select ATI and nVidia based graphics cards - the Logisys Deep Cool V50 is the perfect choice to replace a loud fan or bring a broken/dead fan back to life. This Deep Cool V50 Nvidia video card replacement fan and ATI graphics card replacment fan is an affordable way to repair a dead fan or overheating video card. This Deep Cool V50 cooler features a heatsink centered around a 50mm fan designed to cool select graphics card models. Mounts from two points. Deep Cool V50 Graphics Card Cooler for NVIDIA/ATI Radeon Video Cards. Logisys V50 Graphics Card Cooler for NVIDIA and ATI Radeon Video Cards. Logisys VC50 V50 VGA Cooler for NVidia and ATI Radeon Video Graphics Card Cards Logisys V50 VGA Cooling, Single 50mm Fan, Model: VC50

  • Compatible with certain ATI and nVidia Models
  • Two connector points
  • 2-pin Power
  • 50mm Fan
  • NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti 4200/4800
  • NVIDIA Geforce FX 5900/6200/6600
  • NVIDIA Geforce 7300GS/7300GT/7600GS
  • NVIDIA Geforce 8500GT
  • 50mm Fan
  • For both NVIDIA and ATI VGA cards


  • Logisys V50 Video Card Cooler

Brand: DeepCool


UPC: 6933412704287

Compatibility: 50mm VGA Cooler; Select ATI / nVidia Models

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

LOGISYS Computer
VGA Card Processor
Fan Color
Multi-compatible VGA cooler for both NVIDIA and ATI VGA cards.

Single 50mm fans.

Application for:
NIVDIA Geforce4 Ti 4200/4800
NIVDIA Geforce FX 5900/6200/6600
NIVDIA Geforce 7300GS/7300GT/7600GS
NIVDIA Geforce 8500GT

