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Coollaboratory Liquid Pro Thermal Paste

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  • 32 w/mk
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Key Selling Points

  • 32 w/mk
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Coollaboratory Liquid Pro Conductivity Material - This 100% pure liquid metal thermal grease contains no non-metallic materials whatsoever. This pure metal thermal grease is in a class of its own, bridging the gap between your chip and your heatsink without the use of ceramic or silicon fillers.Coollaboratory Liquid PRO Thermal Interface Material

  • 100% Liquid Metal
  • Non-toxic
  • 1g Thermal Paste
  • Syringe-style applicator
  • 32 w/mk


  • 1g Coollaboratory Liquid Pro

Brand: Coollaboratory

MPN: Liquid Pro

UPC: 4260157580022

Compatibility: Metal Heatsink

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Electrical Outlet Plug Type
Thermal Compound

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75.94% (101)
8.27% (11)
4.51% (6)
4.51% (6)
6.77% (9)
Copper to Copper Superior Heat Transfer
This is the best heat transfer liquid (replaces heat paste and thermal greases) available. Expensive, but highly recommended.
By Anna Ferrer
Thermal grizzly or gelid works better.
Honestly, thermal grizzly or gelid works better.
By Willow Harris
Works great, but the packaging was bad
Works great, but the packaging was bad. The blue cap had come off in the packaging so half of the metal was dried up and crusted around the opening. Was only able to use it for 1 of my cpus when i intended it for both.
By Yannis Sanchez
This stuff will keep your cpu cool!
I can't say enough good things about this stuff. I had to delid my 7700k because the temp's were ridiculous when i overclocked it to 5ghz or higher. Added some of this between the die and the ihs and the temps dropped a good 20c under load. Totally worth adding on top of the ihs between the water cooler as well. Just don't do it if you have an aluminum block. Mine was copper so no issues there.
By Julia Shaw
Worked perfect!
I used this to perform the shunt mod on my fe 1080. I am not recomending anyone to do this mod. But it worked perfect and made my gpu a bigger beast than it already was. Note: if you do decide to do the shunt mod you must at least go to aio cooling.
By Benjamin Barnaby
Five stars
Not quite as good as conductonaut but still great
By Noah Roche
Product itself was used for a delid and worked great.
First item received was damaged, seller (outlet pc) was quick to respond with a replacement. Product itself was used for a delid and worked great.
By Gail Gardner
Best cpu/gpu die tim ever!
Easy to use, brought my 6700k temps down to reasonable temps on an aggressive overclock after delidding procedure. They give you waay too much though.
By Otto Couri
Must have for delidding cpu!
I used this when i delidded my 7700k. Before delidding, my temperatures were getting anywhere between 78c-88c with a 5ghz overclock. Now i barely see it go pass 55c under load. To me it was definitely worth the trouble, and this compound is known as the best for a reason. 10/10
Delidders this is a must for 7700k intel
1--% a must if delidding your cpu. I did that to an intel i7 7700k and saw a drastic 25-30 degree drop on an already problematic cpu that likes to randomly temp spike for 25c just opening a browser. Provided a simple and effective cooling upgrade that helps keep my 7700k at 5.0ghgz under 72c under full load for 1 hour plus. Follow directions, take your time, and you will be very happy.


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Coollaboratory Liquid Pro Thermal Paste

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