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Battery for Macbook A1309 A1297

Replacement Laptop Battery for Macbook A1309 A1297 661-5037 10800 mAh

Replacement Laptop Battery for Macbook A1309 A1297 661-5037 10800 mAh
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General Features:

Battery for Macbook A1309

Macbook Pro 17" A1309
MacBook Pro 17" A1297 (2009 Version)
MacBook Pro 17" MC226*/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC226CH/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC226J/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC226LL/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC226TA/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC226ZP/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC024LL/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC227LL/A
MacBook Pro 17" MC725LL/A
MacBook Pro 17" MD311/A
MacBook Pro 17" MB604LL/A
Macbook Pro 661-5037, 661-5535, 661-5960
MacBook Pro 17" Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version)
Lithium Polymer
10800 mAh 95 Whr

Package Includes

  • Li-Polymer Laptop battery for Macbook 17" Laptops

Item#: XV7592
Brand: Generic
MPN: A1309
Compatibility: See Models Above
Packaging: Brown Box
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

This replacement battery can fit Macbook Pro 17" models. If your Macbook battery is dead or does not charge any longer, replace it with one of these high quality batteries for your Apple Macbook Pro A1309 or A1297 2009 version. Lithium Polymer batteries run longer and weigh less than older battery chemistries and are not affected by memory effect common to older battery types. To replace the battery, you must unscrew the bottom of the laptop. If your battery snaps in, this is not the correct battery. This battery can normally go through 300-500 recharge cycles.

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