Mounting post spacing: 55mm

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

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By Joshua Brooks
Well, i'm not as tech savvy as i should be and i purchased this to replace the dead fan on my nvidea gt220 card. Unfortunately, which is no fault of the manufacturer or supplier, it was not the proper size. Still, i shaved the mounting arms and heat sinked it inside the old heat sink; nested as it were. This allowed me to seat it using the old pins. As well, unfortunately, dead card is dead and the fan didn't really matter in this case. So now i have a fan :) arrived fast, in good packaging, and no complaints other than my ineptness.
By Roope Raisanen
Graphics card cooler replacement
I choose this product because it was a perfect fit to my nvidia graphics card. I would recommend this cooler to anyone who needs to replace or improve the cooling of their card. Easy to install. Just pop out the two pins in your present fan, disconnect the electrical supply plug and reverse the process to install the new cooler. Takes only 5 minutes. Good value for the money. Prompt shipping.
By Umar Nanninga
As advertised!
Shipped promptly, arrived safely. Came with thermal gel but i purchased a high quality paste separately. Installation was much easier than i had imagined it might be. Popped the old one out, cleaned the chip with cotton swabs and alcohol, applied a bb-sized dab of paste to the chip and popped the new fan in place...Done! Entire procedure was less than 20 minutes...And i was purposely going extra slowly and not rushing anything. Could have done it in less than ten minutes, had speed been a goal...The time includes both removing the card and replacing it back into the computer. The new unit is totally silent. My old one had gotten so noisy, it was irritating. Tonight i thought the computer had switched off when i walked into my room...But nope, it's on...With the now-silent video fan.
By Judy Moore
but otherwise not a bad price for what they
Despite it's claim to fit the 55mm socket holes, it doesn't. But otherwise not a bad price for what they are
By Ryan Sutton
Five Stars
The fan is working well and has given my old video card new life.
By Gloria Hernandez
It was a little to small but worked in the end
The mounts were too close together for fit an older geforce card. But i took the screws out and glued the fan onto the old heatsink and it plugged into the old fan connector on the card.
By Ken
Deep Cool V50 heatsink & fan (fits Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT)
Better than original design, very easy to install, inexpensive, graphics card now running cool and odor-free.
By Dan
Deep Cool V50 Graphics Card Cooler for NVIDIA/ATI Radeon Video Cards
Very pleased. Pleased both with the product and the Outlet PC for making it so easy to buy this product. The fan is quiet and I'm sure it's cooling the video card very well.
By Hal Gailey
Great Replacement Part
Great replacement cooler for legacy VGA cards
By anonymous shopper
Higher overclock and 20C temp drop
I have a Zotac GTX 1060 3GB mini that has a relatively rather small all aluminum heat sync, it would hit 70C under load, with this cooler it struggles to hit 50C while boosting to higher clocks, and the memory overlooking improvement shocked me, i am at +175 core and +785 memory using afterburner, sadly +205 core and +815 was only stable in super position before i could not keep my core clocks over 2Ghz, now i am at 2063 to 2075 MHz and i can not even hear it. On my card 2 of the ram chips are ½ under the mounting area for the cooler, so I could only cover ½ of each chip with heat syncs Cons: • This will make your GPU very tall, mine is now as tall as my NH-D14, make sure you have space • Thermal paste is pre-applied to the heat sync, i would much rather have it in a tube so i can test fit stuff without wasting it • My GPU die has the same orientation as the heat pipes, i was hoping i could rotate this cooler 90 deg, but I hit the DVI port and it might hit the next PCIe slot, if it could be rotated so that all the heat pipes pass over the die it would results in even better temps (the more heat pipes that pass over the die the better) Things to remember: • When applying heat syncs to your power stages, some high end ones have exposed metal on the top of the chip, take a multi-meter and make sure that is connected to ground, if any are not connected to ground (screw holes are a good ground test point) that chip MUST have it own heat sync that does not touch any other bear metal, it can not be shared with other chips that have exposed metal, also be sure not to short out passive components around the power stages, the tape is like stuff in included for this • my GPU has a dedicated heat sync for the VRM that is separate from the main cooler • Be mindful of where the air is blown onto the card you need airflow over the VRM, this is one reason why I prefer air to water blocks unless you use a full coverage block you will probably need to find a way to put a fan on the VRM • Be sure to use the correct spacers, you do not want to flex the PCB Reasons to get this (or similar) product: • You want a quite GPU • You enjoy overclocking • Your GPU’s fan is broken and replacements are way over priced • You like how it looks Reasons you should not get this product: • You want to OC for more performance, you are usually better off selling your GPU and getting a higher end card • Your aging GPU does not run as cool as it used to, you probably just need to replace the thermal paste Tips/Other thoughts: • Instructions show using pliers to extract adhesive for heat syncs from tube, just do not do that you will make a mess, as soon as I poked a hole in the tube seal it started squiring out on it own, it takes less force than super glue • I applied an excessive amount adhesive to one heat sync then used a second to spread it around so that the excessive amount is becomes reasonable as it covers 2 heat syncs • Instructions say to use a eraser (not included) to clean the chips off, I used rubbing alcohol after doing this • As far as fan noise it looks like my nvidia card does not control the speed properly, I guess it sets based on RPM and not PWM percentage since this fan’s max speed is about ½ the stock fans speed I guess it runs near 100% all the time, some times it slows down and speed back up for no apparent reason


Question & Answers
By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-10-21
Will this fan work for the Nvidia GE Force 9300 ge?

By Customer Service on 2012-10-22

Yes, if the 9300GE uses the type of fan with a two pin fastening configuration and the main board on the graphics card has the mounting holes for this type of cooler, these can vary from one manufacturer to another.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-01-23
Will this fan work for a XFX - Radeon HD 4550 Graphics Card?

By Customer Service on 2012-01-26

This is not rated as compatible with that model. You may have to use adhesive paste to make it stick.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-05-01
Will this fan work on an nvidia gt7300 graphic card. Thank you.

By Customer Service on 2012-05-02

Yes, this fan will work on the 7300GT

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-06-26
Is compatible with AGP Pro 4x/8x?

By Customer Service on 2012-06-27

Yes, this unit will work with an AGP video card if the card has mounting holes diagonally accross the video chip.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2016-10-05
Will this unit fit the Geforce 9500 GT?

By Customer Service on 2016-10-07

If the mounting holes on the 9500 GT match up with the cooler, then it should be compatible.

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DeepCool V50 Graphics Card Cooler NVIDIA/ATI Radeon Video

Price: $8.88
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